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  • Name: Maria Shekunova ( Maria Skornicka )
  • Date of birth: 8 February 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Perm
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married

    Maria Shekunova: biography

    Maria Shekunova – star of the TV series «Real boys» and the favorite of millions of viewers, whom she liked his comedic role in the popular sitcom. It is noteworthy that the role of Masha in «Real boys» is the debut for the actress. Rarely anyone from aspiring actors so lucky. But only Maria and her family know that the path to success was not so simple.

    Mary was born in Perm in February 1983. In her family of actors and artists was not: his father worked as an investigator with the police, and the mother is a chef-confectioner. Except Masha, in the family grew up the eldest daughter Olga. For 10-year age difference the girls fought a lot and didn’t find any point of contact.» Only as an adult, they became friends and found a common language.

    In childhood because of a speech defect’s Semenovoi had to visit a speech therapist. But it helped that not he but the Pope who worked with her daughter regularly.

    Maria Shekunova
    Maria Shekunova | VK

    But my mother tried to get Mary to art. She took the daughter to a music school. But Masha was your way to beautiful. She loved school initiative and would be willing to attend theatre. But the school of music chose to ignore. Soon the deception was revealed, Mary «flew» from my parents, but forcibly put the girl at the piano no one.

    After receiving a high school diploma Maria Shekunova went to Perm Institute of art and culture. Here she chose acting and studied successfully with Zoya Berber and Marina Fedunkiv. But after graduation, the aspiring actress found work in the pioneer camp counselor. Together with children Chekunova staged performances. Colleagues and the children adored the counselor. But Mary knew that the education she received is not for this. Prolonged walking to the theater eventually led to success: Chekunova took in the Perm youth theatre. On stage she played for 6 years.


    Biography Maria Semenovoj changed in 2010 after successful completion of audition for a Comedy project «Real boys». According to some reports, the actress almost by force dragged him to audition for a new project of a friend Zoya Berber and Marina Fedunkiv. Soon Masha was called by the writer of the series Jeanne kadnikova and was invited to the shooting.

    The premiere of the series about the life of the Perm «boys» nick, Edik and Vova took place in November 2010 on TNT. Comedy series immediately liked the audience and made a lot of noise in Perm. It is noteworthy that the project has been officially recognized as cultural heritage of Perm Krai.

    Maria Shekunova and Velentina in Mazunina
    Maria Shekunova and Velentina French actress in «Real boys» | Cppo.Gee

    In the initial series tape semenovoi the role was insignificant, but over time becomes the key. Went for 5 seasons of the series, but will continue. The spectators, who were fond of the character’s Semenovoi, can not worry: the actress will appear on the screen in the future, because she signed a contract with TNT for a further shooting.

    Today the main work of the artist is a popular sitcom. But she is already thinking about the time when the shooting of this Comedy film will end. So Chekunova attending castings for new projects. Recently, Maria appeared in the episode of the painting «Leviathan» by Andrei Zvyagintsev, and in 2016, played a supporting role in the Comedy «man of the future». In production is a new project of «Military fitness».

    Personal life

    With her husband Dmitry Skornicki actress worked 6 years in the Perm youth Theatre. And met Dima and Masha are still in high school theater. They were not love at first sight. First, friends. But by the end of training realized that they need each other more and more.

    Maria Shekunova son
    Maria Shekunova son | KP

    The actors were married 7 years after meeting. Offer Dmitry did Mary in her birthday, right in the dressing room. The wedding took place on 8 March. A year later, in 2013, they had a son Yaroslav.

    When Mary started making «Real boys», the family in full strength moved to Moscow. Personal life Maria Semenovoj happened quite happily.


    • «Real boys»
    • «Leviathan»
    • «Man from the future»


    Maria Shekunova

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