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  • Name: Maria Kulikova ( Mariya Kulikova )
  • Date of birth: 4 August 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Maria Kulikova biography

    Maria Kulikova — known and popular actress of film and theatre. She charmed the audience with their spectacular appearance and skillful game. Maria has starred in nearly 70 movies and television series from 1999 year and is not going to stop or reduce the pace of work. Carter actress is in full swing in 2017 year come new seasons of famous TV shows with her participation starring «Copernicus» and «Parfumare», as well as several new movies.

    Maria G. Kulikova was born in Moscow in 1977. The future actress grew up in an intellectual family. Her grandmother held the position of Dean of the Gnessin school (vocal Department), his father was a professional singer and worked for many years on radio and television, then began to sing in the Church choir. But the profession’s mother Natalya Ivanovna was not associated with music, she worked as an engineer. However, the whole family literally lived music. So it is strange that Maria never learned to play the piano, the actress now regrets, as she admits in an interview.

    Maria Kulikova in childhood and adolescence
    Early photos of the actress

    In ten years, Masha was recorded in the drama Studio. Recalls the actress, her first role was the role of Baba Yaga.

    After school Kulikov decided to go to law school, because at that time the profession was very prestigious. But, after walking some time on this course, Mary realized that this specialty is not her calling, so she chose the path of the actress. After graduation Kulikov in secret from relatives successfully arrives at the drama school named Shchukin.

    Movies and TV shows

    After graduating from theatre school Maria at the age of 22 years are invited to a small role in the Rogozina Lena in the TV series «Turn key». Later, the actress starred in the detective Yegor Konchalovsky’s «the recluse», then she appears in the acclaimed film «Empire under blow», as well as in the popular TV series «deadly force». But until 2002 Kulikova received only a small cameo role.

    Maria Kulikova in the series
    In the series «Two fates» |

    The popularity has brought her series «Two fates», in which the actress played one of the main roles. Note that samples Maria came quite by accident. The actress was invited to another project, but she got the wrong door. Shooting the first part of the series took place in the apartment of the parents of Mary. According to her, all the relatives used to walk in the evenings near the cameras, and she found it funny to play his daughter in chinoserie from the comfort of my parent’s house.

    After the series «Two fates» Kulikova became popular. In 2005, she played in the drama of Tigran Keosayan «the silver Lily of the valley-2». Mary also invites Alex, Kyrychenko in the sitcom «My fair nanny». In 2006, the actress gets the lead role in the drama series «blood Sisters» and in the same year starred in the TV series «road to happiness» and «it was in Gavrilovka». In 2007, the work Mary did not become less, the actress starred in the melodrama «She said «Yes» and «Squirrel in the wheel».

    TV series with Maria Kulikova
    In the series «She said Yes |

    In 2008, four out of the film Kulikova: «Uhna», «Flight of fancy», «truth», «let me kiss you» and the final, fourth season of the series «Two fates».

    Released in 2009, the year the painting «the Milkmaid from hatsapetovki». A challenge to fate» brings well-known and popular actress of new wave of popularity stunning. Two years later a continuation of the «Milkmaids», and in another two Maria received an invitation to join the cast of the series «Sklifosovsky».

    Performance Kulikova many surprises, as every year she does more and more. Maria Kulikova is often involved in several films, sometimes up to twelve paintings at the same time are under development, with the actress often appears at them in the lead roles.

    Maria Kulikova in the title role in the TV series
    In the title role in the TV series «Sklifosofsky» |

    The most striking work Kulikova today can be called shooting in the popular medical series «Sklifosofsky». The heroine Mary, a surgeon Marina Narochansky appeared in the telenovela only in the second season, however surprisingly quickly won the hearts of the audience. Unapproachable beauty, are capable by their nature to compete with men, is added to the cast of the series, which survived for four seasons. Now the heroine Kulikova listed the main roles of the series. As acknowledged in an interview with the actress, this role was really hard for her, as it was at odds with the happy and cheerful nature Kulikova. By the way, Mary often took him shooting his two year old son Ivan, who quickly became a favorite with the whole crew.

    Another popular project in which co-starred actress – TV series-drama «Parfumare». In it Maria Kulikova played the lead role of Natalia Baranova, the chief technologist of the perfume factory. Character actress ambitious and marks the place of the Director and wants to create his own collection of perfume, but it is not just a cold careerist, his leadership she wants to save her native country from the capital factory Manager-rationalist who wants to build a supermarket on the site.

    The main role of Maria Kulikova in the series
    The main role in the TV series «Parfumare» | Around TV

    In 2015 fans saw such films as «Theory of improbability», «a beautiful wife» «Two plus two».

