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  • Name: Marina Mexico ( Marina Cherkasova )
  • Date of birth: 4 January 1995
  • Age: 22 years
  • Place of birth: Rostov-na-Donu
  • Activities: model, singer, participant of show «Dom-2»
  • Marital status: not married

    Marina Mexico: biography

    Marina Cherkasova, which fans of the reality TV show better known under the pseudonym Marina Mexico, is a Russian model, dancer and a member of the scandalous TV project «Dom-2» on channel TNT. Marina Cherkasova was born in the city of Rostov-on-don on 4 January 1995, although some sources indicate the beginning of the biography of the Marina of Mexico three years earlier. Still in school the girl was fond of dancing, especially modern and club. She also worked in the Studio with one of the modeling agencies.

    Marina Cherkasova
    Marina Mexico before and after plastic surgery

    Later, Marina tried myself as a model, taking part in photo shoots and showing off outfits on the catwalk. In addition, Cherkasov starred in music videos and commercials for local television. In 2016, the Marina Mexico moved to the Russian capital and gets a job at a popular night club in Moscow «Soho Rooms», where dancing candid and fun style a go-go. By the way, the nickname «Mexico» were first heard in a nightclub, and in the TV project «House 2» Marina Cherkasova first appeared under that new name.

    TV show

    Live the most famous and quite scandalous show «Dom-2» Marina Mexico got to the end of August 2016. By the way, it should be noted that the known participant of the project Andrei Cherkasov she is irrelevant, they just have the same last name. On the youth reality show Marina could build a relationship with one of the two singles Alexander by Zagajnovym and Ivan Bursikova. First Mexico condemned Zadoinov because he is on a TV show, as the perimeter he has children. But later it the girl began a romantic relationship.

    With Zagajnovym on the TV project «Dom-2» | Women’s online magazine Lines

    In the show «Dom-2» Marina Mexico stayed for about two months, and then left the program. By the way, she was not a party to the «standard» perimeter, and was trying to find sense in the original branch — «Island of love», that is, its set was in the Seychelles. After leaving the Marina Cherkasova has not disappeared from the sight of fans of this popular reality show. She started a news blog about the other members, and many fans of «House-2» you think the girl makes it interesting and tasteful. By the way, Mexico does not rule out a return to the «Island of love». Especially this kind of talk began to emerge after the project has left another newscaster of «House-2» Madina Kusaeva.

    Personal life

    Personal life Marina Mexico is shrouded in mystery. It is known that even before his arrival in Moscow she was in a serious relationship with the musician Oleg Mieszko, the Creator of the project «RND 2X tv», whom fans also know under the name of Me2X. By the way, for the sake of the assonance with the nickname of his beloved Marina Cherkasova and took the pseudonym Mexico. Some sources on the Internet claim that the novel girl with Oleg never stopped, although sharing a photo from their social networking pages they both removed.

    Marina Mexico and her boyfriend
    Oleg Mieszko in 2015 | the Big question

    Participant of «House-2» loves tattoos and piercings and did them on his body quite a lot. In addition, resorted Marina Cherkasova and before plastic surgery. She changed the shape of the nose, lips, chest, so the girl appearance although very like her, but much different from the kind that she owned a couple of years ago.


    Marina Mexico

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