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  • Name: Maria Paisieva ( Mariya Poezzhaeva )
  • Date of birth: 3 March 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Perm, Russia
  • Height: 161
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Maria Paisieva: biography

    The theater and film actress Maria Paisieva was born 3 March 1989 in Perm. With the choice of profession she determined at age 12, when I first came to the theater Studio. The girl today and wonders how it got this job.

    Before the strict Commission appeared teenage girl with serious expression recited «the Albatross» by Charles Baudelaire. Verse Mary found in the textbook literature and studied it.

    In parallel with studies at the Studio theatre, the future actress was studying in school. Graduated with a gold medal and filed documents at the theatrical Institute in St. Petersburg. Mary’s decision Poezzhaeva upset the teachers – they had hoped that the medal will choose science.

    To enter the theater first you don’t succeed. The following year she tried again, but already in Moscow, and again failed. The girl returned in Perm and went to College. A year later, she went to Moscow, where he passed the entrance exams to the school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, this time successfully.

    Maria studied at Serebrennikov believes his course is special. In the Institute’s corridors, it was rumored that Serebrennikov scored a pilot course his disciples were different in age and social status, but they were all wild and possessed the stage. Academic discipline was also very different classes of plastics, they show clean and dirty body, lectures on musical education was learning to perceive music as music, not notes. The tests and exams in General subjects, they passed the great, and the teachers believed in the promise of the pilot course.


    In his student years, Maria Paisieva was involved in educational performances. She played Princess Mary in «Hero of our time», angel, eve, and Lucifer «Cain».

    After graduating from the school-Studio of MKHAT, and that was in 2012, Maria Paisieva started working at the «Gogol-center». This theatre centre has created its teacher, Kirill Serebrennikov on the basis of the disbanded of the capital’s drama theatre. Gogol.

    Maria was played by Protesters in the play «Thugs» on a play written by Zach Prilepina in collaboration with Kirill Serebrennikov. In Shakespeare’s «a Midsummer night’s Dream», the actress playing Hermia, but and in the play «the Hunting of the Snark» Paisieva appeared in the form of a Beaver.


    Miniature Maria looks like a girl, and this determines the characters of her heroines in the movie. She plays high school girls and young girls.

    The film’s Poezzhaeva took place in 2010. She played Lisa in childhood in the psychological drama of «the Voice». A year was the role of Zlata Kalinina in «Kamenskaya-6».

    The popularity of the actress brought the main role in the film «Butterfly». It was released in 2014. The core of the film – the actual events of the Chernobyl tragedy. In the deserted Pripyat, on the background of human suffering and death, begins a love story of 17-year-old Ali shirokovoj and the soldiers of the Pasha Derzhavin. The Ala has played Maria Paisieva.

    The audience appreciated the true story and sincere acting. In the same year, Maria Paisieva starred in the drama «Last summer in Chulimsk». The image of Valentina, she managed.

    In 2015, was filmed a fantastic new film starring Masha — «He’s a dragon.»

    Personal life

    Maria Paisieva is not telling the matters of the heart, at film festivals, premiere screenings and other events, there is one.

    «Work is work, and personal life is personal life,» says the actress.

    About your character Maria says casually, comparing himself with the heroine of «Butterfly» Alley: no sugar, harsh, sometimes infantile. But behind it is a strong adult identity.

    The actress considers herself lucky because she has the time to spare. She feels that she is interested and willing to wait his moment in time.


    • «The voice»
    • «Butterfly»
    • «Last summer in Chulimsk»
    • «Kamenskaya-6»
    • «Class of correction»
    • «Smiley»
    • «The crisis tender age»
    • «He’s a dragon»


    Maria Paisieva

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