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  • Name: Marie Avgeropoulos ( Marie Avgeropoulos )
  • Date of birth: 17 June 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: thunder Bay, Canada
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Marie Avgeropoulos biography

    Marie Avgeropoulos was born on 17 October 1986 in the small canadian town of thunder Bay, which is located in the northwestern part of the province of Ontario on the shores of lake superior. Mary’s childhood passed in the best traditions of girl scouts: from her early years she loved fishing and hunting, bonfires and spending the night in the woods. Even now, after so many years, returning to Canada, Marie happy fishing.

    Kids «survival lessons» to some extent tempered by nature that I had by the way, when she decided to choose a career as an actress. Desire to connect his life with the television came to her quite early and immediately after finishing school she went to Confederation College in Ontario, the faculty of «Television broadcasting». Upon completion of training, Marie began to practice in various canadian theatre studios. But their children’s dreams Avgeropoulos betrayed and debuted on television in the age of 20, starring in commercials Toyota Scion and Credit Unions of British Columbia.

    Marie Avgeropoulos movies

    His film debut, Marie Avgeropoulos owes her unfeminine hobby is drumming. It happened when the girl turned 21. From my friend Marie found out about the casting of drummers, held in Vancouver. Having gone there, the girl immediately «got a pencil,» a famous film Director Chris Columbus, who immediately offered her a role in his new feature film «Night Beth Cooper».

    Life on the West coast of Canada has also secured her a cameo role in some TV series large TV «CW», «FOX», «CBS» and»NBS». These include the popular series «Supernatural», «Fringe», «human target» and «Eureka.» After the achievements in his country, Marie Avgeropoulos decided to build on the success and moved to southern California. This decision proved correct, and within a sufficiently short period of time the young actress was able to convince Hollywood Pro that it is not just «one million.»

    Just six months later, Marie receives her first guest role in the series for one last hurrah. A little later, the actress is developing its success, having the main role in the movie «Fugitive At 17». It should be noted that her most significant work to date is a role in a post-apocalyptic TV series «the Hundred» in which her character Octavia Blake is one of the main characters.

    Jobs in the USA gave canadian actress rich experience. Thanks to him, as well as talent and perseverance most Marie, her career is on the runway».

    Marie Avgeropoulos: personal life

    A native canadian, Marie Avgeropoulos now lives in his native country, changing only the city. Today her house is located in Vancouver. But, as in any other popular star, Marie has their homes in Los Angeles, where she stops at the time of filming.

    The first «star» the novel of the actress began in July 2013 on the set of the project «Tracers». There she met with the contractor, the second main role — Taylor Lautner, who after some time was noticed in restaurants and for romantic walks. In December of the same year, Taylor assured the veracity of all the rumors about their relationship, adding that this was «the longest and best novel.» Unfortunately, in January 2015 there is information about the gap pair that was confirmed by the agent of Lautner.

    Marie Avgeropoulos movies

    • Supernatural
    • Harper’s Island
    • Secret team
    • Face
    • To catch to kill
    • Human target
    • Eureka
    • Life is beautiful
    • Overgrown
    • Walking the halls of the
    • 90210: the New generation
    • Tracers

    Marie Avgeropoulos: photo

    Marie Avgeropoulos

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