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  • Name: Marina Golub ( Marina Golub )
  • Date of birth: 8 December 1957
  • Age: 54 years
  • Date of death: October 9, 2012
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actress, TV presenter, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: divorced

    Marina Golub: biography

    Marina Golub, an actress of theater and cinema, whose films participated in international festivals and even went to Cannes, the presenter. She was remembered by fans for its many images of noisy, simple-minded, but cheerful and cheerful women.

    Marina Grigorievna Golub was born 8 Dec 1957 in Moscow, the son of actress Lyudmila Golub and the GRU Colonel Gregory Golub. Acting was attracted to the Marina in early childhood. At the end of secondary school the aspiring actress decided to enroll in the school-Studio of MKHAT. The girl’s mother did not support her aspirations to become an artist, as he was well aware of all the intricacies of this complex field. Entreaties of women did not help, Marina received on the first attempt on the course Manjukov.

    Marina Golub
    Marina Golub

    The young actress was one of the best on the course. The leaders had no doubt that Blu will reach great heights in the theatrical arts. Critics have reacted favorably to the Marina, because the reporting of the speech was excellent. Despite this, at the end of the school-Studio in 1979, the Marina has made an unexpected step, even for himself, refused to work in the theater. Having too eccentric in nature, blue didn’t quite fit into the official theater of the time. Then, on the advice of my mother, in the biography of Marina Golub opened a page called «variety».

    Marina Golub
    Marina Golub

    Marina G., analyzing their options, decided that it might be something in this genre. Then, the actress began to work in the Department of satire and humor of Mosconcert, where he remained for three years. Pop scene for Marina Golub opened with a performance excerpt from the «Parent field». The audience was stunned by her submission and immediately fell in love with the rising star.

    Movies and theatre

    In 1981 the Marina Golub received an offer from Konstantin Raikin to join the troupe of the theatre «Satyricon», which was organised by them after leaving the «Contemporary». Then she had to play a role in the production Raikin, «Persons», with which she coped brilliantly. Prior to 1987, «Satyricon» was blue for a second home, after which she agreed to play in the performance of the newly created theater «Shalom» Alexander Levenbuk.

    Marina Golub at the theater
    Marina Golub at the theater

    At that time a career in the «Satyricon» was not entirely successful, so the performance of «Train of happiness» in the «Shalom» was for Marina Grigorievna new breath. The show has found success among critics and spectators. For a long time the company has toured with the «Train» around the USSR and Europe. But the debut production of the theater «Shalom» was the last bright picture.

    Working in the theatre, Marina G. has already started to act in films, albeit in small episodic roles. One of the most significant works in the filmography of Marina Golub at the time was the heroine Vera in the novels «Youth of Peter» and «at the Beginning of nice Affairs». Of course, blue was not full of optimism from such glory. Flashed days, the years went by, a prophetic glory student days never came. Marina G. was upset about it, but never thought about giving up acting. She had to find herself and grow than to give up on such not so important things in life.

    Marina Golub in the theater
    Marina Golub in the theater

    The optimism of the Marina Golub subsequently brought her creativity on TV. Her first TV show — «Holiday every day», for which she independently wrote the script. She liked another step in her career, but the project took too much time. Marina could no more develop on the stage.

    Once she had the chance to participate in the filming of the new TV show «Understand me», where it was noticed by the General producer of ATV. Then he established the actress in the new project «eh, Semenovna!», which immediately caught the fancy of viewers.

    After participating in the program Marina G. disappeared from the stage of the theater. But in the shadow of the artist was long. In 2000 she received an offer from British Director Declan by Declan Donnellan to play the role of the mistress of the Inn staged «Boris Godunov». In the same year, she played the best role in the play «Vassa Zheleznova». Simultaneously, the actress starred in the film «the Wedding», which participated in the Cannes film festival, has received a prestigious award in Germany and the Russian prize «Window to Europe».

    Marina Golub in movie
    Marina Golub in movie «the Wedding»

    Over a long period, the woman felt a creative surge. Photos of Marina Golub with latest news about her began to flash in glossy magazines. The actress could not accept the proposals from filmmakers who dreamed of her participation in the new films. Marina G. easily into the role, any character, feeling the measure in any case and not overdo things, neither on the stage nor in the frame. The most vivid movies with Marina Golub can be called the work «the Diary of a killer», «Narrow bridge», «angel», «Poor relatives,» detective «Taxi for an angel», Comedy, «Five brides».

