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  • Name: Marina Ladynina ( Ladynina, Marina )
  • Date of birth: 24 June 1908
  • Age: 94 years
  • Date of death: March 10, 2003
  • Place of birth: Smolensk, Russia
  • Activities: actress, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: divorced

    Marina Ladynina: biography

    Marina A. Ladynina — Soviet actress of theatre and cinema. In 1944 he became the Honored artist of the RSFSR, and in 1950 — people’s artist of the USSR, was the Winner of five Stalin prizes.

    Marina Ladynina was born in a peasant family in the village of Cotinine Smolensk region. After her birth the family moved to the village of Nazarovo, near the town of Achinsk. Marina’s father, Alexey Dmitrievich Ladynin had only three years of education, and mother Maria Naumovna was illiterate. Besides her family has grown by another three children. Since Marina was the eldest, domestic duties were assigned to it: washing, cleaning, cooking. During the summer holidays, a girl working as a milkmaid at a local farmer.

    From childhood she showed interest in the work. Learned to read very early and was always told read to your friends. Thanks to this school, she took a breather in Amateur theatre. Soon the girl began to give small roles in productions. Her first major work was the role of Natasha in the play «mermaid». Then they started bringing Ladynina in Achinsk drama theatre to replace the actors who was sick. There she was finally convinced to choose art as a profession.

    At sixteen, after high school, Marina Ladynina was a teacher in the village of Nazarovo. Serendipitously, arrived at the village artist Sergey Fadeev, who, seeing the acting skills of the girl, advised her to pass the exams in GITIS and even gave a book «My life in art». She did so in 1929 he moved to Moscow and entered GITIS on the first try. In 1933 Ladynina graduated.

    Soon she was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow art Theater. Her play in the play «Yegor Bulychev and others», noted Maxim Gorky. Then followed by other successful roles.


    In 1934 she was invited to the shooting of the film «the devil paths», where Ms. Keene met with Director Ivan Pyreva. For his sake she left the stage and began her career as a film actress. At the time the film started to shoot the film «Rich bride,» and the lead role took Ladynina. After filming broke the scandal about the fact that the film mocked the Ukrainian language. However, when Stalin saw the film and was delighted with him, young actress and Director was awarded the Order of St. Lenin.

    Following the successful work of Ivan pyreva and Marina Ladynina was the film «Tractor», after which they became stars. For this work they received the Stalin prize. Soon the Director decided to change the subject matter of his films. His new picture was melodrama «Favorite girl», where the actress played a working plant Cook Lugano.

    Ladynina starred in the Comedy «Antosha Rybkin», in the drama «the Secretary of the district Committee,» in the melodrama «At six PM after the war». She played the role of Chairman of the kolkhoz in the Comedy «the Kuban Cossacks». After this film the popularity of the actress has grown. On Gorky street hung two portraits. One was Joseph Stalin, and the other — Marina Ladynina.

    Fatal in her life was the role in the movie «loyalty Test». After the release of the film Ladynina and Pyryev broke up. The actress no longer wanted to be in a movie. She often offered the role, but she refused.

    In the years 1946-1992. Marina Ladynina played in the Theater actor. In addition, the actress gave recitals in many cities of the Soviet Union.

    Personal life

    The first time Marina Ladynina got married at Institute for classmate Ivan lyubeznova. The marriage lasted a short time, they soon broke up, but maintained a friendship for life.

    The life of the actress has changed 14 April 1936 when she met the famous film Director Ivan pyreva. At that time he was married, the love of the son for a long time did not allow him to file for divorce. But in the end he decided on this step. On 14 January 1938 at pyreva and Ladynina was born a son, named Andrew.

    During the filming of their latest collaborative film, the Director was fond of the young actress Lyudmila Marchenko, who was younger than him by 40 years. It is the culmination of the relationship of Marina Ladynina and Ivan pyreva, as the actress was unable to forgive her husband.

    Andrew stayed with his father. He followed in the footsteps of talented parents and chose to become a filmmaker.

    Ladynina did not want to start a new relationship and prefer to live alone. At the funeral Pyr when one of the journalists asked him how much she loved him, Marina A. quietly answered that and now loves.


    In the last ten years of his life the actress stopped with anyone to communicate. New boss fired her from a Theatre actor for absenteeism without good reason. Ladynina needed the money because her pension is anything not enough. Sometimes to it came Naina Yeltsin, helped money and buy a refrigerator.

    On that fateful day, Marina Ladynina slipped and fell in the bathroom, after spending the whole day unconscious. Only in the evening, when the housekeeper came back from market, she found the actress and immediately summoned the doctors. It turned out that the actress had a hip fracture. Experts fought for the life of Marina Ladynina, but, alas, her heart are unable to withstand the load.

    March 10, 2003, she died. The actress was buried at the Novodevichy cemetery.

    In 2012, in Nazarovo opened the monument to Marina Ladynina.


    • «Test of loyalty»
    • «At 6 PM after the war»
    • «Antosha Rybkin»
    • «The city can not enter»
    • «Tractor»
    • «Rich bride»
    • «Party Secretary»
    • «Taras Shevchenko»
    • «Favorite girl»
    • «Melodii Dunaevskogo»


    Marina Ladynina

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