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  • Name: Maria Ivanova ( Mariya Ivakova )
  • Date of birth: 16 June 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Temirtau, Kazakhstan
  • Activity: TV presenter, actress, model
  • Marital status: not married

    Maria Ivanova: biography

    Maria Ivanova — a charming blonde, magic is not only a spectacular appearance, but also a remarkable intellect. Model, blogger and TV presenter Masha is now at the peak of popularity, and fans breathlessly await every bit of news from our favorite. Their excitement is understandable: in light, open and simple Masha Ivanovo simply impossible not to fall in love.

    Maria Ivanova was born in Kazakhstan in Temirtau, June 16, 1986. Her father is a military man so the family moved frequently: as a child Mary had to live not only in different parts of Russia, but even in Germany. And only when she was thirteen years old, the family Ivanovich settled in St. Petersburg.

    Maria happily tells about his childhood and says it was very happy. According to the singer, she was free to travel and own, often walked one as the family lived mostly in closed military towns, it was safe. Despite the constant change of places of residence, at an early age, the girl managed to work on music and different types of dances. Also, with the childhood the girl was fond of various fashion trends and trends.

    Mary was a very independent child and the parents encouraged daughters is quality. In their twelve, the girl persuaded her father to find her a small part — time job was assistant in the x-ray room. The money she received quite tiny, but the main thing was a feeling of maturity and independence, which later helped Mary in show business.

    After school, Maria Ivanova enrolled in Tax Academy. At the time she wasn’t planning to link their lives with the TV or show business: passion for fashion remained nothing more than a way of spending time. Ivanova plan to become a serious businesswoman and has done some steps: even while studying she became an employee of an investment company and for two years of hard work he obtained the position of Director of development. Of course, this has damaged the learning in high school — his Masha graduated with threes. But in this case, the real experience was much more important than theoretical knowledge.

    Maria Ivanova: TV

    The work kept the young businesswoman a lot of effort and resources, and after a while, Mary realized that something for happiness it still is not enough. Ivanova began to help the friend in the organization of various events, and later changed the direction of cardinal, when a good friend of Masha, Max Gems, suggested the girl to lead the program about the novelties in the fashion world. It happened in 2008.

    On the program she worked not alone but with my girlfriend Valeria. Despite the fact that girls did not become widely known to the General public, they have got needed later discover in the fashion world.

    In 2009, Mary started a web show about fashion called «

  • From the hip» on Youtube. Video blog made the girl popular in Runet, and those two years, which were published editions of the program, contributed a lot to further the popularity of Iacovou. In 2010 there were several important events in the life of Mary. She left the drudgery of office work and together with her sister Helen opened a Studio on tailoring and repair of clothes, The Tailor Shop. In addition to individual tailoring Atelier is also developing lines of clothing. After two years of creating a Studio for their lookbook girls received a prestigious award at the World Fashion Awards: «the Conceptual design. New name».

    In 2012, Maria Ivanova became the host of popular programs about the world of fashion and style «

  • Trendy». The format of the show was pretty simple: magic reporter talked about the hottest novelties of the fashion world, visiting the most important social events in this direction, and his desire to be the center of events, they were ready to fly to another continent. Candid girls interacted with world stars with ease — and this, of course, like how famous personalities and audiences who admired such courage. With this program, Mary worked for a year, then went to conquer new heights. Frankly, the girl had something to do. Mary Ivanovo was invited to many TV shows, shooting short films and music videos. In addition, she starred in supporting roles in the movie «Habit to leave». Attention is required also to the Studio shop.

    Maria Ivanova: «heads and tails. Shopping»

    In 2014, the event occurred that made Maria famous throughout Russia and beyond. And it’s Iacovou, the girl with an iron character, you have to thank only yourself.

    When I heard about the audition for TV presenters of the program «heads and tails. Shopping» Mary is almost without hesitation decided to try his hand in the TV show. The girl was torn by conflicting emotions: on the one hand she was approached for the leading role perfectly, and with another — there is no limit to perfection, and can always find someone else better. Recognized as leading to your success believe when I saw the schedule with the schedule of filming and got my hands on plane tickets.

    Jane first worked with Constantine October, but after the actor decided to stay in the U.S., it was replaced by Anton Lavrentiev, a young ambitious musician with the experience of traveling around the world.

    Today Maria Ivanova and her master Anton Lavrentiev travel to countries, constantly revealing to the Russian audience something new and interesting in the world of shopping. Through Dubai, Delhi, Mexico city, Hong Kong and many other cities.

    Maria Ivanova: personal life

    Mary about two years was married with businessman

  • Ernest Rudyak, one of the owners of large construction holding. Unfortunately, the marriage fell apart as each spouse focused on my own projects. However, the former spouses maintain friendly relations, and she speaks of leading ex-husband only warmth and respect. In the spring of 2015 and today there are rumors of a romance between Mary Iacovou and Anton Lavrentyev. This process intensified particularly after the program «heads and tails» leading played onscreen wedding in Las Vegas. Many sources, this fact serves as evidence that the pair were in a secret affair, and the wedding really was real. However, it is not. Marika and Anton claim that they have nothing, except a strong friendship, and the wedding took place only in the framework of the program.

    In the same year, there were rumors about pregnancy of Mary, who also turned out to be fiction.

    Maria Ivanova: TV shows

    • From the hip
    • Trendy
    • The habit to leave
    • The heads and tails. Shopping

    Maria Ivanova: photo

    Maria Ivanova

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