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  • Name: Marie Dorin-Habert ( Marie Dorin-Habert )
  • Date of birth: 19 June 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Lyon, France
  • Height: 168
  • Activity: biathlete
  • Marital status: married

    Marie Dorin-habert: biography

    French biathlete Marie Dorin habert is not only a prize-winner of Olympic games in 2010, but the five-time world champion and the only Frenchwoman who was the best at all races and won medals in all disciplines in one world Championships. In fact, worldwide the number of such titles can be compared to German Andrea Henkel and Tora Berger.

    Marie Dorin-Habert
    The leader of the female national team of France in biathlon | Group VK

    Therefore, a professional biography of Marie Dorin habert has reached such a level that this tiny girl, and the growth of Marie Dorin-habert is 168 centimeters, is a leader and a key link in the national team of France in biathlon. Was born the future star of the sport in one of the most beautiful cities in France – in Lyon. When she was engaged in various sections. She went rock climbing and Windsurfing, but most of all loved horse riding. By the way, horses still occupy a considerable part of the personal life of Marie Dorin-habert.

    Marie Dorin Habert
    Marie since childhood, loves horses | Group VK

    In addition, Marie was a good painter, he studied piano and learned English. In General, Marie Dorin biathlon was not even thought of, and dreamed of becoming a fairy. But as a teenager she became interested in shooting, learn to shoot accurately, and in 14 years have been on skis and came to biathlon. Three years later, Marie wins the Junior world championship, and then repeating this achievement next year. Thus, your success Marie Dorin opened the doors to the main team of the country.


    In biathlon Marie Dorin habert first came in 2000, as a permanent member of the national team becomes in 2008. Her first achievements were not phenomenal, but gradually, the girl has improved its cross-country capabilities, which together with accurate shooting allowed her to become a very serious competitor for all women.

    Marie Dorin-Habert
    Marie repeatedly won medals in competitions | Group VK

    In 2010, the French team with Marie Dorin thanks to the coordinated team action in the relay rises to the third step of the podium at the Olympic games in Vancouver. Marie herself at the end of 2011 and 2012 were in the top ten biathletes. And next season, the girl is a real winner: three personal podiums, a silver medal in the relay at the world championship and the best record on the world Cup.

    Photo Of Marie Dorin Habert
    Photo of Marie Dorin — the most titled French women | Group VK

    But as it turned out, Marie could have done more. After missing the beginning of the season 2014/2015 due to the birth of her daughter she in the end not only wins in the individual sprint, but does «double» in the pursuit, becoming a two-time world champion. Better yet, it stands in 2016, becoming at various stages of the World Cup the winner of the individual race, sprint and mass start. In the overall standings of the French biathlete Marie Dorin habert has reached the second position, behind only the legendary Czech athlete Gabriela Soukalova.

    Personal life

    With her husband Louis Marie Dorin Aber met the team of France, as it is also a biathlete in his time played for the national team, and is now the coach of candidates to the main team, the so-called «team». They were married in June 2011, Marie was attached to my maiden name of her husband and became Dorin-habert. It was under this name she speaks from the season 2011/2012.

    Marie Dorin and Louis habert
    Wedding Marie Dorin and Louis Abera | Group VK

    19 Sep 2014 the couple was born a long-awaited daughter who was named Adele. Through birth, Marie had to miss the beginning of the season, but the following January she was back on a snow route and continues to delight his fans with excellent performances.

    Marie Dorin habert with my daughter
    Marie with her daughter Adele | Group VK

    A young mother admits that only after the birth of Adele, she realized that means family, responsibility, and sacrifice its interests for the sake of loved ones. As Marie said in one interview, it turned out that the world is spinning all around her. But the French biathlete this situation very much.


    Marie Dorin-Habert

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