    Marina Golub in the show
    Marina Golub in the show «Girls»

    The popular actress has always been a welcome guest on television. In 2010, she joined the staff of the TV show «Girls». The program was dedicated to the personal life and everyday problems during the transmission of four famous presenters and invited guests discussing a eternal topic, for example, cheating, first dates. In 2014 Marina as a guest took part in the program «Wife. Love story» in which well-known artist talk about his family life.

    Marina Golub and Elena Yakovleva
    Marina Golub and Elena Yakovleva in the movie «friends of Friends»

    The last picture of the Marina Golub was the new year’s Comedy «friends of Friends». Together with Elena Jakovlevoj she played two ladies in the age desperately looking for a gift to his girlfriend. As the film shows, the only gift they find in a sex shop. Happy buyers immediately robbed, and with this begins the main plot.

    Personal life

    Marina Grigorievna had three official marriage, her men were decent people, but no one was able to hold the actress. The first time the actress became the wife of businessman Eugene Trainin, a marriage which quickly collapsed. After divorce the former couple has maintained a friendly relationship since they had a daughter Anastasia.

    Marina Golub daughter
    Marina Golub daughter

    The second time the actress was married to actor Vadim Dolgachev. The couple met working in the theatre «Satyricon», and when Marina went out of their Union disintegrated. The reason for the divorce was the alcohol, Marina wanted her husband to succeed and aspired to something greater, and it is quite satisfied with his ordinary life, he began to abuse alcohol.

    Marina Golub with her second husband
    Marina Golub with her second husband

    Then in her personal life there was a third husband, actor Anatoly Bely. It was a different story in the biography of the actress. Marina Golub and Anatoly Bely met in 1995, their Union for many was a surprise: the difference in age, social status, relevance to the profession. Evil tongues discussed what thanks to Marina White gained professional growth, he was invited in projects, movies, and later he received the title of honored artist of Russia, after which «switched» the young designer Irina Moskvicheva.

    Marina Golub and Anatoly Bely
    Marina Golub and Anatoly Bely

    After 10 years of marriage, Marina Golub and Anatoly White divorced. Children a couple had.

    Last love of the actress became a businessman Mikhail Kravchenko. He conquered the Marina with its almost Hollywood good looks and a beautiful courtship: he liked to pamper her darling, give her flowers and gifts. But the lovers ‘ happiness was short-lived. Michael was shot dead near his house. Ordered the murder never found. The death of a beloved husband, crippled artist.

    The accident

    In 2012 in Moscow there was a car accident in which died a talented actress Marina Golub. Date of death 9 October 2012.

    On the way home in the car «Hyundai in which rode Marina G., at full speed crashed into a Cadillac that ran a red light. The actress and the driver of the Hyundai died at the scene.

    Photos from the scene of Marina Golub
    Fatal accident of Marina Golub

    According to witnesses, the accident was terrifying, at first glance, it was clear that without victims has not managed. The next day friends and fans of the actress learned that a terrible accident was it. The crossroads of Vernadsky prospect and Lobachevsky street was the funeral place for all of her fans.

    Alexey Rusakov
    Alexey Rusakov guilty in the death of the actress

    The culprit, which was the cause of death of Marina Golub and the driver escaped from the scene. Later Alexey Rusakov was detained by the police. The court sentenced Kost to 6.5 years in prison.

    The Tomb Of Marini Golub
    Grave Of Marina Golub

    13 Oct the coffin of the actress set on the main stage of the Chekhov Moscow art theatre, so everyone could say goodbye to Marina Golub. Later, by decision of the relatives, she was cremated.

    18 Oct 2012 the ceremony of the burial of ashes of the actress. The funeral was held at the troyekurovskoye cemetery, the grave of Marina Golub is on the Alley «actors».


    • «Youth Of Peter»
    • «Leszek»
    • «The wedding»
    • «Drayman and the King»
    • «Zone Lube»
    • «Russian vaudeville»
    • «Russian Amazons»
    • «At the corner at the Patriarchal-2»
    • «Drongo»


    Marina Golub

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