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  • Name: Maria Pakhomenko ( Mariya Pakhomenko )
  • Date of birth: 25 March 1937
  • Age: 75 years
  • Date of death: March 8, 2013
  • Place of birth: Lute, Grodno region, Belarus
  • Height: 160
  • Activity: singer, actress, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: was married

    Maria Pakhomenko: biography

    One of the most charismatic stars of the Soviet stage, the owner amazingly clean, thrilling tone, Maria Pakhomenko left a bright trace in the history of domestic show-business. Her performance style is inexplicably combines the beauty of the folk style and the nature of pop artistry.

    Maria Pakhomenko
    Maria Pakhomenko | Our city

    Scenic image of Maria Pakhomenko has much in common with a view Valentina Tolkunova. These two famous Soviet singer embodied a real Russian beauty and femininity, which is impossible to resist. Today such hits Pakhomenko as «Standing girls», «Shakes, shakes» and many others, as before sound waves on the popular radio stations and television programs. A distinctive manner of performance of the singer, still worried about the souls of the listeners, as many years ago, in the Prime of her creative career.

    The beginning of the path

    Future star of the Soviet stage was born 25 March 1937 in a small Belarusian village of the Lute. Music the name of the village seemed to have determined the fate of its native. Young Masha was fond of singing from an early age. And the comments in her school diary has always been associated with singing in the most inappropriate for teaching moments.

    Maria Pakhomenko young
    Maria Pakhomenko in youth | Wiken

    In spite of his pronounced musical abilities after graduating high school Mary enrolled in Radiotehnika. But the talent of the girls. Masha organizes the Quartet, which over time, under the direction of St. Akulshina goes from Amateur level to professional. After graduating from College, Maria arranged at the factory «Red triangle», where taking an active part in the ensemble of Amateur performances at the Palace of culture of Lensoveta.

    Key career milestones

    Admission to the music school named after Mussorgsky is the first serious step towards the future artist of fame and national love. After graduating from music school Maria Pakhomenko five months working at the school singing teacher, and soon became the soloist of the Leningrad musical pop band, one of the leaders of which at that time was her future husband Alexander Kolker.

    As a result of successful work of a talented Duo, consisting of young singer and a young composer, the light appears first hit Maria Pakhomenko «Shakes, shakes». This song was written in 1964 as an accompaniment to the play «Going to storm,» and has become a real hit after the young singer performed it at the all-Union radio.

    Further artistic career of Maria Pakhomenko is closely connected with the creative work of her husband, who wrote her most her most famous hits. However, the collaboration with Maria sought and many other prominent Soviet composers and poets who rely on the high professionalism of the singer, and try to include their works in her repertoire.

    1964 is truly a landmark for Maria Pakhomenko. The song «Again sail where the ships» made it on radio station «Youth», took first place at the contest held in the air. Considerable fame to the singer bring her duets with such stars of the national stage as Edward hill and VIA «Singing guitar».

    Among the important awards in the creative life of the artist — «Big Prize» in French competition recording industry MIDEM in 1968 and the Grand Prix of the contest «Golden Orpheus», made in Bulgaria. This event occurred in 1971, several years before winning the same competition of the prima Donna of the Russian platform Alla Pugacheva.

    The recording of the songs performed by Maria Pakhomenko, starting in 1964, came out in millions of copies on a flexible record disks-giants, cassette tapes and CDs.

    How truly talented man, the artist proved himself in other areas. In the 80-ies of the last century Pakhomenko becomes the host of a popular TV show «Invites Maria Pakhomenko», appeared in musical films, a lot of touring around the country and abroad.

    In 1999, Maria Pakhomenko is people’s artist of Russia. Until the very end of his life, the singer was hand in hand with her husband, Alexander Kolker.

    Personal life

    Feminine beauty and charm of Maria Pakhomenko, from the first minutes of Dating outright killed her future husband, the composer Alexander Kolker. Anyone who take a look at photos of the singer in his youth, it will become clear why I could not resist sensitive to everything beautiful musician.

    Maria Pakhomenko Alexander Kolker
    Maria Pakhomenko Alexander Kolker | Kings of music

    The first meeting of the future spouses took place in the time of arrival of the singer in the leading pop band of Leningrad. One of its leaders was enchanted with the charm of Masha. However, around beauty has always appeared a crowd of admirers, among whom were many interesting and influential men. Why Maria chose from the whole army of fans exactly Kolker explains the tenacity with which the musician stormed the impregnable citadel. The course was started the remarkable talent of the composer. In front of sensual, beautiful melodies Masha could not resist, and she unconditionally gave your hand and heart to Alexandra.

    Maria Pakhomenko Alexander Kolker
    Maria Pakhomenko Alexander Kolker | PhotoSky

    On the Soviet stage this pair was one of the most harmonious and happy. Alexander Kolker adored wife, and she put in the song all my love and tenderness, which, of course, immediately felt by the audience. In marriage they have a daughter Natasha, who today is a successful writer and Director.

    Successful operation of this married tandem lasted until the end of the career of Maria Pakhomenko. The story of this love has 49 years of marriage, and its ending was the departure of Maria Pakhomenko of life.

    The end of life’s journey Maria Pakhomenko

    The death of the singer came on March 8, 2013. With her departure came the end of an era in which lit galaxy of bright stars. The official cause of death of Marie — aggravated pneumonia. However, the disease was preceded by a series of tragic events in the family, was the cause of many other diseases of the artist. The last seven years she suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, the aggravation of which occurred against the backdrop of a serious conflict of her husband and daughter Natalia.

    Maria Pakhomenko in old age
    Maria Pakhomenko in recent years | Today

    According to the version of Natasha, Alexander has repeatedly raised hand on a defenseless woman. However, the Kolker these accusations categorically denies and considers slander. However, the fact remains that, in 2012, Natalia takes the mother to him and openly accuses his father of hitting her. This story quickly became public, and it resulted in the complete alienation of Kolker’s work from his former family.

    Maria Pakhomenko in old age
    Maria Pakhomenko in recent years | news of St. Petersburg

    One chilly February days Maria Pakhomenko leaves the house and disappears. Through the day he was found in one of the shopping centers of St. Petersburg. Influenza was diagnosed immediately, and to eliminate its consequences sends daughter Mary to the resort in Toksovo. However, the sanatorium elderly woman returned with pneumonia, which is fatal. Maria Pakhomenko was buried at the cemetery in Komarovo, where are buried many prominent figures of art and culture.


    Among the famous songs of the singer:

    • «My darling»;
    • «Conversations»;
    • «Sunflowers»;
    • «Candlelight waltz»;
    • «It’s no secret»;
    • «The school waltz»;
    • «Quiet city»
    • and many other songs with her singing the whole country.


    Maria Pakhomenko

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