    The following year also brought three movies with Kulikova: «Pearls», «Three roads» and «Looking for a husband». Now the actress is again busy in multiple projects. To exit the screen preparing a new series «Sklifosovsky» and «Perfumers», the movie «From beginning to end», «Clinic adoption» and «Secrets of the great city.»

    Maria Kulikova in theatrical productions

    Kulikova career as a film actress is developing rapidly, but the actress does not forget and about theatre. Maria performs in productions of the Moscow academic Satire theatre playing in performances of «Eight loving women», «Secretary», «Mrs», etc.

    Maria Kulikova in the theater
    In the play «the Name» | Afisha Yandex

    In 2003, the year Maria Kulikova played in a unique concert version of «Eugene Onegin». The project was led by renowned German conductor Gerd Albrecht. Music for the play was written in 1936, the year of Sergei Prokofiev for Alexander Tairov’s productions.

    In 2016, the year she started working with Independent Theatre Project.

    Heroine Kulikova is very diverse, but they all share the elusive slim style of the actress, her looks cold beauty that came with retro cards.

    Personal life

    Serial «Two destinies» has changed not only her career as an actress, but her personal life. On the set of Maria Kulikova met her future husband, the actor Denis Matrosov. The lovers were inseparable almost from the first day of their acquaintance. Almost three years the couple lived the actual marriage and not in a hurry to formalize the relationship. To the Registrar of the actors resulted in an almost accident, during a joint walking the actress jokingly suggested that his choice to marry. And he agreed. The actress wanted to have children, despite a frantic work schedule. Plans to have a baby was even in reminders on the fridge. In 2011, the year Mary gave birth to a firstborn son Ivan.

    Maria Kulikova and Denis Matrosov
    Denis Matrosov |

    Bright and a couple of Russian cinema was very happy. The actors build a shared country house. It is the future nest seemed a guarantee and a sign of happy married life, but, in fact, construction has caused a lot of conflict within the family. Denis took her very close to my heart, long remained in a newly built house and could even throw himself to lay the bricks. Maria did not see much sense to spend all that time and money just for the housing project and wanted to live for today and to see more of the beloved man.

    In addition, views on family life for the actors, too, do not coincide. Sailors repeatedly admitted that dream about quiet domestic goddess and business blastfurnace new home. Demand the perfectionist Kulikova hardly saw himself in the role of Housewives.

    Maria Kulikova with her ex-husband
    The ex-husband of actress | afganvet

    The child did not long hold the family together. Though on weekdays the stellar parents were always gone on set, the weekend was devoted to family matters and walks. The couple carefully kept their disagreements from the child.

    In the beginning of 2015, many were surprised by the news that Sailors and Kulikova filed for divorce. They lived together for more than fourteen years. On the causes of divorce are not reported, but at the same time, there are rumors that the marriage was destroyed by adultery Denis. Rumors about the secret relationship of the actor with proprietary Irina Kalinina started to walk long before the official divorce. Sailors himself admitted to the press that the decision to divorce Mary accepted, and to argue with that decision was difficult.

    Note that the actress forbids her son to communicate with his father. Maria believes that the parents should remain the family atmosphere, as the child needs to feel that he has a mother and father. The actress with her son settled in a cottage that is close to home ex-husband.

    Maria Kulikova and Maxim Averin
    With Maxim Averin | woman’s day

    After the divorce, Matrosov already had a child in a new relationship, and Maria Kulikova has not yet entered into a new relationship. However, over the personal life of the beautiful and popular actress goes a lot of gossip. The actress attributed to a variety of novels. For a long time there were rumors about the relationship Kulikova with actor Maxim Averin, along with which Maria plays in the TV series «Sklifosovsky». But the actress commented on the rumors, saying that she has long been friendly with Averin, more than 20 years, and have nothing but friendly feelings they each other do not feel, but at the same time admitted that during the first acquaintance fell in love with the charming actor only because already been in a serious relationship.

    Maria Kulikova and Andrey Chernyshov
    There were rumors about the affair with Andrei Chernyshev

    The actress also credited with another high-profile affair with Andrei Chernyshov. About their relationship, the paparazzi write since 2002. With Maria Chernyshova met on the set of the same series, where he met his ex-wife, «Two lives». In various interviews Maria Kulikova jokes or just says that Blackburn – friend of the family. With all this, Andrew actress especially clearly flirting and exchanged mysterious glances. In 2016, the year the film «Secrets of the big house» has brought already free Kulikov with Chernyshev on one platform. Maria hides his personal life, so fans of the actress can only guess and hope. The only thing the actress speaks openly to the press is that she believes that her future partner is somewhere nearby, and that he must have a good sense of humor and in any case not to be greedy.


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    Maria Kulikova and Denis Matrosov

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