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  • Name: Maria Tchaikovskaya ( Mariya Chaikovskaya )
  • Date of birth: 27 October 1900
  • Age: 116 years
  • Place of birth: Sumy, Ukraine
  • Activities: Singer, composer
  • Marital status: not married

    Maria Tchaikovsky : a biography

    Maria Tchaikovsky – the Ukrainian singer, pianist, songwriter. Tchaikovsky is the author of many songs and several online hits, including her solo work and songs performed together with musician Shenzhen Katushkina. Maria writes and sings in Ukrainian and Russian languages, accompanying himself on the piano. Soulful lyrics, original style of play, the drama of submission and clear voice brought the young singer a well-deserved love of the audience and critics.

    Maria Tchaikovsky was born on 27 October in Sumy. At the age of five years received the first lessons on the piano from my mother, conductor and soloist of a local choir. Thanks to the mom at the girl’s house constantly heard classical and jazz, heavily influenced by their own «sound» a young singer. From the age of 7 she entered a music school № 3 in the city of Sumy and graduated there first class at the teacher Nelli Vorontsova. That teacher saw a girl with serious talent and was advised to enroll in a special school. In his native city of such an institution was not, and at the age of 9 years, Maria’s mother moved to Kharkov.

    In Kharkiv, the future singer was in a class of the teacher of Elena Kolesnikova. According to Tchaikovsky, this woman «who impregnated her his huge love for the piano, she was fascinated by the music.» Mary lived at the time in a hostel at the school of music. 7-8 class Maria Tchaikovsky began writing music and songs. His first work was written under the impression of poignant romantic drama «Autumn in new York». The girl returned home and, as it seemed, repeated the music of the film. Later, she reviewed the «Fall» and realized that the melody to the soundtrack quite similar, she accidentally wrote something new. Then to the melody, the words appeared.

    After high school, Maria Tchaikovsky enrolled at the Conservatory – initially in Moscow, but the circumstances were such that she was forced to return to Kharkiv. There she passed the exams and entered at once in two offices of the Kharkov Conservatory: jazz and classical. Both offices successfully completed. In student’s years actively performing and touring as a jazz musician. Then began to participate in various professional contests and win them.

    Maria Tchaikovsky: music

    Immediately after graduation, Maria Tchaikovsky took jazz and classical pianist in many jazz band Regent Art Orchestra and soon went with the band on tour in Europe. Tchaikovsky was the only girl in a team of ten people. During the contract the artist gave a solo jazz and author’s concerts, he also performed classical music, giving in his repertoire preference to Russian composers. This time, the artist remembers with great warmth, as her eyes literally flew kaleidoscope of different cities, some of which had to give several concerts a day. The best memories of the girls were from France, Mary is still often talks about this in his interviews.

    Upon completion of the contract Tchaikovsky returned to Kharkov and built his own project «MARIA Group». First, the musicians performed classic jazz compositions, but soon switched to the copyrighted material of Mary. The first concert was held in the spring of 2009, it was a joint performance with the musician SunSay. Young life is very warmly received by the Kharkiv public. Two years ago, released his first solo album project «silence». It was recorded at Studio M. A. R. T. in the period from late 2010 to summer 2011. It included new songs of the singer and two tracks recorded earlier — «Through me» and «5 minutes».

    December 5, 2009 in Kharkiv at the festival of remembrance Veni d rkin Maria Tchaikovsky met a songwriter by the Shenzhen Katushkina (Sergei Kolesnikov) is the frontman for the band «the band name Human Factor», also known as «ai4F». This acquaintance grew into a longstanding friendship and close cooperation, and in 2011 year the Internet literally blew up two of their joint single, «Echo thousands of stations» (on poems by contemporary poet network of EU SDI) and «November never ends».

    Maria Tchaikovskaya and Shenzhen Katushkin was invited as musical guests for the evening transmission on the First channel «Evening Urgant», and then the Duo was nominated for the independent prize of Artemy Troitsky «Stepnoy Volk 2012». Savik Shuster presented the musicians in a live broadcast of the Ukrainian TV show «Shuster Live» duet as living proof of the Russian-Ukrainian friendship. In January 2014 released the album «Beauty», recorded together. The album includes 13 tracks – the songs of Mary and Gushi. A particularly warm response of the audience received the songs that young musicians performed a duet.

    Today Maria Tchaikovsky has toured in cities of Ukraine and abroad and continues to expand their touring geography.

    Maria Tchaikovsky: personal life

    Personal life Maria Chaikovska, on the one hand, elusive is reflected in the lyrics author of the young singer, on the other, the artist herself prefers to avoid the subject in interviews. It is only known that while Mary is not bound by ties of marriage and intends to continue his career further.

    Maria Tchaikovsky: songs

    • Echo thousands of stations
    • Last day in Crimea
    • Take me with you
    • You’re with me
    • Angel
    • Thread
    • Don’t go
    • The city’s former seas
    • Be my boyfriend
    • The room color Pelerin
    • Your smell
    • We meet more
    • Beauty
    • Take me

    Maria Tchaikovsky: photo

    Maria Tchaikovskaya

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