Maria Karpova

(biography, photo, video) Mariya Karpova

photography by Maria Karpova

  • Name: Maria Karpova ( Karpova Mariya )
  • Date of birth: 5 may 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Riga
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: actress, presenter
  • Marital status: not married

    Maria Karpova : biography

    The rising star of the national cinema Maria Yuryevna Karpova was born on 5 may 1989 in the capital of Latvia, Riga in an intelligent family. Parents have made every effort so that our daughter grew up is a versatile and creative person. In addition to Latvian and Russian, Maria has studied English and German languages.

    And another girl enjoyed dancing and singing. She attended dance school, where she taught both modern and folk dance styles. And in the music school, Masha found a beautiful soprano.

    Not spared Maria Karpova his attention, and sports: she has played tennis.

    After school, after weighing all of your skills and inclinations, Karpov went to the capital of Russia. She easily joined the film Institute and came to the course to a talented mentor – Vladimir Menshov. After several years of training in the workshop of Vladimir Valentinovich Karpov Maria received a diploma from the acting faculty, and in 2013 began climbing the career ladder. To this end, she chose Moscow.


    Maria Karpova debut on stage took place in the performance of Vladimir Menshov «Talking dumb». Aspiring actress played Varvara Pavlovna. It was a graduation performance. Another thesis – statement Pavel Ivanov, «the catcher in the rye», where the young actress appeared in the image of the heroine, Sunny.

    After graduation Maria Karpova was invited to be on television. Bright and beautiful Ryzhenko, quickly mastered the «kitchen» of the channel of ORT, received a proposal to become the leading morning shows in the Calendar. Masha works in tandem with the leading Maxim by Mitchenkova. Soon, the program becomes one of the most popular: the audience appreciated the easy communication style, humour and resourcefulness Maria Karpova and her colleagues. Invited to morning broadcasts were well-known personalities, movie stars, singers, show business and sports.

    But his main profession is acting – Karpov not forgotten. A cinematic biography of Maria Karpova began in 2012 with a cameo role in the film by Karen Shakhnazarov «White tiger». At this time, Masha was an undergrad Cinematography.

    After 2 years of a graduated actress was offered a larger role in the film «Road without end». In fact, this film can rightly be called a debut for carp. The role of the Shura, if not brought the actress of popularity, allowed her to «light up» in the movie. Karpov noticed eminent Directors.

    In 2015 Karen Shakhnazarov again invited Karpov to your project. This time in the role of Mary in the war drama «Road to Berlin». This work brought the young artist considerable popularity. And although her character was not the Central image of the film, but Mary managed to play brilliantly. The audience and critics praised her skill, and the film received high ratings. Today the role in the «Road to Berlin» – the most successful of the games played by Maria Karpova.

    But progress on the actress does not stop. In the same year, she accepted the offer of Director Victor Dement and starred in his drama «Discovery», superbly played the Love Slavino.

    It should be noted that the cooperation of Mary carp with the famous Karen Shakhnazarov, started his project «White tiger» and continued in the drama «Road to Berlin», is successfully developing further. At this time in his new project «Anna Karenina». The film is in production.

    This is not a new adaptation of the novel by Leo Tolstoy, and some improvisation. A dramatic story of love and tragic death of Anna Karenina, 28 years later, says Alexey Vronsky to his beloved, Sergei Karenin. Maria Karpov played the role of Varya. Besides her in this project were involved the real stars of Russian cinema such as Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Maxim Matveev, Vitaliy Kishchenko and many others.

    It is likely that in 2016 there will be released another vivid picture where you can see Maria Karpova. This is a melodrama Vitaly Suslin «Defile». Maria Karpova played here the main role of the heroine named Diane.

    Personal life

    Free young actress and presenter, whose career climbs, not so much. But when it falls, Masha necessarily flies in his native Riga, the city of his childhood and adolescence. There live her parents and friends.

    Personal life Maria Karpova on the second plan. The actress is not married.


    • «Predestination»
    • «White Tiger»
    • «Road to Berlin»
    • «Nakhodka»
    • «Anna Karenina»
    • «Fashion show»


    Maria Karpova

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