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  • Name: Marina Kudelinskaya ( Marina Kudelinskaya )
  • Date of birth: 26 November 1964.
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Smolensk
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: theater and film actress, TV presenter
  • Marital status: divorced

    Marina Kudelinskaya: biography

    Marina Kudelinskaya, Russian actress and singer, best known to movie fans for the TV series «Cursed Paradise», «Mary», «Love in the city», and many others.

    She was born in Smolensk in the family of the Director of Hope Tarasova. Marina was raised by a stepfather, choreographer Yuri Tarasov. From the second marriage of the mother of the girl has a sister Victoria, the youngest of the Marina for five years. Now Victoria Tarasova is a famous actress. Since childhood Kudelinskaya absorbed creative life. She loved to sing and dance, together with his sister arranged house concerts and staged their own performances.

    Nobody was surprised with the decision of the Marina after high school to study acting. However, learn she did not go to Moscow or Saint Petersburg, and Yaroslavl theatrical Institute. After graduating from high school, the girl goes to the capital of Russia and is arranged in the troupe of the theatre «Satyricon», directed by Konstantin Raikin.

    Kudelinskaya played on this stage a large number of roles and retired from the theater just because of too busy schedule of filming. Also, she has extensive experience of the presenter. The Marina such TV shows as «the View», «Star rain», «6 acres», «Interior», «Country news» and «Home theater». On radio she was «Private lessons of Marina Kudlinski» and transfer of «Insomnia» in the night air.


    In the movie Marina Kudelinskaya was already an accomplished actress. She was 28 years old when she starred in the film of Ukrainian production «Dissonata». And immediately in the title role. However, the following appears on the screen, the actress had to wait quite a long time. In 2005 alone, the audience could see her in the social drama «Rublevka Live» and two seasons of the youth series «Students».

    After this proposal fell one after the other. To date, the actress more than 60 works in the filmography. At the beginning of the film career, Marina was a spectacular role in the detective project «COP in the law», «the detective Brothers», «Damned Paradise», «Spy game» and the like. Also pay attention to the military drama, «Disgraced», Thriller, «Clairvoyant», melodrama «Lyuba» and «Marriage under the will» and of course, funny Comedy with Mikhail Galustian «Our Russia: Eggs of fate».

    Recent work Marina Kudlinski come even more often than before. She starred in the multi-season TV series «Marusia», the melodrama «Terms of contract», sports drama «Champions», the Comedy «mom is better!». Enjoyed success with the audience and such TV series as criminal historical film «gentlemen-companions» and detective drama «Smile Mockingbird».

    Last picture, released in June 2016 with the participation of Marina Kudlinski, has become a social drama about the twin sisters «From sadness to joy.» Now the actress is working on a detective «Secrets of the city «AL» and the crime tape on pre-war Odessa «Murka».

    Personal life

    Marina Kudelinskaya officially married three times and also had a few bright romantic relationships outside of marriage. Most men actress was younger than her, sometimes significantly, which speaks of charm to this beautiful woman who defies age.

    First husband of Marina was the actor Cyril Dubovitsky. Their marriage was the result of a bright flash of passion, but life and work has chilled feelings. At that time Kudelinskaya interested Director Sergey Vinogradov, however, the relationship didn’t work out.

    Second husband of the actress – entrepreneur Gennady Belikovich, the owner of one of the first Russian projects in the format of «phone Sex». This marriage too did not last long, especially in one of his trips to the Mediterranean Marina met with brutal man named Vlad. It was a mutual love at first sight. But only much later, the woman realized that her choice is directly related to the criminal world. In fact, the sphere of life and has become a terrible point in their relationship – the Power shot dead in front Kudlinski.

    With the latest husband of Andrew Vladimirov, the actress was found in 1995. Pretty soon they went down the aisle, and two years later the couple had a son Gregory, the only child of Marina. But even the birth of a baby is not able to strengthen the family of two strong and powerful people, so Kudelinskaya got divorced again.


    • 1992 — Dissonata
    • 2008 — Brothers detectives
    • 2009 — Demoted
    • 2009 — When we were happy
    • 2009 — marriage as a bequest
    • 2010-2011 — Mary
    • 2010 — mom is better!
    • 2011 — Conditions of contract
    • 2014 — the Smile of a Mockingbird
    • 2016 — From sadness to joy


    Marina Kudelinskaya

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