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  • Name: Maria Palm ( Maria Palm )
  • Place of birth: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: model and actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Maria palm: biography

    The story of the Danish model Maria palm proves that the growth of a successful career is not the most important. The growth of Mary – 175 cm, model for small businesses.

    She was born in Copenhagen in 1992, or in 1993 (exact information not available). She’s got a brother, he’s younger than her by three years and is also engaged in modeling business. As a child she was a rebel: climbing trees with boys, experimenting with images.

    In grades 6-7 school Maria palm wanted to be a rocker. Listened to the band «Nirvana», dyed hair, first in green and then repainted in platinum tones. For this classmates called her a goth. The girl didn’t care – she went to the beauty parlor and cut her hair short to look like a little punk. Maria loved to experiment with clothes, remade it for themselves and come to class in stretched t-shirts. When the stage of pretentiousness, as palm calls it, has passed, she was fond of painting and playing the piano.

    In model Agency girl by accident – went to the audition to support a friend. Palm then was ridiculous bangs, and photographed for selection it is not exactly planned. However, in the model Agency Mariya approached the Director and asked if she could participate. He stared at her, and agreed. Both Mary and her friend reached the finals but did not win. This did not prevent them to sign a contract with model Agency «Elit». So at the age of 16 Maria palm has become a model.

    Modeling career

    The first two years Mary worked part-time because he was a minor. As soon as she finished school, she moved to work in Paris. Using low (for model standards) growth palm has worked primarily as a fashion model on runway shows are rare.

    At the start of a career model has collaborated with the little-known glossy magazines, but soon it drew the attention of the agents of popular brands Diese and Topshop. She was the face of their advertising campaigns. Then she collaborated with Fashion East brands, Massimo Rebecchi, Patrik Ervell and others, it has graced the pages of popular gloss Vogue and Ellle.

    Today Mary palm is not only a popular model, and actress. She played the main role in the film «the Model», which actually played itself.

    In an interview with one of the editions of palm said that the model should be completely in control, but in the movie we must forget about ourselves and to dissolve completely in the character and his experiences. It believes this is the difference of occupations and complexity.

    Personal life

    Maria palm is not married and is not going to tie the knot.

    Her passion is travel. She loves to be in those places where most people were not. Maria says that the greatest pleasure for her to Wake up in the morning and travel a few minutes to remember where it is. Her favorite place she calls Marrakesh. She was especially struck by the donkeys, on which people ride bikes.


    Maria Palm

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