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  • Name: Marina Levtova ( Marina Levtova )
  • Date of birth: 27 April 1959
  • Age: 40 years
  • Date of death: 27 Feb 2000
  • Place of birth: village Neryuktyayinsk nasleg, Yakutia
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: was married

    Marina Levtova : biography

    Marina Viktorovna Levtova was born in Yakutia in the spring of 1959. She was born in a small village with the unpronounceable name Neryuktyayinsk nasleg. Here by fate were her parents and Isolde V. Victor A. Levtova. Them young doctors, graduated from medical school, was sent here for distribution.

    Shortly after arriving at the scene Levtova Isolde gave birth to a daughter. As the other physicians in this Yakut settlement is not found, then to deliver my wife had the head of the family. With excitement he didn’t even know who was born – a girl or a boy.

    Shortly after her birth, the family returned to his native Leningrad. Here passed the childhood and youth of Marina Levtova. The father was seriously engaged in scientific work and quickly reached great heights. Victor Lettow is the author of many scientific monographs on the physiology and Hematology. Mother of the future actress too could not imagine life without work. So the first dream about the future profession in daughters was associated with medicine.

    But, as is often the case, all decided by his Majesty the case. In the same class with Marina Levtova studied Elena Tsyplakova. She early began to withdraw. Somehow the Director Dinara Asanova asked a young actress, she needed the guys for the next project. Tsyplakova brought a group photo of classmates. So, 9-grader Marina Levtova got his debut role. It was a picture «the Key is not transferable».

    After working in this tape and its exit on screens Marina «sick» film. About the medicine she had forgotten. After school, Levtova went to the capital and the first try arrived in VGIK. She was lucky to get on course to the legendary mentors – Tamara Makarova and Sergei Gerasimov.


    While studying at acting school, Marina Levtova continued to act in films. After the release of the film «the Key without the transfer right» Directors, it has not been forgotten. The main role proposed in the first years of Cinematography. Viewers saw the young actress in the form of a foreman painter in the Comedy romance «My Anfisa». Then came the film «Last chance», «Before the premiere» and «Choice» in which Levtova also got a significant role.

    Mentor Marina Levtova Sergei Gerasimov has invited young student to star in his historical project. It was the dialogue «Youth of Peter». The film was shot in the German city of Babelsberg.

    In the early 1980s, after graduating from VGIK, film biography of Marina Levtova went up rapidly. It seemed that the actress was in a hurry as fully as possible realize themselves. Its rapid flight did not stop even pregnancy. Levtova starred in a political detective «TASS is authorized to declare» when I was in the 7th month. And after the birth of their daughter Dasha, Marina did not allow myself to stop. In the remarkable melodrama Dinara Assanova «dear, dear, beloved, the only…» the actress starred when she was only 4 months.

    In the 1980s came out the best pattern involving Levtova. «Lyuba», «Three times about love», «Faith. Hope. Love», «Inspector» — these films included in the gold reserves of the national cinema. Liked by the audience and a fantastic band, filmed by Yuri Moroz on the novel by Kir Bulychev’s «the witches Cave». Here Marina Viktorovna starred in the way Belogorodka, making a fine acting company Zhigunov Sergey and Nikolay Karachentsov.

    In the 1990s, to the national cinema fell on hard times. Felt it and Marina Levtova. She starred little, disagreeing on a base hack. But at the end of the 90s the black strip has ended and the actress again appeared on the screens. She starred in the TV series «Kamenskaya» and then in «Memoirs about Sherlock Holmes». And the artist started creating their own radio broadcasts and the organization of the acting club. It seemed Levtova turned into a real fountain of energy.

    In 2000, the screens out a great Comedy of George Danelia «fortune». The main role in it went to the daughter of the actress Darya Moroz. Marina played a supporting role and appeared in the form of nuns. She was happy that the girl’s found themselves in this life and turned into a good actress. This was the last film Marina Levtova.

    Personal life

    Love the actress met in College, when he starred in the film Gerasimov «Youth of Peter». She got the image of Olga Buinosova, and a young colleague Yuri Moroz Alex Brovkin. Young artists like run away from his troupe to Berlin. They wandered around town, looking for presents for friends and had fun.

    For Marina romantic adventure ended there. She had not planned to marry so early, besides considered fellow artists the material for a good family life. But Yuri fell in love and was not going to retreat. Knowing the stories of the Marina on the stern temper of her father, who was hard to please, he had it coming to them in the country. Here, the young artist demonstrated his thrift and thriftiness: he masterfully nailed a few boards and have earned the respect of Dr. Levtova. The path to the heart of the beloved was laid.

    The pair signed and played a cheerful student’s wedding, where planted parents were University mentors and Gerasimov Makarova.

    Personal life Marina Levtova formed perfectly. Married to Yuri Moroz’s daughter Daria.


    26 February 2000, Marina Levtova husband and I happily accepted congratulations on the premiere of the Comedy «the fortune». The main reason for pride was the main role of the daughter. Later friends remembered that as a gift, the actress received a magnificent bouquet of yellow flowers.

    To celebrate the success of the film the family went out of town. Poured a lot of snow, and in the village, Odintsovo district, Strife favorite pastime was Snowmobiling. Dmitri Pevtsov and Olga Drozdova went in company with friends.

    Evening Snowmobiling ended in tragedy. Machine at a speed of 70 kilometers fell into a ravine and hit a tree. Marina Levtova was traumatized, incompatible with life. She died in hospital the same night, February 27, 2000.

    The actress was buried at the Vagankovsky cemetery of capital.


    • «My Anfisa»
    • «Last chance»
    • «Before the premiere»
    • «Choice»
    • «Youth Of Peter»
    • «TASS is authorized to declare»
    • «Dear, dear, beloved, the only…»
    • «Lyuba»
    • «Three times about love»
    • «Inspector»
    • «Faith. Hope. Love»
    • «The witches cave»


    Marina Levtova

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