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  • Name: Marina Afrikantov ( Marina afrikantova )
  • Date of birth: 14 October 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 177
  • Activity: model and contestant of reality show «Dom-2»
  • Marital status: not married

    Marina Afrikantov: biography

    Marina Afrikantov, one of the most prominent participants of the rating of the TNT project «Dom-2». Marina was born in October 1987 in Moscow into the family of renowned archaeologist and historian. Notable name Afrikantov is a real, inherited from his father. From mom’s girl, she inherited a striking model looks.

    Marina Afrikantov
    Muscovite | VK

    Marina Afrikantov – man multifaceted. As a child she was fond of sports and dancing. While attending the school dance Alla Duhova «Todes».

    But to learn the girl, it seems, managed and loved. Of particular interest is to learn foreign languages. She is fluent in English and French.

    Marina Afrikantov
    Dance and sport — Hobbies | VK

    After high school, the daughter at the insistence of parents became a student of the Moscow Institute of steel and alloys, having received serious «male» qualification: engineer-Metallurgist of non-ferrous and rare earth metals. But love to communicate and bright appearance shouldn’t go to waste. Perhaps it is so decided Muscovite and got another higher education: graduated from the Higher school «Ostankino» and now has a second degree in «leading television and radio programs».

    Marina Afrikantov
    Beauty contest | VK

    In the modeling industry Afrikantov also managed to reach certain heights. She took part in the contest «Miss Moscow-2012″, where he received the title of » Best model, and was the third Vice-miss of the capital.

    Since then, Marina has participated in various competitions and auditions. In 2014, the beauty got the Grand Prix at the beauty contest «Russian Beauty World» in new York.

    TV show

    On the project «Dom-2» Marina Afrikantov came in the early summer of 2014. According to some reports, brought her friend Rustam Kalganov, though the party argues that came here like everyone else – through all the auditions and selections. Come to the project she wanted for a long time: since 2007 she intently and with great interest the participants and events on the show.

    Marina Afrikantov and Rustam Kalganov
    Other by Rustam Kalganova | VK

    Upon arrival at the project participant immediately expressed its sympathy for Andrei Cherkasov. According to her, they were perfect to each other on the compatibility of zodiac signs: Aquarius and Libra. Andrew Belle also came to mind. But «to build love» this pair failed.

    Soon the place Cherkasova was taken by another member of the show – Bogdan, Linchuk. With him from Moscow settled in a city apartment, around the perimeter. But there relationship didn’t work. Afrikantov began willingly to accept courting charming Yegor Holavina. He found a way to the heart of beauty with the help of simple romantic above: luxury bouquets, riding in a limousine for the evening capital and other pleasant for any girl of surprises.

    Marina Afrikantov and Yegor Halavin
    Egor isn’t working | VK

    But when the pair were in one of the most romantic places on the planet – Seychelles – it became clear that the romance has dried up. Relations have deteriorated. According to Marina, before all this, she began to have health problems. The totality of the trouble was the reason the participant left the project.

    In June 2015, the biography of Marina Afrikantov was again associated with the «House-2». Superior and noticeably thinner girl came on the show. Talking about plastic surgery that she supposedly ran. Marina Afrikantov before and after surgery — this theme is fans of the TV show was discussed several times.

    Has changed for the better Muscovite immediately found a new pair: Andrey Chuev was not able to resist her charm.

    Personal life

    It seems that the second time the project was more successful than the first. Personal life of Marina Afrikantova and Andrey Chueva develops quite successfully. At the beginning the autumn of 2016 Chuev proposed, which Belle took. It seems that the pair is now preparing for the Grand campaign in one of capital registry offices.

    Marina Afrikantov and Andrey Chuev
    Andrey Chuyev | VK

    Instagram Marina Afrikantov is regularly updated with new joint photo with her lover in which the couple looks quite happy. However, observant fans say that not all is rosy with the young people.

    Marina Afrikantov and Andrey Chuev
    The pair built a love | VK

    The fact that Chuev decided to sell the apartment keys which was presented to him on the project, and is going to invest money in the construction business. But Marina, though, and congratulated the beloved with the beginning of an interesting and profitable business to invest your money is going. And this even became the reason of serious disagreements Chueva and Afrikantova. In the network appeared rumors that this may become a critical point in their relationship, after which comes a parting.


    Marina Afrikantov

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