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  • Name: Marina Petrenko ( Marina Petrenko )
  • Date of birth: 19 January 1987
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Simferopol
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: Ukrainian actress, producer
  • Marital status: not married

    Marina Petrenko biography

    Marina V. Petrenko was born in the Crimea in January 1987. Her family was neither artists nor artists. However, the girl grew up very artistic. She loved music and dancing, loved sports. And wanted to get on stage and hear the applause of the audience. First, Marina wanted to be a ballerina. But 6-year-old girl was not accepted to ballet school, arguing that it was full-bodied and with age it becomes a problem.

    Having gone through this painful blow, Marina cheered when one dream came another. Playing in the school play, the girl realized that the actress is not worse than the ballet.

    His Majesty the case helped Marina to make a final decision. When her daughter was 14 years old, his father accidentally heard on TV that the Director Yuri Ilyenko’s looking for a girl for a role in his new project «Prayer about Hetman Mazepa». Picture of Marina was sent to the Studio and after a week she was invited to the casting.

    When Marina Petrenko mom arrived from his native Simferopol to Kiev, we met near the Studio named after Dovzhenko whole crowd of contenders for the role. The girls variety came from across the country at least a thousand. Marina’s mother appreciated the chance his daughter, a simple girl in sneakers and jeans, low. It was hard to believe that it will choose its Marina, not these arrogant beauties in high heels with full makeup. His doubts woman shared with her daughter, suggesting not to waste time and immediately return home. But she showed unexpected firmness and confidence. And she was right.

    Yuri Ilyenko quickly «weed out» hundreds of candidates of all excess, leaving only 20 girls. Among them was Marina Petrenko. The young old were able to play a few scenes and sent home with «We think» and a recommendation not to change the appearance.

    After two months, when Marina had forgotten about the trip to the casting and resigned to failure, she called and said «You are approved». What was a shock to the Studio when instead of Marina Petrenko in front of the Directors appeared tanned, trimmed girl with plucked eyebrows. However, Marina starred in the film.

    After the release of the film «Prayer about Hetman Mazepa» scandal. At the festival in Berlin admitted the tape is «a film for sexual minorities». And the project Ilyenko was accused of inciting ethnic hatred. The Ministry of culture of Russia does not recommend this film for rental in the country.

    But the first experience at a film site Marina Petrenko received. She got a taste of the acting profession and it did not disappoint. Moreover, the ardent desire to become an actress.

    After filming in his native school, she was forced to refuse many offers from film Directors, inviting her into their projects. The heart of the young actress every time she refused another proposal was torn to pieces. Then she secretly from the parents decided to go to Moscow after the 9th grade and enroll in drama school.

    The fugitive, bought a ticket to the capital is almost off the train. Parents were invited to a home his friend actress Natalia Vdovin, asking her all of the ugly details to describe the complexity of the profession. Marina, after hearing Natalia Gennadievna, agreed to wait with the arrival to adulthood. Later the parents managed to persuade the daughter to buy the first profession is not related to the movie.

    After school, Marina entered the Kiev international University, choosing international law. But at the end of the 2-year student realized that going down the wrong path. To the profession she was not lying soul. And once again intervened his Majesty the case. Marina Petrenko was invited to the Studio Dovzhenko, suggesting a major role in the film «heart of the world».


    Started shooting the project «heart of the world» ended almost before it began. But in one of the pavilions Studio to the girl was approached by an agent and invited to audition for a part in the film «Five minutes to the subway.» It is noteworthy that this is not a Ukrainian but a joint project of Director Sergei Aleshechkin. Marina Petrenko was approved for the role. 9 months she worked on the set. It was a very laborious and time-consuming job. 100-series tape was released on «the First channel» and immediately gained a huge army of spectators.

    Despite the workload, Marina Petrenko continued to study at the hospital at the University. But a couple of years she transferred to the correspondence Department and went to Moscow. She enrolled immediately in four of the theatre Institute, but chose the School-Studio of MKHAT. Here she was on a course talented actors and teachers of Roman Kozak and Dmitry Brusnikina.

    At the 1st course of the Moscow theatre of the University Marina Petrenko received a tempting offer to star in a feature film «the game». Before filming the actress was preparing. She needed to master machine. A few months Petrenko studied extreme driving, driving on the capital the night with the stunt.

    In the process of filming it was decided to divide the picture into 2 parts: the material gathered more than expected. The work was hard, but after the film’s release in theaters in 2009, Marina Petrenko woke up famous. It is noteworthy that the picture is not only popular in Russia and Ukraine, but also in America, where he won numerous awards at various festivals.

    Teachers of School-Studio of MKHAT was critical of the fact that their students in the learning process in films. But for Marina, an exception was made. So the young actress has appeared in the 12-serial film «Women’s dreams about far countries», which was released on «the First channel». And she starred in the historical project «Split» shown on the channel «Culture» playing the role of Princess in the Exchange rate.

    In 2010, Marina Petrenko continued a rapid ascent up the career ladder. She starred in the 12-episode project «Group of happiness», which was released on «the First channel». Then there was the shooting in the TV series «Kamenskaya-6» and «Only you.»

    In 2011, after graduating from College theater, Marina Petrenko starred in an interesting 16-a serial tape «20 years without love.» The series was filmed in Moscow and Gelendzhik and was broadcast on the channel «Russia» in 2012.

    Recent projects in which the actress appeared from the Crimea – ribbon «Quest», «New passenger» and «Spider».

    Personal life

    As a cinematic artist on everyone’s mind, personal life, Marina Petrenko lock and key. Some time ago the name of the actress mentioned next to the name of her colleague Sergey Chirkov. But the young people did not comment on the rumors.

    It is known that Marina Petrenko loves music. At the time she graduated from high School in his hometown of Simferopol and plays beautifully on the piano. She takes great jazz compositions and participates in various festivals. And she dances beautifully in different styles.


    • «Prayer for Hetman Mazepa»
    • «The game»
    • «Women’s dreams about far countries»
    • «Kamenskaya 6»
    • «Only you»
    • «Team happiness»
    • «Split»
    • «20 years without love»
    • «Quest»
    • «New Passenger»
    • «Spider»


    Marina Petrenko

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