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  • Name: Maria Panyukova ( Mariya Panyukova )
  • Date of birth: July 7, 2007
  • Age: 9 years
  • Place of birth: Novomoskovsk
  • Activity: singer, participant of the project «Voice. Children»
  • Marital status:

    Maria panyukova : biography

    Maria panyukova – 9-year-old participant of the 3rd season of the popular show «the Voice. Children.» The girl was born in July 2007 in the city of Novomoskovsk.

    Masha started to sing, barely learning to speak. Parents argue that their daughter sang in 2 and a half years. This activity was so pleased with Mary that she decided not to leave ever. Since the girl is not only successfully engaged in the academic vocal: she attends music school and is pretty good at playing the piano. And happily sings in the choir.

    Biography Maria Panicaway is a wide variety of contests and festivals in which the young singer has often won or have won prizes. Starlet from Novomoskovsk in her almost 10 years has managed to become chetvertfinalnoy «New wave 2015», the laureate of 1st degree of the contest «Generation NEXT» and even received the Grand Prix of the contest «music Parking».

    In the same the rich are to win the 2015 Maria panyukova conquered the audience of the festival young Emporio Music Fest, which takes place in Moscow 3rd year. This independent festival is a multi-format music. In that year the competition was dedicated to Russian cinema. Therefore, the participants sang songs popular movies. The main love and applause, the audience unanimously gave a special guest 8 — year-old Maria Panicaway. The girl amazed everyone with her charm, charisma and stunning voice.

    TV show

    The popular show «the Voice. Children» became for Mary the next step in her vocal career starts. Girl was watching this show and its participants, hoping just as they are, to come to this wonderful scene. Maria Panicaway managed to pass the qualifying round and into the 3rd season. The blind auditions she chose a difficult song «Still Loving You» from the repertoire of the legendary group «Scorpions».

    Almost immediately Mary «launched» to his pelage. Later returned to her Dima Bilan. And not asked the young star Pelagia, Maria panyukova without hesitation chose as his mentor Dima Bilan. His team, the singer continued the show.

    Probably, Dima Bilan has decided to add the phase «Matches» the maximum amount of drive because one of his «triples», which included Maria panyukova, demonstrated a real rock number. The girls sang the legendary song «Moscow Calling» with which they managed perfectly. And although all three singers have performed remarkably, with two – Catherine and Maria Osintseva Borovkova – had to say goodbye. At the end of this speech then was only able to complete Panicaway Mary.

    22, there was an additional phase of the project. Up to 6 finalists, which were selected preceptors, the audience added another three. Among the lucky winners were Maria panyukova. In the additional round, the girl sang a traditional song «Solnyshko».

    At a time when the audience voted, the three semi-finalists from the team of Dima Bilan got the opportunity to sing on the same stage with the star. As the last appeared Vladimir Presnyakov, which the children sang the song «I in the cloud».

    The result of the vote 59,8% of votes received Maria panyukova. Thus the audience returned the singer to the final project.

    Personal life

    Today’s personal life’s Panicaway is not only music and singing, and writing poetry. While the young poet shows his creation, only the most close people.

    When it comes to Hobbies Masha, she calls reading, drawing and knitting. And another girl loves the New year and believe in the existence of Santa Claus.

    Favorite female singer called Maria Barbara Streisand, a few hits which she knows by heart.


    Maria Panyukova

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