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  • Name: Maria Pirogov ( Mariya Pirogova )
  • Date of birth: 12 January 1990
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Maria Pirogov : biography

    Maria Pirogov like a bright star rapidly ascended to the firmament of Russian cinema and for several years managed to loudly declare itself. Not only in cinema, but also on the stage.

    Masha was born in Moscow in the beginning 1990. The girl quite early on started to show some acting skills. She was a creative person and was always the center of attention wherever they appeared. Already in the 5th class Maria Pirogova has announced that it will become an actress. And from that moment stubbornly went to his goal.

    After high school, Pirogov went to the Shchukin theater school and the first try did. She was lucky to get on course to the talented mentor and wonderful artist Yuri Nifontov. He was just preparing course of actors to theatres for youth and puppet theaters. Maria was the best student Nifontova. She grasped everything on the fly the secrets of craftsmanship, which opened to students teachers.

    In 2011, Maria Pirogova successfully completed the «Pike» and, after graduating, went on to make a career.


    A cinematic biography of Maria Pirogova started in his student years. Aspiring actress lit up in an episode of the popular TV series «Law and order». And next year, 2009, came on the screens of the popular sitcom «Univer», where Masha got a bright the role of girlfriend Sasha SIA.

    In 2010 started shooting the popular project «Interns». Play Varya Chernous first came Maria Pirogova. But it was the penultimate year of study in the «Pike» that is associated with the work in the graduation performances, and Mary refused. The role was offered to Christina Asmus. Perhaps the young actress did the right thing, because shy and naive Christine Cooking was a success. But the image of the flighty and headstrong daughter of Dr. Bykov, Alice, as if specially created «under» Maria Pirogov.

    Play Alice Masha Bykov did in 2011 when training in Schukinskaya left behind. First, the actress refused to withdraw, but, fortunately, the Director of the project along with Ivan Okhlobystin persuaded Mary.

    Young artist after-season of «Interns», where it first appeared, Alice woke up famous. As later admitted to Pirogov, work with Ivan Okhlobystin and other stars of this rating sitcom was very informative and brought her real pleasure from the game. The twists and turns of the heroine Alice is not the first the audience watched a 15-minute series «Interns».

    Immediately after the series about the life of doctors, the actress started acting in a police series that was called «Companions policemen». The role of Lieutenant Remizova managed Mache glory. This work showed the audience and the critics that Pirogov is a diverse actress and can easily «fit» in different roles. Her heroine Alisa Bykova and Ksenia Remizova radically different in character and temperament.

    2012 brought Maria Pirogova from two main roles in the projects «Liar» and «Night swallows». But the next wave of glory covered the Muscovite in 2013, when viewers saw a wonderful project «Dark world: Equilibrium». Pirogova got one of the main roles – student Daria. And her lover on the script of the film was the hero Paul Priluchnogo.

    This mysterious and dramatic project with elements of fantasy was a huge success with the audience.

    Recent projects in which Maria Pirogova, the most striking are the «next tiger» and «Junior», where she starred in the lead roles. But the actress manages to act in films, she regularly takes the stage of the puppet Theatre named after Sergei Obraztsov. Performances that involve Pirogov in recent times, «Cinderella» and «the divine Comedy». Masha plays in the last two heroines, eve and Lilith.

    Personal life

    Masha is extremely reluctant to talk about the events in his personal life. In such a bright and charismatic young lady has no shortage of admirers, but she is very choosy in their connections. Maria has an eye for people and many consider it to be a subtle psychologist.

    On the set of the series «Junior» Maria Pirogov met with a colleague Danila Yakushev, familiar to viewers from acclaimed Comedy «Bitterly!». Broke novel has not ended after the finish of filming and turned into a long-term relationship.

    Now the actress is not married, but the personal life of Maria Pirogova tied to Yakushev. Young people often appear together at social events and cast parties.

    The artist is a lot of friends. After starring in «the Interns,» their number has increased significantly.


    • «Law and order. Criminal intent – 3»
    • «Univer»
    • «Interns»
    • «Comrades officers»
    • «Night swallows»
    • «Balabol»
    • «Right to Love»
    • «Don’t anger girls»
    • «Dark world: Equilibrium»
    • «Next tiger»
    • «Junior 3»


    Maria Pirogova

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