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  • Name: Maria Kozakova ( Mariya Kozakova )
  • Date of birth: 24 November 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Maria Kozakova: biography

    The young actress Maria Kirillovna Kozakov was born on 24 November 1992 in Moscow. The girl was destined to be an actress, she appeared in the family, where the concentration of talent and high-profile titles, that is, rolls over. Two famous grandfathers – Yuri Yakovlev and Mikhail Kozakov, people’s artists of Russia. Mama Elena Yakovleva has received this high title, when the daughter was ten years old. Daddy Kirill Kozakov is also a famous actor. No artists in the family was just grandma. However, one of them, dad’s mother, Greta A., still worked as a costume designer in the theater. Even the stepfather of Mary Cyril Moskalevskiy – directed movie.

    Not to say that Maria Kozakova from an early age dreamed of becoming an artist and get on the stage or in the movies. She wanted to be a designer, a doctor and a lawyer. Even writer. When she was little, she wanted to be an inventor of all sorts of useful things. But when Mary grew up, the genes and a childhood spent backstage, took her: Mary became an actress.

    Maria Kozakova: movies

    The girl made her film debut at the age of four. To breathe the atmosphere of the cinema hall Masha was lucky in the film, which was shot stepfather — «the Temptation of Dirk bogarde». The main role in the film played the mother. Maria does not remember his first shooting, but knows that its the beginning of the creative biography of Maria Kozakova takes it from there, with an almost unconscious age.

    But consciously the young actress came to the set to fourteen. She’s eight months working daily on the set of the youth series «Own team». It was fun, but very difficult. After working girl, not yet completely out of childhood, I had to wear. Strict discipline, no permits, because you will break shooting, and the school has not been canceled. But Masha liked this rhythm.

    After working in one series, the young actress immediately appeared in another in the popular «

  • Carmelita». The shooting of this film Masha finally started to communicate with his own father. Parents divorced when the child was a year old. And in 15 years their paths finally crossed: dad starred in the TV series «a woman without a past», the daughter — in «Their team». They met when he went to the neighboring pavilions. Father decided to speak, when life and work brought him together with a daughter on the set of «Carmelita». Kirill Mikhailovich and Maria had a heart to heart and decided that the past should be forgotten and live a new life. Since the daughter is constantly communicating with his father, he often shares with Mary his experience and gives good advice.

    Shooting in the TV series coincided with the EIT and entrance exams in drama school. It was then that Maria Kozakova felt all the hardships of acting. But it is not shown.

    Kazakov became a student of the Shchukin school in 2009. She continued to study and in parallel removed. At this time, the girl appeared in the «Turkish March» in a fiction film «Aziris Nuna», where he played HiLine.

    In 2012, the screens went Thriller «Bad blood», where Maria Kozakova starred in the title role. Had to play the plight of girls who were raped and had a baby. Scenes of violence and experiences was not easy.

    The «fresh» work of Masha Kozakova — film «curiosities».

    Maria Kozakova: personal life

    Personal life Maria Kozakova while sidelined. She is very busy making and free time almost doesn’t matter. And although Mama Elena Yakovleva has already declared that are ready to be a grandmother, Masha is not going to make her happy grandson. However, Maria has chosen, and the relationship the couple is quite serious.

    Maria Kazakova: filmography

    • The Temptation Of Dirk Bogarde
    • Aziris Nuna
    • Hyline
    • The agreement
    • Turkish March
    • Our own team
    • House of exemplary content
    • Carmelita. Gypsy passion
    • Hitana
    • House of exemplary content
    • Bad blood
    • Curiosities

    Maria Kozakova: photo

    Maria Kozakova

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