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  • Name: Maria Leonova ( Leonova Maria )
  • Date of birth: 6 August 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Family status: married with Anne Hathaway

    Maria Leonova: biography

    Maria Leonova is a Russian actress, wife of actor Daniil Strakhov. In the first place she shines on the stage, but also Leonov can be seen in the domestic series. For example, she appeared in such films as «Not born beautiful», «children of the Arbat», «goodbye, mother.»

    Maria was born in Moscow in 1974 and was the first child of his parents, Larisa and Alexander. After five years, Masha has a little brother Andrew. Interest in the scene the girl began to manifest during his school years, when she performed in various extra-curricular activities, concerts and performances.

    Having matriculation, Leonov was applied to all College theater of the capital, and finally chose a course Eugene Simon at the theatre Institute named after Boris Shchukin. In 1997, he received the diploma aspiring actress, Maria joined the troupe of the theatre named after Mykola Gogol, which came out in different roles for several years. Later in her career were performances at the Center of drama and directing of A. Kazantsev and M. Roshchin, at the theater center na Strastnom», the play «fatherless» in GITIS.

    Besides her education, Maria Leonova received a second higher. She trained as an interior designer and was engaged in the decoration of private apartments on Old Arbat street. But this activity actress considered exclusively as a profitable hobby, and the main work continues to consider exclusively the theatre.


    On the screen Maria Leonova began to appear after 4 years after the commencement of theatrical performances. Her first job – youth adventure Comedy «Ordinary days», which was followed by the Thriller «Remember, my name is Rogozin!», the epic «children of the Arbat» and the detective «One of many».

    In 2005, the actress was invited to one of the most popular series of the year «Not born beautiful», where she played an employee of the company Diana Belyaev. And in the story «the Model» Maria Leonova was shot along with her husband Daniel Insurance. But the young people remained dissatisfied with the Duo, as it used to be that spouses better not be on a film set or theater stage. At least Leonova harder to get into character when the next loved one.

    The most striking part in the movie Maria was in the psychological drama «Nothing personal», where she played a bright blonde Catherine. Recently, the actress is not too often appears in front of the cameras, preferring theater. Her last work in cinema at the moment is a social family drama «goodbye Mama», released in late 2014.

    Personal life

    When Maria Leonova studied in the third year of the theatre Institute, a group of School-Studio of MKHAT transferred the new student Daniel Fears. As says the young man, he fell in love with an attractive girl at first sight, but she didn’t pay attention to him.

    After high school Leonova and Strakhov was in a theater named after Gorky, and that is where they have started to develop a romantic relationship. First the guys met, then they began to live in a civil marriage, and in 2000, formalized their relationship officially. However, lavish wedding they have not become, and simply went to the registry office and got married. Didn’t even buy festive outfits, how to wear a white wedding dress Maria Leonova decided just for the silver anniversary.

    Since then, the couple is inseparable, despite the gossip and jealousy of fans of Daniel. Sad Maria only that at her age she has not yet had time to become a mother.


    • 2001 — Ordinary days
    • 2003 — Remember, my name is Rogozin!
    • 2004 — Children Of The Arbat
    • 2004 — One of many
    • 2005-2006 — Not born beautiful
    • 2007 — Model
    • 2007 — Nothing personal
    • 2009 — Petrovka, 38. Team Semenov
    • 2009 — From Thursday to Friday
    • 2014 — goodbye Mama


    Maria Leonova

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