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  • Name: Maria Kozhevnikova ( Maria Kozhevnikova )
  • Date of birth: 14 November 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: Actress, Deputy of the state Duma
  • Marital status: Married

    Maria Kozhevnikova: biography

    Maria Kozhevnikova was famous for his role in the youth series «Univer». But the real hype rose around Mary when she decided to combine the role of the actress and political activist. Many did not believe that Maria Kozhevnikova, who embodied on the screen the role of frivolous female students cope with the political load. But the actress adequately was included in the state Duma and lists of the most influential women of Russia. In all of this, Maria didn’t break up with acting career, moved to the big screen and starred not only in the lungs of the youth films, and historical dramas.

    Maria Kozhevnikova
    Maria Kozhevnikova |


    Maria Aleksandrovna Kozhevnikova – Muscovite. Russian actress born on 14 November 1984. Maria’s father, Alexander Kozhevnikov, a famous Russian athlete-hockey player, honored master of sports and two-time Olympic champion. Attainment of the father has always been an example for the little machine.

    Maria Kozhevnikova mom
    Maria Kozhevnikova mom |

    Almost never had any doubts that the biography of Maria Kozhevnikova will be associated with the sport. In a sense, and so it happened: she became a master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics, but to pursue a career athlete Maria prevented her curvy shape. The girl had quite average, even a small increase, but it is characterized by a strong Constitution. Kozhevnikova not fat, but for this sport her figure a little bit is not consistent.

    Maria Kozhevnikova brother and father
    Maria Kozhevnikova brother and father |

    The future television star recalls his childhood with a smile. According to Maria, she was very stubborn, but, nevertheless, always knew how to make their parents happy. Little Mary never refused to help the mother, was gentle with everyone, played games, and loved to read poetry, to dance. Despite training, Kozhevnikova never forgot about the lessons and school. The girl was always a good student, responsible in all the tasks.

    Maria Kozhevnikova in her early years at the gym
    Maria Kozhevnikova in her early years at the gym |


    When in sport it was decided to finish, Kozhevnikova chose an acting career. Maria graduated from Russian Academy of Theatre art, combining education with participation in a musical group «Love stories», where Masha began work there in 2002. unfortunately, the group failed to take off on a musical Olympus, and Maria devoted all his time to acting.

    Maria Kozhevnikova (right)
    Maria Kozhevnikova (right) |

    First Kozhevnikova acted only in small roles. In 2002 she managed to get a small role in the serial «Rublevka Live». In the list of series includes «the Gift of God» and «Heartbreakers». But the desired popularity after these roles Kozhevnikova not found.

    The flowering of the creative biography of Maria Kozhevnikova began with the series «Univer». The action took place in a Moscow Dorm, student life was a story. Then Mary was casting brilliantly on one of the main roles – blonde Alla. The heroine Kozhevnikova – greedy and unscrupulous girl who does not possess the intellect.

    Maria Kozhevnikova (right) in the TV series
    Maria Kozhevnikova (right) in the TV series «Univer» |

    Sitcom about the hostel made a lasting impression on the audience and became one of the most popular series of the channel TNT in the entire history of its existence. Thanks flighty role of Alla Grishko the artist gained popularity and became a real sex symbol. Photo of Mary Kozhevnikova began to appear in many national glossy magazines, the actress has even shot for Playboy magazine. Eight frames from a published photo shoot, Maria was completely naked.

    Masha says something in common with her character she has. Both manage to get into ridiculous situations. Actress in some strange way attracted to bruises, injuries, cuts. But the rest of the girls are completely different. Kozhevnikova used to work hard and to do it all yourself, unlike her desperate heroine.

    The show revealed not only acting talent, but also stressed the musical Mary. Along with executing the role of Kuzi, Vitaly Gogunsky, Kozhevnikova recorded the song «Who if not us», which actors were repeatedly asked to perform at various events. Song Kuzi and Alla got an incredible popularity.

    In 2012, Maria has impressed fans with her bitchy role in the movie «duhless». Many said that the girl played the role of cheap girls. But the artist sees nothing surprising in his actions, as it believes that a real actor must be able to transform into different images.

    In February 2015 in Russia the long-awaited premiere of the film «the Battalion», directed by Igor Ugolnikov, where she became one of the main roles participating in the fighting of the First world war. Filmography of Maria Kozhevnikova was replenished with the most powerful and serious role since the beginning of her acting career.

