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  • Name: Marina Fedunkiv ( Marina Fedunkiv )
  • Date of birth: 27 August 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Perm
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: actress, comedian, member of KVN
  • Marital status: married

    Marina Fedunkiv: biography

    Marina Fedunkiv was born in Perm on the 27th of August 1973, but grew up a celebrity in the Ukraine, where her parents have sent, considering that the village atmosphere would be much more useful. The girl was raised by her grandmother with the grandfather who tried to instill in her a love for useful occupations. But active and easy going Marina couldn’t bring myself to sit in one place. She participated in all performances and concerts at a local club. Relatives knew that the passion for acting will not be able to bring enough money, so was trying to deploy a future star in a different direction, describing the delights of other professions. Father star, Opera singer, believed that daughters do not learn the chosen specialty. But still the mass fascination with TV made itself felt, and Fedunkiv beginning to take his company on tour in the neighboring towns. So the Marina has earned his first money.

    Over time, the actress tired of the village, and she returned to Perm, where he enrolled to study in PGIIK. She studied at the directing Department, but the conflict nature has not given her to complete her studies. After another confrontation with teachers Marina was expelled from the second year. A year later, the actress returned to the same school, but different Department. It is the latest of the Institute’s courses Fedunkiw discovered his talent comedians. So after graduation, she began to play the popular game of KVN among students.

    In parallel with this future star wrote scripts for various comic productions and projects. A talent for jokes and a great sense of humor did not go unnoticed, and after some time, Marina is Director of student KVN and Director of the theater group pharmaceutical Academy in Perm.

    Marina Fedunkiv: KVN and television

    At the beginning of the two thousandth’s command of KVN of the Perm state pharmaceutical Academy have joined the already existing team «

  • Dobryanka». Joint forces Fedunkiw and other writers ‘ team won the First League Kazan region and was in the Highest League of KVN. The actress repeatedly became the laureate of «Student spring» for acting skills and talent in drama. It is the WHC has a ticket Marina on the TV.

    Punchy and bright a celebrity is invited to appear first in the show «you Give youth», and then in one of the Comedy programs on the channel STS. There she played the role of Rotimi Garifovna that the actress was invented for competition stem.

    After a brilliant debut Marina was invited to the show «

  • Real boys», where she got the colorful role of mother of Kolya. This role Fedunkiw first claimed because of the young age, but the star managed to convince the Director in his talent. In an interview with the actress shared with fans the secret of their trump words. It turned out that the clever and colorful lexicon of Marina borrowed from their own mother-in-law. Star fully used the image and style of behavior of the husband’s mother as the prototype of the heroine. The role it has played just fine.

    The original expression brought Fedunkiw enormous popularity. After the project «Real boys» invited her to star in an episode of the popular program

  • Comedy Woman. And in 2013, the actress took the project on a permanent basis.

    Marina Fedunkiv: personal life

    First time married actress was even in his student years. Lover was her classmate with Pyicu. But the marriage lasted very long. Envy prevented family happiness. The young man could not accept the fact that his wife plays in the WHC.

    Second choice Marina refers to the stellar career of the wife with understanding and respect. He has a great sense of humor and often gives good advice to the actress. The couple met thanks to a happy coincidence. Marina with her sister late for the celebration of his own birthday. Trying to catch a taxi, Fedunkiw «caught» the second man who agreed to drive the girl. The young man immediately captured the heart of a star a simple character and subtle humor. The couple’s many years together and understand each other just perfectly.

    The pair have not yet had children but plan heirs in the near future. In the meantime, the Marina gives you her love and attention to my husband and Pets. The artist’s two of them: a cat named Tasia and dog Thimble.

    And with his own mother and mother-in-law Marina is wonderful. Although the first and doesn’t approve of her daughter, calling her role sometimes vulgar and vulgar, Fedunkiv the mother does not take offense, realizing that the mother wishes her only the best. But the mother-in-law along with husband and actress love to watch all the programs and serials with the participation of Marina. They rejoice all the achievements together, showing a perfect example of a cozy family.

    Marina Fedunkiv: filmography

    • The war of the sexes
    • Corporate
    • Prom
    • Real boys
    • Give youth
    • Casual relationships
    • Comedy Women
    • Ural dumplings

    Marina Fedunkiv: photo

    Marina Fedunka

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