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  • Name: Maria Kurdinovich ( Maria Kurdenevich )
  • Date of birth: 7 January 1987
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Zlatoust, Russia
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Maria Kurdinovich: biography

    Maria Kurdinovich – supernova national cinema. Viewers noticed and remembered waving after the film Masakra and «Island of unwanted people».

    Masha was born in the small town with the unusual name of Zlatoust, Chelyabinsk region. About the family of the actress, unfortunately, very little information. Most likely, Mary’s parents attitude to the world of cinema do not have. However, Maria has grown as a creative person, because after high school she immediately enrolled in the Chelyabinsk Academy of culture and arts.

    Maria Kurdinovich
    In childhood | VK

    But in Chelyabinsk, the actress spent just a year. In 2005, 18-year-old girl came to the capital and entered the famous ACTOR. Got Masha in the course of the famous Director and talented mentor Sergey Zhenovach, to learn from which is considered an honor by many beginning artists.

    Biography of Mary Kurdinovich began in his student years. The young actress went on stage at the 2nd course, playing the Girl in the play «Ob-lo-MOV woman…». The show was successfully held on the stage of the «theatre art Studio».

    Maria Kurdinovich in the theater
    In the theatre |

    After graduation in 2009, Marika was accepted into the troupe of the theater. It is considered one of the most talented students of the workshop of Sergey Zhenovach.


    Making first successful steps as a stage actress, Mary soon showed considerable skill and on the set. Debut in the movie were very vivid and convincing. The first film, a historical detective Andrei Kudinenko Masakra, brought the young actress in popularity. It is noteworthy that the actress debuted in the title role. Its partners on the film were well-known actors Dmitry Miller and Andrey Nazimov.

    Maria Kurdinovich in the film
    In the film Masakra |

    The following year, in 2011, viewers once again saw a bright artist in the acclaimed adventure series «the Island of unwanted people». And again the visible role is Christine.

    In the same 2011, the screens out the eccentric melodrama «For you», where the main roles were played by Svetlana Khodchenkova, Aleksey Serebryakov, Vladislav Vetrov and our heroine.

    Maria Kurdinovich in the film
    In the film Masakra |

    Named the film revealed to the audience a new actress, and for her a good springboard to the future. It is noteworthy that Mary every year there are 1-2 new films, almost all in key roles. The artist does not aspire to flash on the screen all the time – she’s on work in the theatre, without which can not imagine the existence, and on the set. It is interesting that those projects in which it is removed, it is not a long-running series and soap operas, and paintings, each of which concluded some hidden meaning.

    Maria Kurdinovich in the film
    In the movie «the Queen of Spades» |

    In 2013, Maria Kurdinovich appeared in the projects «do Not get angry girls» and «My eyes». And after a break in 2016, came out wonderful designs Queen of Spades by Pavel Lungin and «Icaria» Sycamore Gurudeva. Both films deserve attention and will definitely open up new facets of the talent of the young actress.

    Personal life

    Career of the young artist is now gaining momentum. Masha involved both on stage and in film. Free time at it practically does not happen. It is known that some time she dabbled in the modeling field. But, as you can see, the preference was given to the stage where much more ways of expression.

    Maria Kurdinovich
    On holiday VK

    Personal life of Mary Kurdinovich a mystery. The artist does not put on their pages in social networks pictures of a private nature and does not tell the fans anything that would go beyond the scope of her work. Therefore, we only know that Mary is not married yet.


    • 2010 — Masakra
    • 2011 — «the Island of unnecessary people»
    • 2011 — «For you»
    • 2012 — «the Room»
    • 2013 — «through My eyes»
    • 2013 — «do Not get angry girls»
    • 2016 — «Queen Of Spades»
    • 2016 — «Ikaria»


    Maria Kurdinovich

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