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  • Name: Marina Neyolova ( Marina Neelova )
  • Date of birth: 8 January 1947
  • Age: 70 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: actress, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Marina Neyolova biography

    A native of Leningrad Marina Neyolova was born in January 1947. Despite the fact that the girl’s parents had no relation either to the theatre or to the cinema, they still managed to instill in her daughter a love of the beautiful. From an early age the mother took Marina to the performances, father introduced daughter to painting, hanging at home your own watercolor. In four years gave the girl to the ballet.

    Being a high school student, Neelova seriously began to reflect on the career of the actress. That is why immediately after school, in 1964, she applied for admission in LGITMiK. She was able to do in the course of Vasily Merkuriev and his wife Irina Meyerhold.


    The coveted diploma of the actress Marina Neyolova received in 1969. The girl really wanted to get to work at the Bolshoi drama theater to Tell George, but was afraid to offer their own candidate. The actress believed that it would be better if the Director himself will notice her after starring in some movie. And so it happened — after roles in the «Old, old fairy tale» the film wanted to appeal to Marina Neelova, but she went to Moscow.

    In 1971, the actress joined the staff of the Theater Mossovet. She has worked with Yury Zavadsky long. Neyolova played in only one play,also took part in the production of E. Radzinsky, «the Cottage,» but the play was banned.

    Then she said Valery Fokin, who worked as a Director in the «contemporary». It was he who in 1974 invited her in the play «Valentin and Valentina» instead of the retired actress Irina Akulova. Before the role was offered Irina Muravyova, who refused to go with Children’s theatre. For Marina Neelova performance in the play «Valentin and Valentina» became a full-fledged start of her career on the stage.

    Since then, the actress is working in the «contemporary». Over the years she played in many productions. Among them, the role in «Twelfth night» (1975), «the Cherry orchard» (1976), «Three sisters» (1982), «inspector» (1983), «Steep route» (1989), «the Overcoat» (2004) and others.


    The debut of Marina Neelova in the movie took place quite early, in the third year of the Institute. The role went to a young actress in the film «Old, old story» (1968), in which she played together with Oleg dal. For some time the Directors have proposed neelovo to embody in his paintings a fabulous, romantic or lyrical images. Such were the heroine of the actress in the films «the Color of white snow» (1970), «Shadow» (1971), «the Prince and the pauper» (1972), «Waiting for you, kid» (1972).

    The dramatic talent of neelovo manifested itself during the filming of the film «Monologue» (1972). Striking were her roles in the films «me without you» (1973) and «Autumn marathon» (1979).

    The actress has received offers from the most famous Directors of the country. She starred in such masters as George Danelia, Eldar Ryazanov, Nikita Mikhalkov, Vadim Abdrashitov. In 1988 Neyolova played one of his most famous roles she appeared in the film Eldar Ryazanov «Dear Elena Sergeevna».

    In 90-e years were roles in the films «You at me one» (1993), «Prison romance» (1993), «Auditor» (1996), «the Barber of Siberia» (1998), «the Count Nikulin» (1999). Then the actress started acting less. With her came the film «Azazel» (2002), «Lady for a day» (2002), «Tube» (2008), «Steep route» (2008) and «Offer status» (2009).

    Personal life

    Marina Neyolova was married with the Director Anatoly Vasiliev. Their life together lasted eight years. After the breakup the couple do not communicate.

    Then in the life of the actress was having an affair with the sportsman-chess player Garry Kasparov. Their romantic feelings did not prevent even a wide gap in age – Marina Mstislavovna Kasparov over 16 years. The affair lasted two years, during this time, Neelova managed to introduce my escort with many influential people, what the player very eager. But when it became clear that the actress wished to marry, intervened in the situation the mother of the athlete, giving all the power to end these relationships. The gap with Garry Kasparov made a lot of noise, then in defense of neelovo stood the entire theatrical world. Actress ever deleted from his personal life beloved, which betrayed her feelings, despite the fact that she was pregnant. In 1987, Marina Mstyslavivna a baby girl, Nika.

    After the break with Kasparov was followed by years of loneliness. The actress tried not to admit to his men. One colleague literally dragged Neyolova on one of the techniques. It was there that she met her next husband, who was a diplomat Kirill Gevorgian. The marriage was successful, the chosen Marina Neelova managed to find a way not only to the actress but to replace the father of her daughter.


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    Marina Neyolova

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