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  • Name: Maria Kravchenko ( Kravchenko Mariya )
  • Date of birth: 13 January 1985
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia
  • Height: 153
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Maria Kravchenko: biography

    Star of KVN and Comedy shows Comedy Woman Maria Kravchenko, it seems, was born to entertain people and lift them up. Her sparkling jokes and transformation into «pontovoe girl» stuck to the image of Mary that different doesn’t perceive. But migrating a Comedy image in my life was not so enjoyable, imagine how fans of the artist. Stardom is good, but if you attract those who like anything to do with reality stage persona, be prepared for problems.

    Maria Kravchenko was born in Komsomolsk-on-Amur in the frosty January 1985. In the family of the future actress artists was not. To the theatre and cinema, none of the parents or relatives had no relationship. In a provincial town, which was famous for its industry, few young people dream of becoming an actor. Not I dreamed about it and Maria Kravchenko. Although in fairness it should be noted that Mary grew a creative and artistic child.

    Maria Kravchenko
    Photos of actress |

    The parents noticed this and took the daughter to a music school. But it would be untrue to say that Mary loved music lessons. Piano he learned, but didn’t have a dream the rest of his life to touch the keys and to take part in the academic concerts of the Philharmonic. Therefore, young Maria Kravchenko continued the search in another direction. She began to learn foreign languages, planning of what would become an English teacher.

    After graduation, she went to the capital. She enrolled in the pedagogical faculty of the Moscow Institute of steel and alloys. And, as it turned out, came at the right time and the right place. Here she met Catherine Barnabas, familiar today to everyone the brightest star «Comedy Woman». The girls brought a great sense of humor and desire to realize themselves.

    And KVN Comedy Woman»

    After several rehearsals, Kravchenko and Barnabas appeared on the Institute stage. Together they played small comic miniatures that liked gay student fraternity. Soon, the friends were joined by several students. At one point they realized that this is a fun community nothing like ready-made women’s KVN team. Long philosophizing, called her a «national University».

    Maria Kravchenko on the stage of KVN
    On the stage of KVN | VK

    But not all team members proved to be as talented as Maria Kravchenko and Katya Varnava. Perhaps that is why the women’s team of KVN not won great fame and high-profile successes. Girls participated in several festivals and forums KVN, but, seeing no prospects, lost its former enthusiasm.

    In 2005 «Team Mrs.» began to disintegrate. With such a turn of Affairs did not agree Maria Kravchenko and her faithful friend. The girls decided that early to put an end to the career of comedic actress, because it was just beginning. Ideas and plans have been set. Therefore, the artist left a dilapidated team and joined the solid from the well-known KVN team «Team of small Nations».

    Maria Kravchenko in the team
    The team «Team of small Nations» KVN for all

    Under the auspices of the Club of Cheerful and Resourceful Maria Kravchenko and her colleague received a new impetus. The girls began to perform at various festivals. Often it was Comedy skits, which was attended by Nikolai Gigani and Renat Fatkhullin, colleagues in the team.

    Biography of Maria Kravchenko began to grow into new chapters. In 2005, the debut of Masha on the big stage. «Team of small Nations» performed in the Premier League KVN. The team was a success. The guys got to the finals, but took only 4th place.

    The following year Maria Kravchenko together with the team again fell on the TV: «Team of small Nations» performed in the Premier League. But the first game was the last. The team repeated the sad story of «Team Mrs.».

    But artists are failures only tempered. They decided not to stay the course. The girls joined another team of KVN – woman of the band «secrets». At the Sochi festival «women’s battalion» was relegated from the championship after the first show. But Maria Kravchenko and her constant colleagues in the asset was at that time 12 performances in various teams that understand have seen over the last 2-3 years on TV. Girls learned.

    «Comedy Woman»

    In 2007, Maria Kravchenko, as in the ranks of the teams «secrets», I tried my hand at a new Comedy project «Made in Woman» Natalia, Aprikian. Soon the show got a new name – «Comedy Woman». It took quite some time, and at a Comedy show drew the attention of the producers of the channel TNT. The debut of «Comedy Woman» on TNT was held in November 2008. From the very first appearance of a comic project on the screen Maria Kravchenko became his Central figure and main character.

    Maria Kravchenko in the show
    In the show «Comedy Woman» |

    Taken her stage persona sprightly girl who knows her worth, all liked and remembered. Masha was familiar with many representatives of this type of youth in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. So she created the image was surprisingly realistic. Kravchenko becomes a permanent member of «Comedy Woman».

    In recent years, Maria Kravchenko has pleased its fans with an appearance in the music group «Supermarket of Love». As it turned out, music education Mâché useful. Often the artist is singing and in the project «Gum Woman».

    Personal life

    The image of «gorniczy» that train pulled Maria in real life, played with it a cruel joke. However, to laugh the girl did not want to. Around her began to gather the guys for whom the «romance of the underworld» was near and dear. But an intelligent and very different from his on-screen heroine girl has dreamed about other men have to talk about, you can go to a Museum or theatre. But such was not there.

    Maria Kravchenko
    Photos of actress | Ploskov Production

    For a long time the personal life of Maria Kravchenko was unsettled. In search of happiness and second halves of the girl even went to the project «let’s get married». But the guy, at first glance, this dreamed of Mary, in real life was different.

    Still, the actress waited for her betrothed. In the beginning of 2015, her fans started talking about pregnant Mary. In the spring of that year it became known that Maria Kravchenko became a mother. She gave birth to a daughter from producer Konstantin Zolotarev, who shot his wife in her project «Women against men», where Masha got a main character Sonia.

    Maria Kravchenko Konstantin Zolotarev
    C Konstantin Zolotarev |

    For Zolotarev marriage with Kravchenko second. From the first he had two children – Barbara and Sofia. Married to Mary third daughter, named Victoria. In Instagram there are photos of Maria Kravchenko crib newborn girl.


    Maria Kravchenko

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