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  • Name: Maria Shukshina ( Mariya Schukschina )
  • Date of birth: 27 may 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: the Russian actress and singer, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: divorced

    Maria Shukshina biography

    Mariya Shukshina was born in may 1967 in the family of famous people. Mother Lydia Fedoseyev-Shukshin was already a recognizable actress. Father Vasily Shukshin – famous all over the country, writer, actor and Director. In addition to Mary, the family had grown by another two daughters. Older than 7 years old, and his mother Anastasia Voronina and 2 years younger sister Olga.

    Maria Shukshina, that is, was destined to become an artist. On the screen she got when she was barely a year. She appeared in the anthology «Strange people», which was directed by her father. The audience saw little Mary along with her mother in the short story «Mate». After 3 years, both daughters of Vasily Shukshin starred in the movie «Pechki-Lavochki». In 6-year-old Maria Shukshina was back on the screen. This time in a feature film Sergey Nikonenko «birds of the city».

    Thus, the creative biography of Maria Shukshina began almost at preschool age. But mom, well knew inside the world of cinema, warned the daughter that not all Actresses, even talented, happy fate. So after high school, Mary decided to acquire a profession that will give her a stable job and money for life. She enrolled in one of the capital’s institutions of foreign languages.

    Having graduated University, worked for several years as a translator. Disappointed in work, tried his hand in the brokerage profession. But these responsibilities did not lay the soul. Parental genes required to return to the cinema.


    In the mid-1990s, Maria Shukshin starred in several high-profile films. In Karen Shakhnazarov’s film «the American daughter» the artist played a practical and not a sentimental business-woman that fled from her husband together with her little daughter to America.

    The role Shukshina in the melodrama of another famous Director Pyotr Todorovsky was something similar. In the melodrama «the beautiful game» Maria played a beautiful student, who without hesitation gave their classmates the organs of state security.

    For a successful start in the movie took 2 years of break. Maria Shukshina gone on maternity leave.

    In the 2000s a new return to the world of cinema. First, the actress appeared in a small role in the Comedy film «the Perfect couple». But was soon followed by a major role in the series «People and shadows. Secrets of puppetry». The heroine of Maria Shukshina not like her. It’s passionate, femme fatale, some kind of energy vampire. His play, the actress demonstrated that it is able to play different roles and easily transform into images, alien to her.

    Since the mid-2000s, Maria Shukshina appears on the screen regularly. The only thing similar to her on-screen heroine – a strong willed character. That role went to the actress in the melodrama «Dear Masha Berezina». Her Katya is making headway in the difficult world of modeling, not stooping to the dirty games and intrigues. And in the series «Brezhnev» Masha reincarnated as nurse Nina Korovyakova to which Leonid Ilyich had romantic feelings.

    The range of roles played by Maria V. Shukshina, very wide. It is organic in the image business-woman, tsirkachka and even a bag-lady. The actress often plays women with a difficult past. Such her Maria Karetnikova in the film «Take me with you» and Alexander in the melodrama «I love you». Psychologically complex and multifaceted way got Maria Shukshina in the dramatic film «Terrorist Ivanova», released in 2009.

    Recent projects of Maria Shukshina as the most vibrant you can call the films «Mannequin», «Leaving nature» and «Its alien». These paintings viewers first saw in 2014 and 2015.

    Television projects

    After maternity leave, Maria Shukshina wondered what she should do next. It was a difficult period, the late 1990s. The cinema was not in the best condition. Offer to become a presenter was unexpected. Interestingly, it came from several channels. The actress successfully passed the audition for a new talk show «Two». But then came another offer, which Maria Shukshina seemed closer. She was asked to transmit «Looking for you». The aim of the project – people search, dramatic fate. Soon, the program changed its name to «Wait for me».

    As admitted Maria Shukshina, the work in this project was very difficult. But the result, hundreds of happy people who found their loved ones, was fully worth all the difficulties.

    Maria Shukshina has been leading the program since October of 1999 to December of 2014.

    Personal life

    Strong and strong-willed woman is rarely happy in his personal life. In any case, the personal life of Maria Shukshina was not easy. First she married a fellow student Artem Tregubenko. But after the birth of his daughter Anna, in relations there was a crack. After several years of marriage the couple parted.

    Second husband of the actress was a former wedding witness and friend of Artem, Alexey Kasatkin. They met after 10 years. At that time, Maria Shukshina was already divorced from first husband. Alexei was the civil wife that he left immediately when he realized that he had lost his head from the beautiful actress.

    Married to Kasatkin had a son, Makar. Unfortunately, the couple soon divorced, too. After their divorce, the press relished the scandalous story of the abduction of the father of the son. Makar at that time was 2 years. After treatment Shukshina to law enforcement authorities the boy was returned to his mother.

    The third marriage of Maria Shukshina was a civilian. Apparently, the woman, family life twice which did not work, experienced a painful abduction of the child, did not want to step on the same «rake». Therefore, the relationship with the lawyer Boris Vishnyakov she flatly refused to register. The couple in 2005 were born the charming twins Foma and Foka. But 4 years after their birth, Maria Shukshina left her husband, taking the children. Soon, the press was a scandal similar to one that happened with the eldest son of the actress. But this time, on the abduction of children said the father.

    It is known that the now ex-wife found a common language and the father takes part in raising their sons. But the couple were unable to live together.

    In November 2014, Maria Shukshina became a grandmother. Her daughter Anna gave birth to her grandson.


    • «American daughter»
    • «What a strange game»
    • The perfect couple»
    • «Dear Masha Berezina»
    • «Brezhnev»
    • «Take me with you»
    • «I love you»
    • «Terrorist Ivanova»


    Maria Shukshina

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