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  • Name: Marina Denisova ( Denisova Marina )
  • Date of birth: 21 March 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Neustrelitz, Germany
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: Belarusian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married

    Marina Denisova : biography

    Marina Denisova was born in March 1983 in the German town of Neustrelitz. At that time there was her dad. He was a professional soldier and served in the tank troops.

    Shortly after her birth, the family moved to Belarus. Denisovy stayed at the comfortable green Borisov. Here passed the childhood of Marina and her older brother. The girl went to school and at first did not differ from their peers. In her dreams there was no room for theater or movie. But all agreed his Majesty the case. Once Marina Denisova in company with a friend visited the theatre. So seen like the teenagers that they decided to enroll.

    After a short period of time, Marina has fallen in love with the stage. All the free time she spent on rehearsals, learning new monologues. In high school girl to think seriously about the future. Another way how to link their future life with the scene, she have not seen for myself.

    I must say, that took the idea of the Marina to enter the theatre College more than skeptical. In their family nobody has ever been associated with the art world. But Denisova said that means it is such a mission to be pervoprokhodtsy.

    In 2004, Marina Denisova received a diploma of the Belarusian state Academy of arts. Mentor aspiring actress was Professor Vladimir A. Mischanchuk. Honored artist of the Republic of Belarus was famous for its training of young cadres, and Denisov was one of those students professors, whom he was proud.


    Debut of Marina Denisova on the stage as a professional actress was held on the last courses of universities. In the graduation productions of «Fernanda Specks», «Gelsomino in the country of liars» and «We play by Ostrovsky» was already a significant potential of the artist.

    At the end of the University course, Marina Denisova in full force joined the troupe of the National academic drama theatre named after Maxim Gorky in Minsk.

    Biography of Marina Denisova in just a year of working in the theatre was enriched with several notable roles. Theater-goers admired her Sarah in the play «wild strawberries», Angelica in «the Imaginary patient» and Olga in «the Sisters» in the works of Anton Chekhov.

    It is noteworthy that the range of roles played Denisova, was very wide. The actress easily given to the images as fairy tale heroines in performances of «the frog Princess» and «Dream on the mound» and a deep, philosophical subtext roles in productions of «Before sunset» and «Profitable».

    But after a year the Marina Denisova had to get a job in another theatre of the Belarusian army. There’s a young actor’s family (the actress got married in the last year of high school) proposed housing.

    On the stage of the new theatre Denisova was as comfortable as the previous one. This is evidenced by the awards received the young artist soon. In 2005, for the role of Zina, Batan in the production of «don’t leave me» Marina Denisova received two significant national awards – award of International festival «Listapad» and another one «Crystalina Kvetka».


    To be in a movie actress started when she studied at the theatre Academy. A cinematic biography of Marina Denisova began a dramatic tape «Babi Yar». This Polish-German project directed by Jeff Kanew.

    After the release of the military-historical drama Marina Denisova, removed a lot and regularly. At first it was episodes. Then play the second lead in the drama «the second life of Theodore strogova» and war movie «Sniper 2. Tunguska».

    Flashy and bright work got the actress in the detective film «Deadly dance», where she played a dancer Nastya Beletskaya, and the romance «don’t go». But wide fame came to the Marina Denisova after the release of the Russian series «the Power of Faith.» Belarusian artist appeared as the main character – teacher Vera Ivanova. Melodrama was a great success with the audience.

    Recent projects that have received the sympathy of viewers, the TV series «White wolves», «Good name», «Call and I will come» and «Hunting for Gauleiter». Marina Denisova continues his rapid career ascension and removed both Belarusian and Russian films.

    Personal life

    The actress was never sacrificed for the sake of art in my personal life. Marina Denisova thinks that family and children can never be a hindrance in his career. Therefore, the birth of the child was not planned, but just happened. That was a great joy for the actress and her husband Alexander Bondarev.

    Personal life of Marina Denisova is a beloved husband and small son. In this family prevail not only love, but also a full understanding. After all, the husband of Marina is also a graduate of the University theatre. However, Alexander does not work in the theater. He became an interior designer. But he’s not jealous of his mate for the profession and enjoys her career success.


    • «Babi Yar»
    • «White wolves»
    • «A good name»
    • «Call and I will come»
    • «Hunting for Gauleiter»
    • «She couldn’t help it»
    • «The second life of Theodore strogova»
    • «Sniper 2. Tunguska»
    • «Deadly dance»
    • «A dream is like life»


    Marina Denisova

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