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  • Name: Marina Kim ( Marina Kim )
  • Date of birth: 11 August 1983.
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: the Russian TV presenter, journalist, actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Marina Kim : biography

    Marina E. Kim was born in St. Petersburg (then Leningrad) in August 1983. Her international family. Dad has Korean roots, but grew up in Kabardino-Balkaria. Russian mom, although her childhood and youth were spent in the Baltic States. The family of Marina Kim no one associated with TV: the father – businessman, mother – a teacher of Academy of a name of Lesgafta. Marina is the second child. She has an older brother.

    Learning in secondary school, Marina, Kim took classes in choreography and ballet. In the 16 years she has tried their hand in modeling and appeared in several music videos.

    After school, Marina Kim went to enroll at St. Petersburg University, choosing for himself a prestigious faculty of international relations. But after 2 year she moved to the capital. She transferred to the University on the same faculty. After graduation Kim becomes a graduate with studies in North America. In her thesis, Marina explored the factors of economic growth of America during the period when the US President was bill Clinton. Practice Marina Kim was held in the Federation Council, and at the Institute of USA and Canada.

    At the 5th course of MGIMO, Kim began her career on television. After graduation, Marina took courses for presenters.


    Career Marina Kim began in 2004. Student of the 5th course of MGIMO led the program «Markets», which appeared on the business channel «RBC». Leading did analytical reviews Asian stock indices. After 3 years, Kim was invited for a leading program «Vesti» channel «Russia». Less than a year Marina Kim was leading evening News» paired with Ernest Mackevicius. Her skill was noticed. The leading rating increased, and with it grew the responsibilities. Soon the young lead was assigned to conduct 11-hour and 16-hour editions of «News» in a pair of Alexander Golubev.

    2012 was a very eventful and successful for Marina Kim. She made her debut as a correspondent, having been instructed to prepare a series of reports for «Saturday News» and «News week». And were invited to participate in the 7th season of the show «dancing with the stars», where her partner was Alexander Litvinenko. The pair won the sympathy of viewers and 2nd place.

    Participation in the popular show is the next step in the career of Marina. She is offered a job leading the entertainment program «Big dance close up.»

    2013 brought Marina Kim new promotion. This year she gets the lead author of information-analytical program «Week in city», which tells about recent events in the capital.

    In 2014 leading went to work on «the First channel» in project «Good morning». Says Marina Kim, it is a conscious decision. At some point, she just didn’t want to talk about serious events, politics, accidents and disasters. In its entertainment morning program presenter talks about the culinary tricks and recipes experienced Housewives, happy anniversaries and premieres of stars that come to visit, gives a good mood to the audience.

    In 2015, Marina Kim co-authored journalist Sergei BRILYOV in the documentary film «Pyongyang-Seoul. And then…» that was broadcast on the TV channel «Russia». The leading is the author’s project about the events on the Korean Peninsula called «Undress Pyongyang». To make such a project difficult, because in North Korea, which is considered one of the most closed countries in the world, it is extremely difficult to cause a Frank talk with local residents and officials.

    Tried a presenter and as an actress. Marina Kim debuted in the film «Circo», filmed by French Director joël Faria. She starred with Alexei Chadov. And Marina starred in the title role in the Comedy youth movie «Bishkek, I love you.» She appeared in the image of a Kyrgyz girl who was cheated by her lover. Comedy was a huge success in cinemas of Kyrgyzstan.

    Personal life

    About his private life, Marina does not like to talk. But since then, when she started leading on the Central channels of the country and became a star of Russian television, it is difficult to hide from annoying colleagues.

    For the first time close attention to the personal life of Marina Kim got when the leader took part in the popular TV show «Dancing with the stars.» Then journalists started talking about her affair with Alexander Litvinenko. But neither the Marina, nor Alexander have not confirmed the rumors.

    But later, Marina Kim confirmed in an interview the rumors about a romantic relationship with Hollywood Director Brett Ratner. The pair met in 2011. Then Marina celebrated the New year in the Caribbean. These relationships continue today, but the couple is in no hurry to legalize the relationship and occurs when you allow the schedules of Marina and Brett.

    In 2014, Marina Kim, and daughter, briana. Leading does not report the name of her father.


    Marina Kim

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