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(biography, photo, video) Mariya Ryschenkova

photo Maria Rysankova

  • Name: Maria Rysankova ( Mariya Ryschenkova )
  • Date of birth: 14 June 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married

    Maria Rysankova: biography

    Russian actress Maria Rysankova came to light in mid-June 1983. Her father Lysenkov Alexander all his life served in the Vakhtangov theatre. From childhood a girl could not imagine life without theater, and from an early age was seriously considering joining the theatre school.

    Mariya Lysenkova
    Maria Rysankova | VK

    Mary often took away from the kindergarten to the theatre that she really liked. Already at a tender age she became acquainted with the poetry of Akhmatova and Pasternak, repeated replicas of the actors and their dance moves.

    First steps

    When Mary was 9 years old, she was invited to shooting of the short film «the Cache and the magician», which was shot in Belarus. Fairy tale narrated about how the grandmother of one boy gradually began to look younger, first becoming a girl, then the girl and then the baby. Mary played in this story a grandmother at the age of 8-9 years. At this time it belonged to the game in a movie like this work.

    Maria Myshenkova in the film
    Maria Myshenkova in the movie «keshka and magician» | Movie-Theater

    In the last classes of secondary school Maria Rysankova was engaged in a theatrical Studio «On the Waterfront», which was founded by the great actor, Director and child educator Fyodor Sukhov. Here the students learnt the technique of speech, stage movement, did studies, and staged performances. The first theatrical role of Mary Rysankova began working in productions at Bunin («Light breathing»), Pelevin («Chapaev and Emptiness»), modern drama and the ancient Greek («Iphigenia in Aulis»).

    Training Institute

    At the time of admission to College theater Maria Rysankova already know where she wants to go. Her choice fell on the Shchukin theatre school, although she passed on competition in many Universities. Interestingly, her father also graduated from this Institute.

    Mariya Lysenkova
    Maria Rysankova | VK

    Masha came to the course to Evgeny Vladimirovich Knyazev, the actor of the Vakhtangov theatre, which currently is the rector of the school. Knyazev has trained a galaxy of young talented actors such as Viktor Dobronravov, Maria Kulikova, Vladimir Yaglych, Dmitriy Ulyanov.


    During my studies, in personal life, Mary was a radical event — she met her future husband Mikhail Shklovsky, son of the famous Soviet actor Oleg Shklovsky. Maria and Michael went on one date with Knyazev. They quickly formalized their relationship. The happy couple after graduation, chose a place of work — theater of Ramtha. The couple already has children: son Theodore and baby daughter.

    Rysankova Maria and her husband Michael Shklovsky
    Rysankova Maria and her husband Michael Shklovsky | Chekhoved

    Maria and Michael are so happy and friendly that even the invited projects strive to participate together. In addition to working in theater and film Mikhail Shklovsky is a member of the famous group «the Carpet Quartet», which was created by the famous Russian actor Victor Dobronravov during the time of the students. Musical group performs compositions in the styles of soul, jazz and funk. In the group, Michael plays bass guitar.

    Working in the theater

    Creative biography of the actress is to work in the theater. During her studies, Maria thought long and hard about the future place of work. Your choice young actress was stopped at the Russian Academic Youth Theatre, which was established in 1921 by Natalia Sats. Today the troupe of Ramtha is a young, powerful and energetic team. The actress is involved in such productions as «the dawns here are quiet», «the Coast of utopia,» «As the cat walked, where he pleases», «the Invitation to execution», «Chekhov-GALA».

    Maria and Maxim Rysankova Kerin in the play
    Maria and Maxim Rysankova Kerin in the play «house with a turret» | VK

    Very interesting actress in the fabulous views of Ramtha. First of all, it plays «Neznayka-traveler» and «the Magic ring». In addition to the basic employment in the Youth Theatre Maria Rysankova takes part in performances of Independent Theatrical Project — the largest production companies in Russia. Maria has played in two productions NTP: «Hospital Moulin Rouge» and «Theatre by rules and without».

    Film actress

    Fans of the series often confuse Mary Rysankova with Daria Moroz. Indeed, the photo shows that the Actresses are very similar to each other. But if Daria removed a lot and often in feature films and TV series, Maria tried so far, only a few multi-part movies. Her filmography is not rich: all six series. In some of them she only played in episodes. First job in film after graduation was the role of Tanya in the movie «Samara-Gorodok».

    Maria Myshenkova in the film
    Maria Myshenkova in the film «Dr. Tyrsa» | Movie-Theater

    Despite their artistic growth and success in theatre, while significant roles in the movie began, only two actress in the TV series «Doctor Tyrsa», where she acted as a journalist in the TV series «Sklifosofsky-4», where Maria played Rysankova beloved hero Vladimir Zherebtsov. In addition to films, the actress can also be seen in television versions of performances of Ramtha. The last work of the actress in television — the role of Rita in the historical series «the Nanny», which is scheduled to release in 2017.


    Mariya Lysenkova

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