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  • Name: Marina Bogatova ( Marina Bogatova )
  • Date of birth: 27 November 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Ryazan
  • Height: 169
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Marina Bogatova: biography

    Marina Bogatova — young Russian movie and theatre actress, well known to television viewers for her TV series «Double life», «Real boys» and «the Poor people». She was born and raised in Ryazan, where still lives her mom.

    It sounds quite funny, but with the choice of future profession Marina decided as early as kindergarten, after the first morning. She felt great pleasure from performances before an audience and wanted what did not become a real actress.

    After graduation, she travels to Moscow and entered the theater Institute GITIS, which by that time was renamed the RATI. Her teachers at the University was distinguished teachers Olga Anokhina and Alexei Yarmilko. In parallel with studies Marina Bogatova worked leading up to the party and the organizer of children’s parties.

    After RATI aspiring actress signed a contract with the Agency «the Firebird» and on an ongoing basis cooperates with the troupe of the theatre «Amphion,» which goes on stage in the children’s performances, and adult drama productions.


    In the movie Marina Bogatova began to appear on the last courses of the Institute. This period can be seen in one of the episodes of the popular women’s TV series «Carmelita. Gypsy passion», in five series detective series «Kulagin and partners» and in the drama «Marriage» about my personal life law enforcement officials.

    More serious attention of the audience, the actress has drawn on himself after the release of the 5th season of «Real boys», where she got the role of tough and crazy girl Ani, which spoils the lives of many characters in the movie.

    Interesting roles went to the Marina in the melodrama «Double life», romantic painting «the dreamers» and the detective «Without a trace». Also she was invited in the rating of the Comedy «the Kitchen», «Uni. New Dorm», «Copernicus» and «Interns.»

    And 2016 were marked by three sufficiently intense work. In January on TV psych TV series about the difficulties of growing up «Time, daughters,» expect the melodrama «the Mystery of Russian gems». And in April launched a long-awaited sitcom «Poor people», which in addition involved Bogatova Olga Buzova, Alice Grebenshchikov, Dmitry Lysenkov, and other famous artists. All of them in the scenario are residents of a communal apartment and Willy-nilly interact with each other.

    Personal life

    Marina Bogatova – open person and communicative. She frankly answers the most questions fans and the press, lead pages in many social networks. Interestingly, the girl creates two accounts: one outdoor — for lovers, another closed — for relatives and colleagues.

    But that’s about their romantic adventures, the Marina is trying to spread. It is known that she is officially married yet was not, but already many years Dating a young man.


    • 2009 — the couple
    • 2010 — you Go out to look for
    • 2012 — love Under the gun
    • 2012 — the Bride my friend
    • 2012 — Without a trace
    • 2013 — Real boys
    • 2013 — a Double life
    • 2016 — a Time for daughters
    • 2016 — Poor people
    • 2016 — the Mystery of Russian gems


    Marina Bogatova

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