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  • Name: Marina Aleksandrova ( Marina Potanina )
  • Date of birth: 29 August 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Kiskunmajsa, Hungary
  • Growth: 158
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Marina Aleksandrova: biography

    Marina A. Alexandrova was born on 29 August 1982 in the Hungarian town of Kiskunmajsa. The first years after her birth, the family spent there, following the requirements of the work of the father of the future actress, the Colonel Andrey Papenina. Alexandrov – the name of Marina’s grandmother, just that it seemed the girl more harmonious.

    When she was four, circumstances allowed Putinim to return to Russia – during the year the family moved to the Urals, Tula, and finally in 1987 he stayed in Leningrad. Here in North Palmyra, Marina Aleksandrova graduated from school with advanced study of mathematics and at the same time acquainted with the music, learning to play the harp.

    But at the end of the ninth class views of the Marina at their own future began to disperse with the expectations of her parents who saw the girl in such «earthly» occupations, as a translator or tour Manager. Alexandrov enrolled in the thriving at «the Fifth channel» drama Studio and became actively involved in various creative evenings. Studio Marina met with this actor’s life, the atmosphere of creation and wonderful people that predetermined the choice.

    After graduating from high school, aspiring actress told the parents that he was going to do in Moscow. In the capital the entrant auditioned in different educational institutions (cinematography, GITIS), but the fate prepared for her Shchukin school, about the behind the scenes which told her Director and mentor in the Studio «channel five».


    In order to start a career as an actress, Alexandrova did not have to wait until the end of the school — from the first year of training she began to star in «the big cinema». A debut role in the film, Andrei Razenkova «Northern lights», where Marina has played in a pair with Alexander zbrueva. Then «Empire under attack» with the incarnation of the deceased in the explosion of the daughter of Stolypin.

    However, the real triumph and a role immediately brought popularity, has become the image of Lisa, a bride Erast Fandorin in the film adaptation of the novel by Boris Akunin «Azazel». Lisa is shown in the film is relatively short, but plays a key role in the understanding of the motives and feelings of Fandorin.

    After the success of the work fell one after the other. Alexandrova took part in the filming of several TV series: «starring,» «Love one Love», «Star Era» as well as feature film of Polish production «When the Sun was God.»

    Personal life

    The first known public relations Marina was not stable. Like some of the characters, on the personal front, the actress seething passion. The first «official» boyfriend Alexandrova was Alexander Domogarov. The relationship of the star couple has grown from a display of the novel, painted by the Directors and the writers, but splashed with the filming of real life. Their romance was a place of mad passion, and betrayal, and the long periods of peace, punctuated consistently recurring a TIFF. After two years of such extremes, the pair finally stopped a close relationship.

    After parting with Domogarova actress joined the troupe of Sovremennik theatre, where he met with Ivan stebunov by the summer of 2008 has registered her marriage. In 2010, however, the actors are already divorced.

    At the moment Marina Aleksandrova is the wife of Director Andrei Boltenko and mother of two children, claiming in an interview that finally truly happy. In 2012, USA was born the first-born actress, son Andrew, and 29 September 2015 in the family had a daughter Catherine.


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    Marina Aleksandrova

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