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  • Name: Maria Maksakova ( Maria Maksakova-Igenbergs )
  • Date of birth: 24 July 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Munich, Germany
  • Activities: Opera singer, actress, TV presenter, member
  • Marital status: married

    Maria Maksakova: the biography

    Maria Maksakova— Russian Opera singer, soloist of the Mariinsky theatre. She also realized her talent as an actress and TV presenter. Since 2011 is the Deputy of the State Duma, where it represents the party «United Russia».

    Maria was born in Germany, in the family of the German citizen Peter Andreas Igenbergs and the Soviet actress Lyudmila Maksakova. The singer has an older brother Maxim, who is engaged in financial activities. By the way, the name Maria was in honor of the famous grandmother – also Opera singer Maria Petrovna Maksakova, its full namesake.

    Incidentally, according to official documents the real name of Mary combines both maternal and paternal names – Maria Maksakova-Igenbergs. But the stage name is always reduced to only the first part.

    In childhood, Masha and her parents lived alternately in Russia and Germany, but went to school in Moscow. And not simple, and in the Central music school of the state Conservatory, where he studied piano. She then graduated from the academic vocal Department of the famous Russian Academy of music Gnesin, and in 2004 has strengthened its education when she resigned fellowship in gnesinka. By the way, the internship Maria Maksakova was held in Italy from the recognized masters of Opera, Miwako Matsumoto and Kathy Ricciarelli.


    Immediately after Gnesin Academy Maksakova accepted into the troupe of the Moscow theater «New Opera», where she debuted in the role of Maiden, in the eponymous play. Three years later, the singer was invited to the Bolshoi theatre of Russia, and three years later she moved to the «Helikon-Opera».

    Finally, in 2011 she fulfilled her long-cherished desire: Maria Maksakova has been a soloist of the Mariinsky theatre. On its stage she performed parts in operas «the marriage of Figaro», «Ariadne auf Naxos», «the tales of Hoffmann» and many others. Maria also performed in the premiere of the Grand Opera «Levsha» and «War and peace».

    To perpetuate the voice of the singer, the Russian branch of one of the largest record labels, issued a debut album Maksakova «Mezzo? Soprano?», which includes popular Opera arias accompanied by the Symphonic orchestra of Moscow «Russian Philharmonic». Then followed the album the classic romances of Tchaikovsky and Rakhmaninov, alternative recordings of the arias «Another Ya Alter ego» lyric album «The Man I Love» and other records.

    But Maria Maksakova not only sang, but also tried to attract to classical vocals and classical music audience, which is fans of these genres. For this singer on the TV channel «Culture» conducted a cycle of concert programs «romanticism of a Romance». Her leading in Studio was Svyatoslav Belza, 2014 — Evgeny Kungurov.


    In 1998, while still studying at the Academy of music, Maria Maksakova made her film debut in the role of schoolgirl in the historical drama «the Barber of Siberia». Following her appearance on the screen had to wait for 10 years. But then she appeared in three films — the crime series «movers and Shakers», the biographical drama «Sava» and the detective «Photographer».

    Were in his films and romantic ribbon «Capital of sin», «loff» and «Scent of rose». By the way, the last picture is remarkable that this is the only exception, in which Maria appears in the credits as Maria Maksakova-Igenbergs.

    The latest work in the movie Maria at the moment is romance «Between the notes, or Tantric Symphony» in which she played the role of the tutor of the main character in his memories of the days gone by.

    Social life

    In 2011, Maria Maksakova was held in the State Duma from the party «United Russia», standing from the Astrakhan region. In the Duma, it primarily deals with issues of culture.

    It is one of the authors of the draft law on the protection of intellectual property rights on the Internet. With the adoption of the law on non-traditional relationships the singer has supported the project, but spoke out against the openly homophobic language and asked to amend. Her proposal was rejected, but this speech had a great resonance among deputies.

    In addition, Maria Maksakova was the sole abstention to the state Duma during the voting on the bill that bans the adoption of Russian orphans by US citizens.

    Personal life

    Maria Maksakova, a long time met, and then lived in a de facto marriage with criminal authority Vladimir Tyurin, the head of the Russian mafia in Spain. Him a woman has two children — son Ilya and daughter Ludmila. After the rupture of these relations, the singer was together with the famous jeweler Jamil Aliyev.

    In March 2015 she got married officially. Elect Mary became the Deputy of the state Duma Denis Voronenkov. Married, Maksakova kept my maiden name. In April 2016, she gave birth to her third child – a son, Ivan.


    • Mezzo? Soprano?
    • Romances by P. Tchaikovsky and S. Rachmaninoff
    • Another Ya Alter ego
    • My vote is for you…
    • Astrakhan, like you have eyes for…
    • The Man I Love
    • G. Schumann, F. Schubert. Songs


    • 1998 — the Barber of Siberia
    • 2008 — the movers and Shakers
    • 2008 — Savva
    • 2008 — Photographer
    • 2010 — About loff
    • 2010 — a Capital sin
    • 2014 — the Aroma of rosehips
    • 2014 — Women on the verge
    • 2015 — Between the notes, or Tantric Symphony


    Maria Maksakova

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