Maria Kiseleva

(biography, photo, video) Mariya Kiseleva

photo by Maria Kiselyova

  • Name: Maria Kiseleva ( Mariya Kiseleva )
  • Date of birth: 28 September 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Kuibyshev
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: Russian synchronised swimmer, three-time Olympic champion, three-time world champion, nine-time European champion, honored master of sports, TV presenter
  • Marital status: divorced

    Maria Kiseleva : biography

    Maria Kiseleva was born in Kuibyshev in September 1974. At that time the family already has grown 2-year-old son Vladimir. In 1978, Kiselev moved to Leningrad, where 2 years lived in a military dormitory. In 1980 – again relocation. This time in the capital.

    In Moscow, Maria went to school. There mom took the kids to the pool, where they had to learn swimming. Volodya was adopted immediately, but Mary’s relationship with sports happened later, when she was 10 years old. The fact that the future Olympic champion since childhood, afraid of the water. This fear Kiseleva was able to overcome only at the age of 10 when her mother took her to the section where Masha began to engage in the synchronized swimming team. About great sporting achievements at that time nobody thought. The goal was more down to earth: to overcome the fear of water and to take Maria useful.

    Synchronized swimming in those years was quite a new sport, beautiful and unusual. There was water, gymnastics, and music. Young Kiseleva carried away, and soon her coaches Natalia Kiriakidi and Marina Dmitrieva said first successes of the athletes.

    After merging two partitions with Maria Kiseleva started a new coach: Tatiana Hazer – a famous athlete – was able to significantly increase the level of training of Masha. Under her leadership, Kiselyov becomes the candidate for the master of sports, and a year master.

    In 1991 Maria Kiseleva becomes a student of the physical Institute of Lesgaft.

    Synchronized swimming

    In 1992, sports the biography of Maria Kiseleva went into a new phase: the athlete has a new trainer – Tatyana Danchenko. A year later Mary is part of the national team at the European championship, won the first international award – the gold medal. In the same year she became a master of sports of international class.

    After the Olympic games of 1996 in Atlanta where a group Kiseleva came in 4th place, Maria Kiseleva becomes a student of Moscow state University, where he chose journalism. Institute of physical education Mary left after the 1st course. During this period, she was suddenly offered to work in a duet with former rival Olga Brusnikina. They had a bet as to the first duet synchronized swimmers in the country. Kiselev agreed, sacrificing for the sake of training stationary training at the University.

    In 1997 began a new sporting stage in my career Kiseleva. After intensive training under the supervision of Yelena Polyanskaya, at the time honored trainer of Russia, the Duo Kiseleva and Brusnikina led the world Cup of synchronized swimming in China. The second gold medal Kiseleva won the group. In the same rich sporting success year Maria Kiseleva and Olga Brusnikina won the European Championship, which was held in Seville, two more medals. This was a huge breakthrough Russian interpreters. At the end of 1997, the athlete gets the Deserved master of sports.

    A triumph for Maria Kiseleva was 1998. In Australia, the duet with Brusnikina and Kiselyova in the group becomes two-time world champion. The success of the athlete, and in new York at the goodwill Games, and in Prague, where he played the European Cup.

    The pre-1999 and 2000 brought Maria Kiseleva 4 gold medals in Istanbul and Seoul. The athlete won the European championship in Finland.

    The Olympic games in Sydney, Australia brought the Duo Kiseleva-Brusnikina real triumph: synchronized swimmers got the maximum number of points in the final game and entered the history of national sport as the first Olympic champion of Russia on synchronous swimming mind.

    This victory was given to Maria Kiseleva difficult. Two months before the Olympics doping test, taken from Masha, was positive. This occurred because supplements for weight loss that took an athlete at the recommendation of doctors. But Kiselyov was disqualified for one month. Thus, the Duo Kiseleva-Brusnikina have time to prepare and were allowed to participate in games, being able to go down in history of Russian sports winners.

    In 2003, the athlete returned to the sport and won in Athens a third Olympic medal.


    The decision to finish sports career, Maria Kiseleva, adopted after the Olympics in Australia. Her second profession was journalism. In 2001, the athlete becomes a freelancer and a staff correspondent at NTV, where he leads the sports news. In this capacity, she was noticed by Sergei Kordo – producer of the project «Weak link». Soon Kiselev – anchor of the popular program on the First channel.

    Maria drew the attention of Vladimir Bortko. Director just picked up cast in new film «the Idiot» based on the eponymous novel by Dostoevsky. Seeing Kiselev in the «Weakest link», the meter «found out» in her Cook Ivolgino. The offer to star in the leading role was received with joy – it’s a childhood dream to appear in the movie. So in the biography of Maria Kiseleva appeared first acting job.

    October 3, 2015 Maria Kiseleva, appeared as the lead in a premiere production of a new show the First channel «with the dolphins». Co-host Kiseleva becomes Valdis Pelsh. In this project, 13 of famous movie stars and singers will have to learn a new profession – coach of the dolphins.

    Personal life

    Personal life Maria Kiselyova all outsiders looked bright. In 2001, Kiselev was married to former swimmer and masters of sports of the international class Vladimir Kirsanov. They were considered strong and beautiful couple. A surprise for everyone getting the news that at the end of 2012 Kirsanov and Kiseleva broke up. To this marriage were born two daughters – Daria and Alexander.


    Maria Kiseleva

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