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  • Name: Maria Shalaeva ( Maria Shalaeva )
  • Date of birth: 15 March 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: Married

    Mariya Shalaeva: biography

    Was born a future actress Maria shalayeva March 15, 1981 in Moscow in the family of designers. Father saw her infrequently because of their work. Mary’s grandfather was a military designer, ship Builder and my mother an engineer, but later went into business. When she played the domra. After going with my grandmother to the concert of the attention Maria was attracted to this musical instrument. To play it worked perfectly, she loved to demonstrate their successes.

    As a little girl, Masha and her childhood dream of becoming a ballerina, but at the end of the senior classes strongly wanted to study at the Moscow aviation Institute and even started to attend preparatory courses. But Mary was not to end constant in their decisions. Future star suddenly told her mother that the aviation Institute is no longer in her plans, and now she’s an interesting actress. In the end she followed in the footsteps of his great-grandfather, who was an actor of the Moscow art Theater.

    Mariya shalayeva movies

    As an actress Mariya Shalaeva began to develop in 2002. The first films in which she starred, was the work «Odyssey 1989», «Freshman», «Night seller» and «March». Also played the role of girl from the Telegraph in one of the episodes of the film «Boomer,» directed by Pyotr Buslov. Then, her filmography has joined the short film «birthday Tomorrow».

    Flight to the French capital in 2004 turned into a miracle for the actress, as the plane she was able to make acquaintance with Sergey Tkachev — known Director. The girl immediately liked him, and he decided to devote her script. The film is called simply «Mary».

    Then Mary managed to do to VGIK, but the study she did not Shine. In the second year the student was expelled. The reason for this was absenteeism, a systematic failure of homework and low grades. Shalaev later admitted it was the biggest mistake of his life.

    The script of the film «Masha» — not only written specifically for Saleway. Anna Melikyan wrote to Masha, who was then still a student, the screenplay «

  • Mermaid» fairy tale by Andersen. The big difference among the two ideas is that Melikian’s all translated into a modern twist of the XXI century. Mary in this picture perfectly played the role of Alice. In the film the heroine is mute, but makes an incredible action with a magical slant that defies explanation. To be more precise, all the thoughts and desires of Alice come true. The ending of the film Anna Melikyan is no less tragic than the ending in the fairy tale of Andersen. This film really got a dozen awards and have been deemed worthy of the best scores of viewers and connoisseurs of cinema. In 2008, the «mermaid» claimed the prize «Oscar», as the candidate of Russia.

    At that time Shalaeva thought it was her finest hour. However, proposals of the Directors were not. Five years after starring in ‘the mermaid’ and the Director Paul Ruminov invited Mary Shalaeva to play a major role in his drama «

  • I’ll be there». The heroine of Shalaevoj woman, is not deprived of happiness, success and good fortune, which brings up six-year-old son. The heroine is terminally ill, so her goal is to find a good guardian for your child. For her role in this film in 2012 Shalaeva awarded the «White elephant» and «Nika».

    In 2014, the year was made serial film «the Devils» based on the novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. The character of Masha in the film, Maria Timofeevna lebyadkin.

    Mariya Shalaeva: personal life

    Maria was married twice. Her first husband was the famous actor

  • Dmitry Shevchenko, who is older than her 17 years. Maria and Dmitry met on the set of the film «Masha». The first marriage was short-lived, and soon she divorced with her husband. The only memory of him left their common son of Nestor, who was born after the divorce in 2005. Dmitry with Mary after the divorce has maintained adequate companionship. Plans for a second marriage in Shalaevoj not expected. Then one day a friend decided to acquaint Mary with their friends composer
  • Ivan, soon, the young people were married. In 2010 they had a daughter Eudoxia.

    Mariya Shalaeva: filmography

    • Odyssey
    • Freshman
    • Messenger
    • Fireworks
    • Boomer
    • March
    • Lord of the air
    • Masha
    • Carousel
    • Night seller
    • You will not leave me
    • Women on the verge
    • Fast Train «Moscow-Russia»
    • Red bracelets
    • Concerned

    Mariya Shalaeva: photo

    Maria Shalaeva

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