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  • Name: Marina Devyatova ( Marina Devyatova )
  • Date of birth: 13 December 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: singer, performer of folk songs
  • Marital status: not married

    Marina Devyatova: biography

    Marina Devyatova — Russian singer, performer of folk songs and pop songs, stylized as folklore. She was a finalist on the third season of the TV project «people’s artist».

    Marina was born in Moscow in a creative family. Her father — people’s artist of Russia Vladimir Devyatov, the famous performer of Russian folk songs, and my mother was a professional choreography put the dance show-ballets. Dad almost since birth started to vaccinate daughters taste in music. And he had it recording not only popular singers, but the music of John Lennon, Elvis Presley and other rock idols. At the age of three she already is felt the rhythm.

    Unfortunately, when she was five years old, her parents divorced, and later was brought up by only my mum. However, the music Devyatova not abandoned. She studied at the prestigious music school of a name of Dmitry Shostakovich, where he mastered not only the instrument and the vocal and choral conducting. Then Marina was trained at the music College named by Alfred Shnitke and Russian Academy of music named Gnesin sisters. There she is already specialized in that will bring her to the future all-Russian fame — solo folk singing.


    As a student Marina Devyatova met Artem Vorobiev, who invited her into their group «Indrik-Beast.» The group played old folk songs with a modern twist. Was in their repertoire and rock arrangements and compositions performed on ethnic wind instruments. The success of the ensemble was quite noticeable, but music critics have called the music Devyatova «unformatted».

    She decided to prove that folk song in modern style can be really popular. To this end, she chose consonant with the name of the TV project «people’s artist» and went to the casting of the third season. The audience and the jury took the singer to cheer on, a particular success was the duet performance of the song «This could be love» with the singer Alexey Goman. In the show Devyatova reached the final, and after the end of the project, released «people’s artist-3», which included songs that were heard in the transmission.

    Having established themselves throughout the country, Marina focused on the preparation of the recitals. In 2009 she went on tour to Russia and gave concerts under the title «go, Go». Then released their first Studio album, «do Not think, do not guess». The drive is a cocktail of folk songs and pop hits. In the same vein was recorded and such records «I’m happy» and «In the moonlight».

    The most popular songs in the repertoire of Marina Devyatova are considered to be «Believed,» «Oh, I like you,» «Oh, momma», «If it had not been winter» and the new 2016 «Conversation». Also on the bill singer’s joint gig with another singer of folk songs Barbara. At the last ceremony of the Russian national music award, she was nominated for an award as «Best folk artist», but in the end gave the victory Pelagia.

    Personal life

    In the life of Marina Devyatova was a tragic affair. She was in love with a man much older in age, who by profession was a doctor. Unfortunately, this love was waiting for a sad end: the beloved singer died suddenly from cancer.

    Once Marina recovered from this loss, it is tied relationship with the young singer Nikolay Demidov. The girl wanted to find in it a loved one, but it turned out that Nikolai used the famous actress to become famous. Of course, these relationships did not survive time and the young people parted, and with a loud scandal triggered by the person.

    Now Devyatova have a loved one, but after a history of Demidov she’s hiding from the press and fans. It is only known that the new beloved folk diva has nothing to show business.

    Marina Devyatova — believer, but her religion is not Christianity and krishnaism. This trend has helped the singer to find their inner peace and unleash creativity. Thanks to this religion Marina completely refused cigarettes, alcohol, and eating meat. Spiritual harmony help her maintain her yoga classes.


    • 2006 — people’s artist-3
    • 2009 — did Not think, do not guess
    • 2011 — I’m happy
    • 2013 — In the moonlight


    Marina Devyatova

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