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  • Name: Maria Orzol ( Maria Orzul )
  • Date of birth: 13 APR 1900
  • Age: 116 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: TV Presenter
  • Marital status: married to Alexander by Tadinum

    Maria Orzel: biography

    Maria Orzol was born on April 13 in Moscow. His exact date of birth of the girl carefully concealing from journalists and fans who are left wondering about the ages of certain leading. Her father is the technical Director of the Operetta Theater, and the mother is a philologist by education and interested in sports. His whole life spent in Mary’s hometown, to which with trembling and adoration.

    From an early age Mary enjoys sports, but not as a participant but as a spectator. All her further activity and career is closely connected with this sphere. Thanks to the love of the sport she officially settled in the Moscow club ball hockey «Dynamo». On duty, often accompanied by the club world Cup, becoming a fan of the game.

    «Dynamo» is the fifth football club in popularity in Russia, which makes the selection of well-known leading extraordinary, and she Orzel is one of the most famous fans of the club. Mary often accompanies favorite team on the road. She also worked at the international Federation of hockey.

    About education and early years leading not know anything, she Orzel believes that the public needs to worry only its professional merits, not personal life. Following this rule, it practically says nothing about his biography.

    Maria Orzel: TV

    Maria Orzel began working in television as a producer on the international TV channel «al Jazeera». However, this channel did not meet the ambitions of the girls and she gave my resume to the sports TV channel «Russia-2», hoping to get the equivalent title of producer. In the interview the editor in chief of the channel Dmitry Mednikov has offered Arzul to try to work in the frame, fortunately Maria had a very photogenic appearance. Orzel agreed to the proposal and for several months studied the technique of speech, to please the audience not only visuals, but also a good pronunciation. In 2011, she became the host of the rubric «News Sports».

    The first time Orzel was very nervous in the air, as news anchors always constrained by multiple limitations in behavior. The girl was quite difficult to maintain absolute seriousness, and so she allowed herself some freedom in the form of a smile.

    Maria soon became one of the most popular sports of the leading in Russia. The audience was intrigued not only bright appearance of the girl, but her considerable knowledge of the sport that in the eyes of society is a very atypical feature for female. Orzol often, interviewing famous athletes and coaches, able to communicate on equal terms about their favorite thing.

    Maria is also the leading programs on «Dynamo-TV». One day she called with the offer to write a new year’s message for their favorite team and its fans, and the girl took advantage of the situation and offered itself to the role of leading the program. This work is more of a hobby for Orzel because the crew and the entire staff of the TV program is not so great, as are the salaries.

    Mary also trusted to be the leading one sports program «Big sport», covering topics such as tennis, Formula 1 and many other sports disciplines. During the Olympic Games in Sochi, the presenter was in the Studio around the clock, covering all the important events of the day.

    Maria Orzel: personal life

    His personal life, like many other details of the biography, leading Maria Orzol prefers to hide from the eyes of journalists and the public. It is known that she married

  • Tashina Alexander, the head of the Directorate of sports programs on TV channel «Russia 24». About his marriage and relationship with husband and Maria overall are positive, talking about trust and understanding between them. According to her, Tasin is quite a busy person and understand her enthusiasm for it. In March 2015, in the media there appeared a sensational video in which a famous football player of the Moscow «Spartak»
  • Artem Dzyuba met with some mysterious blonde, in which the press is considered a leading popular. The video caused a scandal, because the film and Orzol at the time were married. Mary herself said that not going to comment on his personal life. In July 2015 from leading counsel became aware that Orzel divorcing her husband. According to him, the former spouses have concluded negotiations in court, but the divorce process is still ongoing.

    Maria Orzel: TV shows

    • News Sports
    • Great sport
    • Expedition-Trophy

    Maria Orzel: photo

    Maria Orzol

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