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  • Name: Marina Kravets ( Marina Kravec )
  • Date of birth: 18 may 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 171
  • Activities: actress, singer, resident of Comedy Club
  • Marital status: married

    Marina Kravets biography

    Today Marina Kravets is a famous Russian actress, singer, soloist of the musical groups «nestroyband» and «NotNet». And yet, this talented and charming woman – a journalist and radio presenter. It is noteworthy that she is the only one of the ladies managed to become a resident show «Comedy Club».

    Marina was born in an ordinary St. Petersburg family in may 1984. Parents no relation to the art world or show business had. Dad worked as a mechanic, mother is a accountant at one of the companies. At the time of the appearance of our heroine from the family had grown up two sons. Therefore, the birth of a girl was congratulated by all. She literally bathed in the love of parents and two older brothers who took care of the baby, picked her up from kindergarten, and then met from school.

    Marina Kravets in his youth
    The actress in her youth |

    Marina Kravets in the childhood years demonstrated that she is a creative person. The girl loved to sing, to dance, to portray the artist. Her melodious voice is pleasing to relatives for the holidays and weekdays. Once the brothers have recorded on a tape cassette, as Marina carefully removes the song «Aurora». For a long time this recording was the pride of the family archive, while not lost forever.

    Unfortunately, music schools Marina Kravets has not got: there was no availability. But the family believed that to develop her gorgeous vocals needed. The solution was found: the girl singing is optional. She’s still grateful to my teachers because their science is useful.

    Artistry girls were seen not only in singing, but in the game of KVN. Marina Kravets was an indispensable player of the school team, besides together with her friend Anna wrote a great script, humorous dialogue and scenes.

    Marina Kravets
    The successful radio host | Usnisa

    After successful graduation from the St. Petersburg gymnasium №524 Marina Kravets went to higher education. The inclination for the Humanities have dictated her choice of the faculty of Philology. She received a specialty «teacher of Russian language for foreigners». But to teach «great and mighty» to those who wanted to learn, failed. The completion of Marina Kravets realized that the work of the teacher does not give her the required space for creativity.

    Yesterday a student went in search of their place under the sun. Whom only it did not work: in supermarkets touting fast food and handing out brochures in the service centre worked for some time Secretary. But all this boring work was needed only in order to earn money to live on. The main outlet for a born actress was a game in the student KVN team «Protofile».

    KVN and music

    The team Marina Kravets was in 2007. Play invited her classmate, and then the singer Zhenya, Kobic. On stage she felt «at ease». The team often traveled to various festivals. Visited Sochi, the Premier League KVN. Once even hit the screens with a good parody of the program «jeopardy». But leadership positions «Prostomium» could not take. The team broke up.

    Marina Kravets on the stage of KVN
    On the stage of KVN | KPO Tim

    But Marina Kravets couldn’t live without creativity and scene. A love of singing and music has resulted in work on several music ensembles. The girl was the soloist in the group «NotNet», «Mary & the band» and «Destroying». The latter group became particularly close.

    Some of the songs performed by Kravets turned into hits. First and foremost is the song «Hop, musorok», «Queen of disco» and «not having Sex». On some songs there video. Especially popular was the song «Hop, musorok» in jazz processing. A popular song, «Retroband» contain profanity.

    Once one of the founders of the group – Igor Meerson (Elvis) – invited the team to speak with his song in the popular show «Comedy Club». He was a member of the project. Not to say that the musicians embraced the idea with great enthusiasm, but the TV version of the song recorded.

    All of a sudden she got a pretty warm reception. For Marina Kravets participation in the show had a special meaning. She met with producer group «vorovayki» Yury Almazov.

    «Comedy Club» and radio

    Creative career girl gained momentum. Biography of Marina Kravets has been enriched with new bright pages. In 2011, the singer, along with his team were invited to the anniversary concert of group «the City 312». Together with Svetlana Nazarenko she sang one of the songs.

    Marina Kravets on stage
    On stage Comedy Club | Usnisa

    A couple of years Marina Kravets sang a duet with another star – soloist of the popular group «Uma2rman» Sergei Kristovskiy song «Falling». Soon came the video for this song.

    The first successful clip was followed by a second, recorded together with DJ Smash on the song «Oil». Marina Kravets appeared before the audience in the image of a glamorous beauty in a swanky outfit and a wig.

    Earlier, during the cooperation with the team «NotNet», Marina Kravets got acquainted with bass-guitarist Ilya Pavluchenko. In addition to musical activities Ilya was on the radio «Roks». Once Pavlyuchenko said on the radio need a girl that could handle the morning show «Full speed ahead». Marina Kravets immediately offered to try their hand.

    Radio Host | Women Best

    So she became a radio host. For 4 years her sonorous voice delighted the listeners of radio «rocks». But in 2011 Kravets moved to the capital. She successfully auditioned and was invited to work at the radio station «Mayak». Here she led a night show together with famous radio presenters and actors Michael Fischer and Nicholas Senataxin. The program was called «First squad». But in the fall of 2012, the artists of the «group» moved to a new «Comedy Radio».

    Once Marina Kravets remembered how even during school competitions called her name from Natalia Eprikyan and invited to appear on several programs of «music artists» (then «Made in Woman»). The artist agreed and appeared on the screens.

    Marina Kravets on stage
    On the stage of «Comedy club» | YouTube

    Soon Marina Kravets was invited along with «nestroyband» to participate in «Comedy club». She liked the team and the audience that received the offer to become a resident of the club. Since then, fans of the Comedy show see Kravets in company with Andrei Averin, Dmitri Sorokin, Zurab Matua and Dmitry Sorokin of Lyscom and the Demis Karipidis. The audience feel that Marina is «fit» in the men’s team.


    May 2014 Marina Kravets has worked as a presenter of the morning show on channel TNT. And in 2015 she made her debut in yet another entertainment project – the 3rd season «one to One!», what goes on the channel «Russia 1». The actress reached the finals and took 5th place. In the same year, Kravets changed Nargiz Zakirov, becoming for a time a presenter of the TV show «Main stage».

    Television career of Marina Kravets is rapidly moving up. Artist from St. Petersburg in September 2015, was invited to lead a morning entertainment show «Russo turisto» together with Sergey Gorelikov. The program is gaining popularity.

    Marina Kravets
    TV Presenter | Viling Store

    Kravets appeared in the movie. In 2012, she played a prominent role in the TV series «Super Oleg.» And in 2014, together with Alexei Vorobyov, Pelageya and Vadim Galygin worked on the voice acting of the characters of the cartoon «Magni wing».

    Personal life

    Marina Kravets has long been cohabiting with a young man named Arkady, and in 2013, they were married. As it turned out, her future husband, the artist became acquainted in his student years. Arkady Vodakov together with Marina played «Protofile» and studied Philology.

    A friendly relationship developed into a real novel. Personal life Marina Kravets has developed happily. With her husband she had a full mutual understanding and trust. It is no secret that beauty is a considerable army of fans.

    Marina Kravets with her husband Arkady
    With her husband Arkady | woman’s day

    A sexy photo of a young beauty (Marina age 32 years) in a bathing suit appeared in the magazine «Maxim». According to the magazine the girl in 2016 ranked in the top 20 most beautiful and sexy Russian women.

    Marina Kravets in the journal
    One of the most beautiful women in 2016 | Viling Store

    The growth of Marina Kravets — 171 cm, weight 50 pounds. Nationality Marina — Russian, although this question is often found in the network. Perhaps, on the question of nationality suggests a somewhat unusual shape of the eyes.


    Marina Kravets

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