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  • Name: Maria Petrova ( Mariya Petrova )
  • Date of birth: 29 November 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 152
  • Activities: skater, teacher
  • Marital status: civil marriage with Alexei Tikhonov

    Maria Petrova: biography

    Maria Petrova is a Russian figure skater, speaking in pair skating. She was World champion and was twice a European champion. His sports career Maria completed the title of honored master of sports of Russia. Later appeared in various television shows such as «Stars on ice» and «Ice age.»

    Future star skating rink was born in Saint-Petersburg and first got on the ice rink at the age of seven years, that a professional athlete is considered a very late age. However, a girl in a short time managed to make up for lost time, quickly learned how to confidently stand on skates and mastered the single jumps. Seeing the dedication and talent of the child, his coach just a couple of months took a child in group skating, giving the country a talented skater.

    Mary was difficult to combine training, frequent competition and ordinary schools. And if Junior Petrova was recorded in a specialized sports class where the teacher turned a blind eye to passes and lessons are not learnt, then later she went to a regular school. And I have to say that that girl looked nice to learn and now, after many years Maria I. fondly recalls classmates and teachers.

    Figure skating

    In 15 years, Maria Petrova received her first big award – the silver medal of the world championship among juniors. This achievement has obeyed the girl in the pair dance with Anton Sikharulidze. Moreover, two of the next world Cup guys win with a noticeable advantage over rivals.

    But in the future, Masha does not have a relationship with Anton, and she spent two years riding with Teimuraz Pulin, who was able to repeat his debut success and also took silver at the winter Universiade in South Korea, but overall this pair looked weaker.

    And then on the horizon appeared Petrova Alexei Tikhonov. The pair has formed 15 Jun 1998, and four months later skaters won the first gold at the stage of «Grand Prix» in Germany. The first years of collaboration were most successful in the careers of both athletes. Seven gold medals, five silver and many awards rank less. Later Maria Petrova with her partner was consistently one of the top three European and five world’s strongest skaters, but the highest step of the podium they no longer obeyed.

    After the world open championship 2007 in which Alexei Tikhonov sustained an injury, Maria Petrova announced that she finishes his career, as it no longer intends to perform with another partner.

    TV show

    After a career athlete Maria Petrova was invited to participate in the popular entertainment TV show «Stars on ice», «Ice age», «the Cup of professionals» and «fire and Ice». In different years she has taught and staged the dances for such stars of show business as a musician, Igor Butman, comedian Mikhail Galustyan, boxer Kostya Tszyu, trainer Askold Zapashny, TV presenter Maxim Sharafutdinov, actor Valery Nikolaev, and many others.

    Maria also participates in the productions of the colorful ice fairy plays for children and adults and she goes to the rink, as the soloist of the ballet on ice. Great success with the audience enjoyed «the Kid and Karlsson on the ice,» «Miracles on new year’s night», «Classmates», «Carmen», «Bolero» and other interesting performances.

    Personal life

    Maria Petrova and Alexei Tikhonov have not only been inseparable partners on the ice surface of the rink. They quickly realized that the experience of each other a lot more. A couple of years after meeting the young people began to meet, and after his career began to live in a civil marriage. In 2010, Maria gave birth to a daughter Pauline than happy with her husband.

    Skater in addition to sports and creative activities he enjoys collecting figurines, interested in flowers, but prefers the more conventional field than a complicated garden plants.


    Maria Petrova

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