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  • Name: Marina Orlova ( Marina Orlova )
  • Date of birth: 25 March 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Pyatigorsk
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actress, singer, composer, poet, presenter, producer, writer
  • Marital status: not married

    Marina Orlova: a biography

    Marina Orlova is a Russian actress, singer, TV presenter and public figure. It is among the most recognizable and popular young local Actresses. And Marina appeared not only in the paintings of Russian production, such as «Kremlin», «Kremlin cadets» and «Native people», but in the Hollywood movie «the tree house» and the Italian film «Hello! I’m the producer of woody Allen» in her own script.

    Marina was born and spent his childhood in Pyatigorsk. Her father Victor was a musician-accordionist, and her mother Lyudmila Pavlovna taught foreign languages in school. Due to the fact that the family was large, Orlov lived quite modestly.

    At an early age the girl showed a talent for music. Moreover, Marina has a perfect ear for music, so she’s three years began writing songs, and sang them in a low voice, is not peculiar to such small children. By the way, her first song «lullaby» for many years sounded in the TV series «Native people».

    On stage Orlov first appeared at age 9 in the framework of the vocal competition «Rising star,» which took first place. But just a commemorative diploma was not limited: a little girl was invited to work! About a year she performed in the evening in Pyatigorsk club «Golden Palace» and received quite significant for the child’s fees.

    At the age of 11 Marina externally graduated from the normal school of music and moved to jazz vocals the Studio. A couple of years she began to play KVN, and even awarded the title of «Miss KVN» as the most artistic girl in the Stavropol territory. By the way, the first mentor in this game for the eagles was the then little-known student of the artist.

    Despite the magical start of his creative career, her parents regarded all these occupations as a children’s hobby. They insisted that after the 9th class Marina enrolled in a sewing school. The daughter did not listen, but there was not. Secretly she finishes school externship in 15 years, almost runs away from home to Moscow, where he entered the school-Studio of MKHAT. Study was given easily, but to actually live it. Then the actor Alexander Kalyagin awards talented student personal scholarship from the program «Magic of theatre».

    Just a year at the insistence of Vladimir Etush, rector of theatre Institute named after Boris Shchukin, Orlova transfers to his school, which graduated in 2006 with honors. However, her training did not end there. Marina at my Alma mater becomes a Master of theatrical skill, but much later, in the USA, finishes acting school Lee Strasberg. There her teacher was the great Maestro al Pacino.

    Theatre and music

    After Ashley Marina Orlova was invited in Theatre of a name of Konstantin Stanislavsky, but spent a short time, she said, «finding there the Stanislavsky». The actress began performing in the entreprise. His most famous play is «Cadet Blues» troupe, consisting of actors of serials «kadetstvo» and «the Kremlin cadets» put the American play «Biloxi Blues».

    In other roles she has received theatre awards «Your Chance», «people’s Love», «Support» and entered the list of the best Russian Actresses in the last 100 years. There are the eagles and the international award «Time», which she was awarded in Italy as the best international actress of the year.

    Not abandoned Marina and a children’s Hobbies music. On account of its more than 80 songs, which sound in films, television series, and also included in the repertoire of pop stars. For example, a very famous song «I’m gonna be strong without you» performed by Angelica Agurbash, which became the singer’s prophetic.

    And she sang Marina Orlova. For example, her hit «We probably don’t need» twisting all the domestic radio stations in early 2013.


    Her film career Marina Orlova started in 2004. She appeared in the melodrama «Samara-Gorodok», and then in the television series «Under the Big dipper», «Should» and «Thunder». More attention she attracted through Comedy «Ohlamon», but popularity came to her after the release of the family Saga «Native people» and especially the youth series «Barvikha».

    After Marina starred as rich girl, in love with a guy from the village in the popular serial film «the Kremlin cadets», has become known for unusual information. It turns out that Marina Orlova is a beloved actress, mother of former President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.

    Also on account of the actress’s historical romance «the Passenger», the tragicomedy «Margot», the sitcom «Interns», criminal and mystical film «the Thirty-seventh novel,» romance «Now?», Thriller «Under cover».

    Having won fame in his native country, Marina went to conquer China, France, Italy and the United States. In all these countries, she starred in the films of local production. The most famous is the Comedy «the tree house» and the drama «Not so young». In Italian short film «Hello! I’m the producer of woody Allen’s» she made as a writer and producer. Now Marina is working on a Hollywood horror movie «Deadly game».

    Personal life

    Marina Orlova is so self-sufficient that is about to tie the knot even thinks. She did not marry, although she has many years of a loved one. Currently the actress lives in two countries – periodically located in Russia, and the other part time in Los Angeles.

    Versatile Hobbies of Marina are not limited to cinema, television and music. It’s also quite bad draws, but a few years ago, got serious about knitting. Several celebrities appeared before the public in things which they made Orlov. For example, Timur Batrutdinov has repeatedly come out in the header associated Marina.

    No stranger to the girl and social life. So, she is a goodwill Ambassador for the Italian charity organization «Maria Diomira», which is supported by the Vatican. Orlov supported the programme of assistance to the children of Kenya and build a school for the arts for low-income people.


    • 2007 — Ohlamon
    • 2008 — Native people
    • 2009 — Barvikha
    • 2010 — the Kremlin cadets
    • 2011 — Gold. Barvikha 2
    • 2011 — Sparrow
    • 2012 — undercover
    • 2013 — Not so young
    • 2014 — tree house
    • 2016 — Hello! I’m the producer of woody Allen


    Marina Orlova

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