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  • Name: Marina Dyuzheva ( Marina Dyujeva )
  • Date of birth: 9 October 1955.
  • Age: 61 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married

    Marina Dyuzheva : biography

    Actress Marina Dyuzheva M. (nee Kukushkina) that the audience remembered and loved for her role in the remarkable paintings of «family circumstances» and «the Pokrovskie gate», was born in October 1955. She was a late child. At the time of the birth of Marina’s mom was 40, dad – a retired officer – 54, and sister for 20 years. To the girl in the family is respectful, as to this miracle.

    Marina Dyuzheva really grew up a normal child. It seems that everything bad in this world from her bounced, and everything is clean and bright, attracted, like a magnet. It is not surprising that from early years she wrote poetry and more than anything loved literature.

    After the 8th grade Dyuzheva decided to continue their education at a literary school. But to my great surprise, failed miserably exams. I had to go back to school. Received a certificate, she went to study in GITIS, only because it called out to my girlfriend. It is noteworthy that the friend got scared and changed his mind, and Dyuzheva refused to change the desired trajectory, and did.


    The aspiring actress diligently absorbed all the outlines in the workshop of Vladimir Andreyev. A cinematic biography of Marina Dugelay started already on the 1st course. However, in the credits she was listed as Marina Kukushkina. A children’s adventure film «Secret city,» dramatic picture «Think of me as an adult» melodrama «Re-wedding» – these tapes were the first works of the artist.

    Today the filmography Dushevoy is 50 different feature films and TV series. The best of them – have said «family circumstances» and «the Pokrovskie gate» and «Tavern on Pyatnitskaya», «Mimino», «the end of summer,» «State border», «Girl and Grand,» «Where is Nofelet?», «The Moscow vacation». They are all rightly included in the Golden Fund of Russian cinema.

    Not to say that the Marina Dyuzheva in admiration of the roles she had to play. In one interview she confessed that she had always been acutely disturbed by the fact that the film images seemed to her monotonous. Play had some adorable, cute and identical girls. Probably, this was due to the appearance of the actress, though she is often deceptive.

    Ability to reincarnation and talented improvisation Marina Dyuzheva demonstrated in the film «Pokrovsky gates» by Mikhail Kazakov. Although she got the episode, but the actress managed to make it a memorable bright. The phrase of her character Anna Adamovna «I’m all so awkward!.. Such a contradictory whole!» became winged.

    Dyuzheva not only a film actress. She’s a wonderful actress. For a long time – until 1997 Marina Mikhailovna went out on the stage of Theatre Studio of film actor. Today she plays on the stage of Penza regional drama theater.

    Famous Marina Dyuzheva and dubbing. Her unique voice to say the heroine of the series «Helen and the boys», many cartoons and television shows such as «the Keys of Fort Boyard».

    Personal life

    In his youth Marina Dyuzheva suffered from shyness. As she admitted that she «was really afraid» of people, and when I went to party, then curled up in the corner and cried.» Of course, this is an exaggeration, but the young artist was really timid and somewhat old-fashioned girl. These systems helped to overcome the stage.

    And personal life of Marina Dugelay at first was not very successful precisely because of her timid nature. She waited a long time for the elect, not daring to flirt or even talk to any of her men. Therefore, the first marriage with the son of a diplomat Nicholas Duuuum were random and fleeting. Together, the couple lived only 3 years. In memory of this Union Marina had left her husband’s name.

    Second husband Yuri Geiko actress sent by fate itself. At the time of meeting, and it happened in Yalta, where Dyuzheva starring in the next movie, Marina was already divorced, and stuntman Yuri was in the process of divorce. When young people broke out a little fling, it turned out that in their lives a lot of amazing coincidences. Birthday mother Geiko coincided with the birthday of Marina. A pair of parents also born in one day. And even the day of the wedding determined artists, coincided with such a significant day in the lives of parents Yuri.

    Further – more. Firstborn Michael was born in birthday of the father. But the second son Gregory came in one day with Marina Dushevoy. This wonderful couple and together today. They are happy. «Blame» this numerology is unknown. But the main thing is not the cause but the consequence.


    • «Re-wedding»
    • «Mimino»
    • «For family reasons»
    • «Pokrovskie Vorota»
    • «Where is Nofelet?»
    • «Impotent»
    • «Envy of the gods»
    • «Friendly family»
    • «The Moscow vacation»
    • «Impotent»
    • «Son of the father»


    Marina Dyuzheva

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