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  • Name: Marina Mitrofanova ( Mitrofanova Marina )
  • Date of birth: 7 June 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Marina Mitrofanova : biography

    The main character of the popular series «the Beautiful life» Marina Mitrofanova just starting their successful journey in the cinema. Perhaps that is why about this beautiful and, no doubt, a talented girl with so little information.

    Marina Mitrofanova was born in June of 1992, the city on the Neva. In her family no one associated with the world of theatre and cinema. However, Marina dreamed of becoming an actress from an early age. The girl began to show artistry in the childhood years. She had a good voice and perfect pitch. So the mother took the daughter to a music school, where she chose piano.

    For the first time on stage Marina Mitrofanova came out at school. Here she has performed at various festivities. It does not «shade» and not trying to hide in a corner and feel relaxed. In high school, the future artist began to visit the theatre.

    After high school, Mitrofanova not suffered a career choice. She already knew exactly what will certainly be an actress. So I went to Moscow and was easily done in behalf of WTU N. Shchepkin. In the course of a brilliant Professor Vasily Bochkarev it for several years, learned the secrets of mastery. Diploma of higher theatrical education in 2013.


    Biography of Marina Mitrofanova started in the theater «Commonwealth Taganka actors», where the aspiring actress was admitted to same 2013. As is often the case, her career began just like many young colleagues — in small roles.

    The debut was a performance «Concert on the occasion of the end of the world», in which Marina Mitrofanova played the buffoon. Then there were two more children’s play — «Cipollino» and «the adventures of a lion Cub». The first girl was entrusted the role of Zemlyanichka, the second of Hippo Armor.

    But the young actress complained about a «lack of seriousness» offer him images. She knew that the way to a serious role.

    Soon the skill of the Marina Mitrofanova left no questions from the artistic Director theatre artist trusted to play Face in the play «My Marat». A very adult role was played superbly and allowed to rise to a new step in his career.

    And wide popularity to the young actress, as is often the case, after its appearance on the screen. The debut was the TV series «Lie if you love» where the Petersburg actress got the role of Natasha. In the same «breakthrough» for Marina Mitrofanova 2014, she played the heroine Anna Dergunova in the comic series Ilya Aksenov «Family 3D». This Jolly film about the lives of three families with different social status, has brought the actress in the commercial. And this experience is priceless. Because this project was involved such stars of cinema, Igor Vernik and Anastasia Zavorotnyuk.

    The popularity has fallen for a young actress after the release of the melodrama «a Beautiful life». Marina Mitrofanova got the main role – the heroine named Irina Subbotina. This series of Alexander Zamyatin was released on the channel «Russia-1» and instantly gained high ratings. Together with two rising stars of the national cinema Jevgenijs Chirikova and Agatha muceniece Mitrofanova clearly played a love triangle in which everyone is fighting for their happiness as he can.

    That career of Marina Mitrofanova is progressing can be judged by the projects that have recently appeared actress. In may 2016 went 3 paintings in which the audience once again met the heroine of «the Beautiful life». With all 3 films about the war. This melodrama of the «Order» of Aleksey bystritskiy, «the Last frontier» Sergei Krasnov and «On a distant Outpost» Andrey Khrulyov. In these magnificent war drama, the audience saw a new Marina Mitrofanov is able to convey the depth of feeling and tragedy of the war-scorched love.

    Personal life

    24-year-old actress is not married. Now her work schedule is painted on the clock. In production are several projects in which busy woman. But fans of the talent of the artist, which are very closely watching my favorite, rumor has it that the personal life of Marina Mitrofanova develops happily. She has a beloved man. But while young people are not in a hurry to publish their link and check feelings.


    • «Lie if you like»
    • «Family 3D»
    • «Beautiful life»
    • «Order»
    • «The final frontier»
    • «On the distant Outpost»


    Marina Mitrofanova

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