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  • Name: Marianna Vertinskaya ( Marianna Vertinskaya )
  • Date of birth: 28 July 1943.
  • Age: 73 years
  • Place of birth: Shanghai, China
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: theater and film actress, Honored artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: divorced

    Marianna Vertinskaya: biography

    Vertinskaya Marianna Aleksandrovna was born 28 July 1943 year. Place of birth of the actress is not hard to call exotic: a future star of Soviet cinema was born in the largest city of the Republic of China – Shanghai. It was there at that time lived and developed his career popular in the 20th century chansonnier Alexander Vertinsky, father Mariana.

    Sisters Vertinskie father
    Sisters Vertinskie father | tvnz

    Her mother, Lidiya Vertinskaya, was also a creative person: actress and artist. A year and a half after the birth of Marianne eminent family Vertinsky waited one more addition: Anastasia Vertinskaya was born, which later became the celebrated Soviet artist.


    The name Marianne is quite unusual, even for our time, and in the forties of the last century it is was extremely rare among immigrants from the Soviet Union. This kind of name Lidiya Vertinskaya gave his daughter in honor of the heroine of a foreign film about Robin hood (Marianne was the lover of the noble outlaw).

    Although Vertinskaya was born in Shanghai, mostly large part of her childhood she spent in the Soviet Union. She was only about three months when Alexander Vertinsky with his wife finally received permission to return home (many years before this artist wrongly accused of espionage).

    Marianna Vertinskaya in childhood
    Marianna Vertinskaya in childhood | Movie-theater

    In the years of the Japanese-Chinese war, life in Shanghai was very difficult: according to Lidia Vertinskaya, the problem was to get even an aspirin. Before their performances, the singer bought his own coat from the pawnshop, and then again gave it back – so severe was the financial situation of the illustrious spouse. So the family happily took the opportunity to return to the USSR.

    From a young age his parents tried to support their daughters, who subsequently followed in their footsteps. Financial position, which was the star family, was rather heavy and after moving to Moscow. Alexander Vertinsky had to give 24 performances a month, to somehow make ends meet.

    Marianna Vertinskaya family
    Marianna Vertinskaya with family | Soviet films

    However, the renowned singer had time to communicate with children, just like Lydia Vladimirovna, began a successful film career after moving to the USSR. And as soon as Marianne admitted that he wanted to become an actress, parents imaginable and unimaginable ways she picked the best of teachers. The girl easily entered the Theater school. Boris Shchukin and successfully finished it.

    Career in the theatre

    Immediately after graduating from drama school named Shchukin Marianna Vertinskaya started working at the Theater named Vakhtangov. In terms of theatrical career, the actress for decades remained faithful to this theatre, after retiring from the stage only in 2005-m to year on a well-deserved retirement.

    Marianna Vertinskaya on the stage of the theatre
    Marianna Vertinskaya with partners at the theater | Satellite

    Marianne’s lips to the audience addressed the Marquis from «the Bourgeois gentleman», Maria from «the wise man stumbles», Radical «Game vacation», Augustine Bro of «Summer in Nohant», Anfisa Pagemove of «Marriage Bal’zaminova», Lydia Pavlovna of «Barbarians» and many other well-known characters.

    Film career

    On the silver screen Marianne Vertinskaya first appeared in 1961, the year she participated in the creation of the film «Leap year,» where he played the role of Cathy Bartashevich. The immoral daughter of a Soviet official, which at the end of the film deservedly arrested, and have become known throughout the country character, however, allowed Marianne to demonstrate his remarkable acting talent and to seriously assert itself.

    Marianna Vertinskaya
    Marianna Vertinskaya | Movie-Theater

    The next film, which contains filmography eldest of the sisters Vertinsky, made her a real star. It was a painting «Zastava Ilyich», filmed in 1964 year and has become one of the classic films of the Soviet cinema. Kino is dedicated to young people, whose youth coincided with the period of the effects of XX Congress of the CPSU (during this Congress for the first time were severely condemned the cult of personality, including the cult of personality of Joseph Stalin).

    In this film, Marianne Vertinskaya played the young Anna – the daughter of wealthy parents, the representative of «Golden youth», which meets one of the main characters looking for a girl that would fit under his high ideals.

