Maria Porotikova

(biography, photo, video) Mariya Parotikova

photo Maria Porotikova

  • Name: Maria Porotikova ( Mariya Parotikova )
  • Date of birth: August 30, 2002
  • Age: 14 years
  • Place of birth: Egorevsk, Russia
  • Activity: participant in the show «Children. The voice»
  • Marital status:

    Maria Porotikova : biography

    Maria Porotikova began singing at 3 years. But to study singing seriously – 8 years. In the family the girls love to sing, but professionally it deals only with Mary. Maria’s mother is a choreographer. But she supported passion for her daughter and is not considered with their time, after all, she has to travel with a young singer competitions and festivals.

    Masha attends music school and plays perfectly on the two instruments – violin and piano.

    Maria Porotikova most of all loves to sing love songs and ballads. But still prefers the folk direction to everyone else. Folk songs she began very early, finding in them a special beauty and strength.

    Masha – the girl is versatile. In addition to vocals, she manages to do gymnastics and acrobatics. She’s a great dancer and loves to do from their vocal performances are real performances. And Maria Porotikova loves to draw. Notepad with pencil accompany her on all trips.

    Mary has great academic vocal. She performs in musicals. In her Luggage two: «Scarlet sails» and «the ballad of the little heart.»

    «Voice. Children»

    Maria Porotikova have experienced considerable excitement in the qualifying round of the show. She sang one of the latter. Stayed only one place and if it took someone else, Mary would have had to postpone their participation in the project for the next year. To remove the excitement, the young singer gave up the clay. Waiting, as it seemed the girl could last forever. She came in the qualifying round in the morning and made only at 22.30. Therefore, the Declaration that Mary Porotikova passed to the next stage, the singer was received with joy and great relief.

    At the stage of «blind auditions» Mary sang wonderful folk song «Along the Piterskaya». Her vocals were not flawless: the mentors surprised the «richness» of timbre and strength of voice girls.

    So Mary came in during the performance that he even ceased to observe the mentors. Later she admitted she didn’t sing for them, and for the audience. And only in the last seconds tried to do my best to judge to her back. And she did it. Finally convince Pelagia Maria Porotikova could, when she sang «Turn me, godmother, my dear!». Mary became the 15th member of her team.

    Now the creative biography of Mary Particulay got another great page: participation in the project «Voice. Children.» Mary will continue to participate in the show in the team Pelagia and preparing for the next phase.


    Maria Porotikova

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