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  • Name: Maria Ivashchenko ( Mariya Ivashchenko )
  • Date of birth: August 30, 1991
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 162
  • Activities: Russian actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Maria Ivashchenko biography

    Maria A. Ivashchenko was born in August 1991 in the capital. She was born and raised in a creative family. Her father — actor and musician Oleksiy Ivaschenko. But the first childhood and teenage dreams Masha were associated not with the actress. She sang beautifully, attended music school, practiced in the swimming pool and well painted.

    The girl wanted to become a flight attendant, a singer, a famous scientist. But soon she realized that the only acting job will enable her to be a flight attendant, a doctor and an astronaut. And dad’s genes took over. In 9 years, Maria Ivashchenko began appearing in musicals, for which her dad wrote the music and libretto. First of all it is the «Nord-OST». A little later – «Ordinary miracle».

    At the age of 14, Maria Ivashchenko played the snow maiden at the new year celebrations organized by the municipality of the capital. And she often appeared in episodes of «Yeralash». When Mary was in the 8th grade, she starred in the film «mistress into maid» and «Count Nulin».

    In the detective series «law of the mousetrap» Mary appeared at the age of 15. Then she passed the external examinations for high school and entered the film Institute. In this University Maria Ivashchenko studied in the workshop of Fokine. He graduated from the theatre in 2011, receiving a diploma with honors.


    A cinematic biography of Maria Ivashchenko continued when she studied for 2 year Cinematography. She starred in the film «Biker» Ilya Hotinenko in the star role Mary played the heroine Lena. In the same year the young actress appeared in the series «This ordinary life» as the daughter of the main character Lisa Lurie.

    In 2011, Masha has again received the offer to work on the show. At this time, «wedding anniversary» Picula, which plays Kate, the daughter of the main characters of the tape.

    But the most generous film career of the young artist was 2013. Maria Ivashchenko has played the heroine of one of episodes of the 3rd season of «Sklifosovsky». But most importantly, she appeared in the mega-popular series «Junior». She plays Alina Morozova-skater. The heroine rides in tandem with Edward, who is jealous of the girl. When she falls in love with one of the hockey mom who wants to make my daughter an Olympic athlete, trying to destroy this untimely Union. The team brought Masha the popularity.

    Maria is known not only for acting, but the dubbing of films and cartoons. Her debut work is the articulation of the mystical Thriller, Sean Penn called «the Promise.» Then Mache is very lucky she worked with the legend of Alexander bielawski.

    Voice of Mary saying Miley Cyrus in «Hannah Montana», Assol in «Scarlet sails», the characters of the animated series «Winx Club». Voice Ivashchenko, the heroine Anastasi Steele in the erotic drama «Fifty shades of grey».

    Personal life

    Personal life Maria Ivashchenko – closed issue. The actress does not like to devote strangers in its details. It is known that she is Dating actor Ivan Kilometers.

    In her spare time Mary loves to ride on your sports bike and ice skating, visit the gym and travel.


    • «Law of the mousetrap»
    • «Biker»
    • «This ordinary life»
    • «Porcelain wedding»
    • «Legal doping»
    • «Sklifosovsky»
    • The team
    • «Moscow Greyhound»
    • «The Ark Of Mark»


    Maria Ivashchenko

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