    Marianna Vertinskaya in the film
    Marianna Vertinskaya in the movie «City of Masters» | Movie-Theater

    The film was released on the wide screen in 1965-m to year with a slightly modified title: «I twenty years.» Do not call this motion picture, it has become not only a classic in the filmography of the 20th century, but also a symbol of the «Khrushchev thaw».

    After the paintings, which became for Marianne a trip to a large cinema, many films have been decorated with her acting. So, shortly after the success of «the Outpost of Ilyich» Vertinskaya starred in the children’s kinoskazka «City of masters», which was taken real historical events that took place in the middle ages in Western Europe.

    Marianna Vertinskaya
    Marianna Vertinskaya | Movie-Theater

    Remember the Soviet audience and the role of Tatiana Drozdova in color Comedy film «Seven brides corporal zbrueva» 1970 the young man who accidentally got on the cover of the magazine and met with a choice of bride from many candidates.

    In the same year was released the film «Deniska’s stories», consisting of four short stories in which Marianna Vertinskaya played the role of mother of Denis. Novels became film adaptations of popular stories by Viktor Dragunsky, who was inspired to write these stories his own son.

    Marianna Vertinskaya in the film
    Marianna Vertinskaya in the film «Captain Nemo» | Movie-Theater

    Also worth noting is the three-part film «Captain Nemo», filmed in the mid 1970-ies based on two novels by the writer Jules Verne («the Steam house» and «20,000 leagues under the sea»). Vertinskaya in this film got the role of the young wife of Professor Aronnax, Jacqueline London. As always, Marianne brilliantly conveyed your character and got a new batch of viewers love.

    In 1986 came the film «Lonely woman seeks», where Vertinskaya played the girlfriend of the heroine of Irina Kupchenko. This is a good melodrama about how difficult it is to endure loneliness, and how it is inappropriate to judge a person on first impression. The film was also washed human love and entered the ranks of Soviet classics.

    Marianna Vertinskaya
    Marianna Vertinskaya | Days

    His career of Marianna Vertinskaya continued until 2005, when she starred in the movie «Heiress 2». Now Honored artist of the RSFSR located on a well-deserved retirement, devoting his free time with family and friends.

    Personal life

    In the quest to find a family photo of Marianne you can find that she was not the same person, as in his youth, and now Vertinskaya enjoyed great popularity in men and in all her life, managed to marry three times. Currently, the actress is divorced.

    First husband Vertinskaya was Ilya Bylinkin, architect. Children have always played a big role in the life of Marianne, and in this marriage is not without cost: the actress gave birth to a charming daughter of Alexander, who currently lives in Moscow, working as an artist and presenter.

    Aleksandra Vertinskaya
    Aleksandra Vertinskaya, daughter of Marianne | Edikst

    The second choice actress was much more famous Bohdan Khmelnytsky – composer, theatre and cinema actor, people’s artist of the Russian Federation. The marriage of these two celebrated artists again daughter Darya Khmelnitskaya, who also chose a creative way. However, Daria decided not acting, and design art.

    Marianne Vertinskaya and Bohdan Khmelnytsky
    Marianne Vertinskaya and Bohdan Khmelnytsky | Kinopoisk

    Third husband of Marianne Vertinskaya became a businessman Zoran sci. These three men the list of admirers of the artist is not limited.

    So, 60 years before her fell to his knees, confessing his love, directed by Andrei Konchalovsky. Could not resist the charm and beauty Vertinskaya and another famed Director Andrei Tarkovsky. At various times she also was in a relationship with cameraman George Rerberg and Alexander Knyazhinsky, translator by Eldarova, artist Lion Zbarsky.

    Marianna Vertinskaya
    Marianna Vertinskaya | Movie-Theater

    Despite his advanced age, Vertinskaya looks good and does not allow himself to respond to the stereotypes about women-old women over 70. This is partly due to the vigor and cheerfulness of the artist, partly because to improve the appearance helped her with plastic.

    Anyway, Marianne Vertinskaya forever entered the history of Russian cinema was held as a woman and a mother and has every right to enjoy rest.


    Marianna Vertinskaya

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