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  • Name: Maria Sharapova ( Maria Sharapova )
  • Date of birth: 19 April 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Nyagan
  • Height: 188
  • Activity: the Russian tennis player, Honored master of sports of Russia
  • Marital status: not married

    Maria Sharapova: biography

    Beauty and a future tennis player Maria Yuryevna Sharapova was born in the distant Siberian town of Nyagan. It happened on 19 April 1987. The parents of Masha, Yuri Viktorovich and Yelena Petrovna Sharapova born and raised in the Belarusian Gomel. But to leave the city they decided a few months before the birth of her daughter. This decision was based on a close distance to Gomel Chernobyl, which has become a source of environmental pollution and radiation. Giving birth to a daughter to a safe and clean area, Sharapova soon moved to the Crimea, by choosing to stay Sochi.

    Masha got into tennis very early. At the age of four the girl already knew how to hold the racket. There is information that the first racket of the future champion gave himself Yevgeny Kafelnikov. The father of the legendary Russian tennis player was friends with Masha’s father Yuri Sharapov.

    At the age of six Mary was lucky to play a tennis party with the Martina Navratilova: she was given a tennis lesson during a visit to Moscow. Navratilova, seeing the ability of small Sharapova, Masha, advised the parents to give the girl in the tennis Academy of nick Bollettieri in America. Yuri Sharapov was very serious about sports the future of her daughter and listened to advice. In 1995, Mary’s father moved to the United States. Stopped in Bradenton, where the school was. Maria Sharapova lives there now.

    Maria Sharapova: tennis

    After moving to the States, Maria Sharapova was very difficult. Schedule of classes and physical activity were such that, they need a lot of courage and will power. But Mary survived. Now her spirit was really fighting. It was during this period developed the will to win at any cost.

    In Sarasota for the tournament for adults, held by the International Federation of tennis, Sharapova debuted in 2001. She was only 14 years old. And let the young tennis player lost in the first round, but most sports biography Maria Sharapova began then. «The first pancake is always lumpy» just threw the athlete, forcing him to work even harder. After a year in Columbus Maria Sharapova was able to defeat the competitor, which was one of the 300 best players in the world. And Masha did not even was in the rating of Female tennis Association.

    Sharapova childhood had developed its own style of play. Every impact the athletes the ball is accompanied by so loud a cry, which holds all of the opponent’s court. It turns out that some of the cries of Masha on the court reach 105 decibels. And this is neither more nor less, is equivalent to the sound of the engine in a jet aircraft. Rivals Sharapova these cries often lead to rabies. Some lose because the nervous system cannot cope with such a challenge.

    Maria Sharapova knows about it, but something is not going to change:

    «I have absolutely no care about the opinions of others. This is my style of play since childhood, and I’m not going to change it!».

    Dad athletes Yuri Viktorovich Sharapov previously accompanied the daughter in all her sports. He, too, has its own way of rooting for Masha. Often Sharapov in games uses profanity that not everyone wants to hear from his rostrum. He often argues with supporters and opponents of Maria complaining about his rude antics.

    The hour of tennis player Maria Sharapova happened in July 2001. She won the Wimbledon. She managed to beat in the final of the women’s singles at her rival two – time winner of the tournament American

  • Serena Williams. This victory allowed Sharapova to enter the elite world of women’s tennis. In the period from August 2008 to March 2009, Mary did not appear on the court. She had surgery on her shoulder. But in 2010 is back, and this return was marked by a number of victories. By the way, Sharapova, ambidexterity, that is, equally fluent and right and left hand.

    In July 2012, the tennis player Sharapova became the standard-bearer of Russian national team in London at the opening ceremony of the Olympic games.

    Close Mary and the world of fashion and show business. In August 2013, the player was presented in new York his collection of fashionable accessories under her Sugarpova brand was». Mary had offered to become a model and to focus more closely on a model, but Sharapova refused because of this it was necessary to abandon the sport.

    In 2006, Sports Illustrated magazine recognized the girl as the most beautiful sportswoman of the year.

    Maria Sharapova: as

    The magazine «Forbes» put Sharapova among the «100 most influential world celebrities». When this girl became the only Russian on the list. In the period from 1 may 2010 to 1 may 2011 Masha was also included in the list of highest paid athletes in the world. For the year income Sharapova reached $ 24.2 million.

    In 2013, Sharapova made the list of «Forbes» for the ninth time in a row. According to the magazine, this year the total income of tennis players has reached 29 million dollars.

    In November 2009, Maria Sharapova got the peak rating of the richest Russian athletes (magazine «Finans»). It is known that in the legendary business school of Harvard University offers a series of lectures about successful marketing, tennis player Maria Sharapova from Russia.

    Maria Sharapova: personal life

    The first long novel of the athletes, which became known to her fans, began in 2009. Elect Masha was a basketball player from Slovenia

  • Sasha Vuyachich. In October 2010, there were persistent rumors of the engagement pair. But the wedding did not take place. And in August 2012, Sharapova told reporters that he and Sasha decided to leave. In may 2013, the private life Maria Sharapova is up to you. The tennis star confirmed rumors that she’s Dating a tennis player from Bulgaria
  • Grigor Dimitrov. The athlete is known for the fact that he was a guy rival of Masha on the court Serena Williams. The affair of the Bulgarian and the Russians began in the fall of 2012. Grigor is 5 years younger than Maria, but this difference was not felt in their relationship. In September 2014 the journalists talking about the fact that the pair are not together. Then the athlete has denied the rumors, saying that her life is wonderful. But in July of 2015, reporters once again became suspicious. They noticed that Maria and Grigor are not reading each others posts on social networks. Shortly Dimitrov confirmed the rumors of a break with Sharapova, wishing her success in life and sport.

    Maria Sharapova: photo

    Maria Sharapova

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