    Maria Kozhevnikova in the film
    Maria Kozhevnikova in the film «the Battalion» | HELLO!

    History has accurate, real facts: at the initiative of the Interim government entered a decree on the creation of women’s battalions. This step was to raise the morale of those who in despair had not believed in the victory. Maria Kozhevnikova has donated thick hair for the role in the film «the Battalion». And the actress didn’t just get a haircut, succeeding long hair on Kara, she decided on a more complicated step: shaved head. Right in the frame for her shaved head, like many colleagues on the set. Maria admitted that he is not without emotion experienced this moment. The sacrifice was worth it: for her role in the film, she received the award «Golden eagle».


    In 2011 Kozhevnikova joined the Young Guard of United Russia. In the same year, was a «Trustee» of the popular front.

    From 1 October 2011 Maria became a member of the Board of Trustees of children’s home № 39 in Moscow region.

    In December of the same year Maria Kozhevnikova became a Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the VI convocation of the all-Russian political party «United Russia».

    Maria Kozhevnikov in the state Duma
    Maria Kozhevnikov in the state Duma | the Moscow monitor

    Maria Kozhevnikova came to the state Duma through a heightened sense of justice and desire to help, she honestly worked all five years, not just nominally, attends meetings, but also offering and supporting ideas and projects. Even tuned skeptical of Mary people recognized that she broke his behavior a lot of stereotypes about blondes and Actresses.

    However, in the VII convocation of the state Duma Kozhevnikova has not passed. For a long time there was a rumor that she is going to give their mandate, which embraced the work of the actress, Iosif Kobzon, but Maria repeatedly denied this news.

    In 2014 awarded the 88-th place in the list of the hundred most influential women of Russia.

    Personal life

    Personal life Maria Kozhevnikova has changed after the premiere of «Uni». Army of fans literally lined up under the Windows of the actress and has grown by leaps and bounds. In 2009, he spread rumors that Mary soon married a businessman from the city of Chelyabinsk, the President of the company «Mirel».

    Maria Kozhevnikova and Ilya Mitelman met in 2008 at a party dedicated to the series «Univer» in Chelyabinsk. A year later the lovers are filed in the registry office, but the wedding never happened. Artist could not stand his unfounded jealousy of Elijah and parted to the potential groom.

    Ilya Mitelman and Maria Kozhevnikova
    Ilya Mitelman and Maria Kozhevnikova

    In 2010, Maria began to meet with one of the leaders of the Moscow complex «Manezh». At the beginning of 2011, the couple had planned the wedding, but this is the cavalier attitude of the actress has not developed.

    But soon she started a family. Her personal life changed dramatically after meeting with Evgeny Vasiliev in 2011. Kozhevnikova husband

  • Eugene Vasiliev
  • married in September 2013. A young family fairly quickly had children, and judging by the date of birth of first child, at the time of the wedding Mary was pregnant. At the moment the lovers are twice parents. 19 Jan 2014 first child was born whose parents named Ivan. Almost exactly a year later, 26 Jan 2015 Kozhevnikova gave birth to second son, whom they named Maxim.
    Maria Kozhevnikova and her husband Eugene Vasiliev
    Maria Kozhevnikova and her husband Eugene Vasiliev | HELLO!

    Actress tries to hide her family life. Rarely publishes photos of her husband and children and tries not to involve relatives in social events.

    Maria Kozhevnikova and her husband and children
    Maria Kozhevnikova and her husband and children | HELLO!

    After birth, Maria was able to make myself disappear from the screens. In 2016, the same year, she appeared in extreme circus show «Without insurance», where the question of motivation honestly replied that after the birth of two pogodak she was just need to check yourself and your body, believe in your youth and strength. Judges appreciated how easily, despite no longer a young age and responsible status of the mother, she performed acrobatics, and called Kozhevnikov example and inspiration for many girls and women.


  • Roles in plays:
    • «Cadet Blues»
    • «Veronika decides to die»
  • Movies:
    • Rublevka Live
    • The Gift Of God
    • Heartbreakers
    • Univer
    • The Kremlin cadets
    • Duhless
    • Battalion


    Maria Kozhevnikova

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