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  • Name: Mariam Merabova ( Mariam Merabova )
  • Date of birth: 28 January 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Yerevan, Armenia
  • Activity: Singer, contestant on «the Voice»
  • Marital status: Married

    Mariam Merabova : biography

    The owner of unique beauty and voice Mariam Merabova , born in Yerevan in 28yanvarya 1972. Her father was a lawyer, but he never hid from friends and family for their sincere love for good music and melodious songs. Mother Mariam worked as a journalist in various publications. The family grew up and were educated Mariam, have always revered the arts, honored cultural values and encouraged a love of music.

    At the age of five years, Maria began studying at the best music school in the city. Showing good results and great potential, Merabova continued his musical education in the «school» Gnessin state musical College in Moscow. Having studied for several years in the Gnesin music school Mariam was transferred to the music school №3 them. Myaskovsky N. Ya She was lucky to get the students to Tarasovoj V. G., which still owns the title of the great teacher of Russia. It should be noted that Turusov did much for the development of extraordinary talent, inherent Mariam.

    For music schools was the school of the Moscow Conservatory. But as fate Marabou and failed to finish school. Fate to this performer had their own plans, which were carried out in the near future.

    Relatives and friends of Mariam decided to invite her to the club «Blue bird», which at that time was considered the most iconic and popular destination in the capital. It is here that Mary first heard the new music and fell in love with her to unconsciousness. Great harmony, unique improvisation, rhythm, and freedom of this stylistic direction have forced Miriam to lose his head. In a matter of seconds she took the firm and irrevocable decision to withdraw from the school documents and to continue its development in a radically new direction. To every day to listen to your favorite music, Mariam Merabova got to the club to work as a cloakroom attendant. But despite this, Miriam was happy because now she could listen to fantastic concerts at any time of the day or night.

    After a year of such work Mariam goes to school. Gnessin state musical College at the pop-jazz Department. Training in the school was completed in 1996, and the Commission, which was headed by V. Bryl, unanimously put graduates five plus. At the same time, bree offered his pupil to give a joint speech. It was a baptism of fire that Miriam stood with honor and dignity.

    In subsequent years the improvement and the improvement of the professional talent, which was opened so spontaneous and unusual way. A very important experience, Mariam considered the work of Nikolay Noskov. They fruitfully worked together for about two years.

    Personal life Mariam Marabou

    Mariam Merabova is married to the son of the famous composer and conductor Levon Merabov. Mariam and Armen Merabov raising three children.

    In 1999, Mariam together with her future husband creates a duet «Miraif», which was adopted by the audience cheers. In 2000 he produced the first album, which allowed to talk about Mary as a great performer.

    In 2004, the Duo «Miraif» was able to work in tandem with Richard ‘Richie’ Cole!

    Mariam is not only a singer but also a songwriter, who performs tonight duet «Miraif». Not so long ago Alla Pugacheva has invited Miriam to teach at her school.

    Mariam Merabova is in the show «the Voice»

    Recently in the life of Mariam, there was another turning point. She was invited to participate in season 3 of the show «the Voice», which is broadcast on the First channel. At the stage of blind listening Mariam Merabova decided to perform the song «Georgia», which left nobody indifferent. Talent judges appreciated immediately, and Merabov became a member of the project. Her mentor is himself Leonid Agutin, Mariam who gives all his soul and tries to lead it to victory.

    This was just getting interesting. In the second stage «Fights» pupils Agutin Ksenia Buzina, Victoria Cherencov and Mariam Merabova performed the song Alla Pugacheva «kite». The trio was very emotional, bright and sweet.

    As a result, Leonid left in the draft professional Mariam, and the eliminated girls admitted that they did not expect such a result, knowing that they will have to compete with the Marabou.

    At the stage of «Knockouts» speech Marabou caused a strong reaction and a wave of discussions on the Internet. It was one of the most exciting and emotional of the rooms of the third season of «the Voice,» which brought tears to the audience and the mentors.

    Miriam sang the song Pugacheva: «Requiem». Indeed, cried all: and the audience, Pelageya, Bilan. «I won’t speak for everyone, speak for yourself. I sit here and wait, when the scene happens some kind of revelation. Myriam demonstrated excellent presentation — I learned in the executable work it», — expressed his opinion of Dima Bilan. All present knew that from yesterday there is no reason not to miss Mariam in live broadcasts.

    The quarter-finals of the show «the Voice» opened exactly three of the team yesterday. On this day, Mariam Merabova have entered the musical ring against George UFI and Lyudmila Sokolova.

    Mariam Merabova sang the song «Play the game» F. mercury. As a result, the mentor and viewers, which with that stage had the opportunity to vote for your favorite, and unanimously decided that Merabov deserve to reach the semi-finals. To win there are very few.

    Mariam Merabova in the semi-finals of the show «the Voice 3» sang the song «one Hundred hours of happiness». Mentors noted once more that the singer radiates from the stage charge of only positive emotions.

    Real decoration of the semi-final was a gift to the audience in a wonderful trio — Mariam Merabova, Intars Busulis and Alexander Marshall, who came to support the team of Leonid Agutin. The trio danced to the hit «Moscow Calling», which blew up the hall.

    After counting the votes, it was Mariam Merabova scored 114,4%, and Intars Busulis — 85.6% of the votes. In the end it Mariam Merabova is in the final show of «the Voice» season 3.

    Mariam Merabova itself admits that it plans to shift away from her usual roles and to expand the audience of fans. She had long dreamed to take part in the popular show «the Voice,» and now her wish came true almost completely. Wish her success!

    Mariam Merabova: photo

    Mariam Merabova

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