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  • Name: Maria Mironova ( Mariya Mironova )
  • Date of birth: 28 may 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: actress, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: not married

    Maria Mironova: biography

    Maria Mironova is a daughter of the beloved Russian actor Andrei Mironov and actress Catherine Hail, which gained fame after the role of radio operator kat loved by many in the film «Seventeen moments of spring». By the way, this film was the debut and Maria, because she’s still quite small, was in the hands of the radio operator cat.

    Born actress, Honored artist of Russia Maria Mironova 28 may 1973 in Moscow. My parents decided to name a daughter after her grandmother (mother’s father) – Maria Vladimirovna Mironova. Almost immediately after the girl was born, her parents decided to separate. Andrei Mironov left the family, and later married well-known Russian actress Larisa Golubkina. The artist decided to adopt the daughter of his new wife, which, incidentally, also named Mary. In the future two daughters Mironov decided to link their fate with film.

    Already in two years, little Mary began to show the talent of the dancer. Mother of the actress recalls how Andrey Mironov said that his daughter can grow a beautiful dancer. But, faced with choreographers, Mary began to show the character and did not want to demonstrate their abilities. By the way, the little actress hated when it was begun to consider. The Masha was like to lead a careful observation of everything and everyone around. Like her dad, she was not very talkative. The girl liked to watch theatrical costumes mother and she always tried to give her advice about some colors.

    The first real role of Maria Mironova gave at the age of ten years. Stanislav Govorukhin decided to propose to the daughter of the actors to try yourself in the role of Becky Thatcher in the children’s adventure film «

  • The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer». As Mary herself says, she did not burn special desire to participate in the filming. But, as it happens, here for her the decision was made by the parents. To this day she has remained in the memory of first impressions of the filming. Maria is very scared Indian named Joe, it is very often asked: «Where is he?». Crippling fear of Indian has not disappeared even after Mary was introduced to the actor acting the role of a villain, Talgat Nigmatulin, treats the girl sweets. In the early nineties, the future actress Mironov already enrolled in drama school named after BV Shchukin. Soon, however, she had to drop out. Already as a student, Maria married Igor Udalova. In 1992 she became a mother calling a son after his father Andrei. The birth of the baby forced to leave school, but it was temporary. When my son was a little older, the actress has decided to continue her education and transferred to the film Institute. That’s when the actress came a clear realization that she desperately wants to devote himself to this profession. As a student, Maria truly became interested in acting. All the classes she visited it to gain knowledge, not for «show».

    VGIK actress Mironov was trained in the workshop of Mikhail Gluzsky. The first picture of Mary was placed here. «Lullaby for my daughter» — the name had semnadtsatiletny this study.

    Maria Mironova: movies and theatre

    Was in 1996, when Maria Mironova has graduated from the VGIK, and began his career in the theater «Lenkom». However, she refused to work in the theater «School of modern play».

    The first role of the actress came to performances of «Crazy day or the marriage of Figaro» — here she got the starring as fanchette, in «Two women», where she played Vera. Followed by such productions as «City of millionaires», «the Barbarian and the heretic» and others. Even more popularity came to the actress after working in such plays as «the Seagull», «Phaedra» and «Carmen.»

    The first success in cinema Mariya Mironova found in 2000. Then the actress starred in two films: the drama «Russian revolt» and tragicomedy Lungin — «

  • Wedding. Acting Mironova received a high evaluation both critics and regular viewers. Maria finds true fame, the national Directors offered him a new role. And in 2002, the light went movie «
  • Tycoon», where Maria played in doubles with Vladimir Mashkov. 2003 gave the audience a series «starring», where you could see the talent of Maria Mironova in all its glory. Two years later, published another beautiful feature-length film with the actress – «the State Counsellor». Working hand in hand with the stars of Russian cinema, Maria showed a very decent game. In the film she appeared before the audience in the role of charming Julie.

    In the same 2005, Mironov took part in creating another historic painting «the fall of the Empire». Here the audience was lucky to see the actress in the image Lyali Saburova.

    During his career, Mary starred in more than thirty films. Maria Mironova has been honoured with numerous theatre awards and was awarded a number of honorary titles and awards.

    Maria Mironova: personal life

    First husband of the actress Mironova was

  • Igor Udalov – President of TV World Fashion Channel Russia». In 1992 was born their son Andrew, who, having matured, has decided to follow in the footsteps of his mother and went to study at the Shchukin school. Second husband of Maria Mironova became
  • Dmitry Klokov, who served as adviser to the President of RAS on a voluntary basis. 1 Nov 2011 the actress got married for the third time. Her husband was the actor Alexey Makarov, the son of Lyubov Polishchuk. They parted in the autumn of 2012, but officially divorced on July 2, 2013. Maria Mironova denies this marriage, what can be said about Alexei.

    Maria Mironova: filmography

    • The adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn
    • Russian riot
    • The oligarch
    • The theory of binge
    • Night watch
    • Councilor
    • Day watch
    • Swing
    • Nobody but us
    • Moscow, I love you!
    • Man from Boulevard des Capucines
    • Cheating
    • The three Musketeers
    • The Investigator Tikhonov
    • Homeland

    Maria Mironova: photo

    Maria Mironova

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