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  • Name: Marina Mogilevskaya ( Marina Mogilevskaya )
  • Date of birth: 6 August 1970
  • Age: 46 years
  • Place of birth: Hamburg
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Marina Mogilevskaya biography

    This charming brunette with a clear attentive eye and a charming smile very often appears in Russian films and TV series.

    Marina Mogilevskaya was born in the Tyumen region, in the small town of Zavodoukovsk. The girl was an only child in a single parent family, grew up with his mother. Marina’s parents were divorced shortly after the birth of her daughter, and Oleg Mogilevsky went to his Home in Kiev.

    After the divorce, mother and daughter moved to Moscow, in Dubna, where Marina grew up. Young Mogilev was a quiet, peaceful child, a lot of music and drawing, gymnastics and swimming, and at the insistence of his mother, diligently studied English and German languages. Marina not even dreamed of an acting career, in high school she was preparing to enroll in MGIMO. Unfortunately, the girl did not pass the competition. And when she realized that now lose at least a year in Moscow, then Packed up and went to the Pope to Ukraine.

    In Kiev, the Marina entered the Institute of national economy, qualification of economist, though not felt for the future of the profession no traction. In the same year, a few months later, a meeting took place, which changed all the life of Mogilev.

    Marina Mogilevskaya movies

    Marina got into filmmaking in the literal sense of the word «street». When the future star was walking with his father, it said Stanislav Klimenko, Director of the film «Stone soul», looking for the lead role of the girlfriend of this type of appearance. Mogilev, prior to this had no experience of filming, agreed.

    On site Marina Mogilevskaya met with the Ukrainian stars of the first echelon. The debutant was lucky to play with such venerable actors as Bogdan Benyuk and Bohdan Stupka, and her partner in most of the scenes were a young but already experienced and well-known actor Anatoly Hostikoev.

    The debut was extremely successful. After the release of films about the actress spoke all Ukraine, and Marina was immediately invited to another film, the drama «

  • The collapse» about the events in the Chernobyl zone. Mogilev and Alexei Serebryakov had to play the newlyweds, who happened to be in the kill zone of the explosion. Because of an acute exposing the plot of the film was not popular in the Soviet Union, but has won two prizes in Europe, including the «Golden medal of the Senate» of the Venice film festival. In 1990, Marina entered the Kiev theatrical Institute named after Karpenko-Kary, where he honed acting skills. In parallel, the actress continued to act in films, mostly in roles of the second plan. In 1993, Mogilev starred in the Ukrainian-Belarusian film «the Gladiator on hiring». Overall, the picture received positive reviews, although it did not become widely known.

    In 1996 the artist moved to Moscow, where he worked as a TV presenter. In Russia, the actress had to re-break into the film industry, but experienced in a year, Mogilev has been given the role in the crime drama «the tango over a precipice».

    Nationwide fame came to the Marina after leaving the series «

  • Turkish March», where Mogilev played Irina, the wife of the protagonist. Charming, strong and brilliant Marina Alexander Domogarov was in the frame of a very beautiful couple. Since 2000, the actress is constantly involved in various films and television series, often taking part in the paintings detective or melodramatic genre. In 2001 was filmed the movie «Everything you love» scenario most of Mogilev.

    In 2002 and 2003, the actress, along with colleagues Irina Rozanova and Alena Hmelnitsky starred in the series «Russian Amazons». Now Marina Mogilev can be seen in popular telenovelas «Copernicus» and «Kitchen».

    Marina Mogilevskaya theater

    Before departure to Moscow Marina had five years to work in the Russian drama Theatre (the Theatre named after Lesya Ukrainka), where he played in many performances and was the leading actress. The first role she received in the play «Fernando Krupp wrote me this letter», and then the assets of the performer appeared images played in such productions as «Anna Bolena», «Lady and the Admiral», «Rumors».

    After moving, the actress really missed the stage. Marina tried to find work in the theater, but the new actress there was no need. Only after many years of Mogilev became involved in antrepriznyh performances. In 2014, Marina went on tour in Dushanbe, where he played in the play «Two from the road.»

    Marina Mogilevskaya: personal life

    Eight years, the actress lived in a civil marriage with the cameraman, whose name Marina remembers. Of the beloved know that he was older Mogilev for thirteen years, was a wise and patient person. The actress recalls the time with great warmth. It favorite people pushed the girl to enter the theater Institute.

    In 1996, the actress broke up with her lover and almost immediately met a producer

  • Alexander Akopov, whom she married in April 1999. The marriage fell apart literally after how many years, and since then the actress was not seen in love relationships. In 2011, Marina Mogilevskaya gave birth to a daughter Masha. The name of the father of the child actress wished to keep secret, we only know that he is not from the professional community Marina.

    Marina Mogilevskaya: filmography

    • Taras Shevchenko. The will
    • Murder in the sunshine Menor
    • Atentat. Autumn murder in Munich
    • The island of love
    • Guardians of the defect
    • Life is full of fun
    • Ball gown
    • Private life of official people
    • Five minutes to metro
    • Provincial passion
    • Brutal business
    • Sklifosovsky
    • Not guys happiness

    Marina Mogilevskaya: photo

    Marina Mogilevskaya

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