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  • Name: Maria Gurieva ( Mariya Gureva )
  • Date of birth: 1 January 1986
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Volgograd
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: psychologist, actress, singer, participant of show «the Bachelor 4»
  • Marital status: not married

    Maria Gurieva : biography

    Participant of 4th season of the show «the Bachelor» Maria Gurieva, unlike other candidates for the heart of the main character of the project, a man known enough with the «media» history.

    Mary was born in 1985 in Volgograd. Unfortunately, to figure out what day and month was born of Mary, was no easy task. In all forms she pointed out that her zodiac sign is Capricorn. This means that Guriev was born somewhere between December 22 and January 20.

    Mary was born in a wonderful family where both parents are Mature people. Each of them – a strong-willed personality. Dad Maria Gurieva – Colonel of the Main Directorate of execution of punishments. Now retired. Mother held the position of Director of sports school of Olympic reserve.

    Biography Maria Gurieva is quite intense. In native Volgograd the girl took the first steps down the runway and even managed to win the crown of the winner. Its parameters correspond to the model: 90-62-90 the growth of 174 centimeters. After Maria Gurieva became the «Model of the year» in his hometown, she decided not to stop there. But to get closer to the dream, she had to move to the capital.

    In Moscow, Maria Gurieva graduated from GITIS as «Director». She has studied at the course of Sergei Golomazov. Then Maria continued her education and graduated from the school of television «Ostankino». All the years of study she continued to climb the modeling career ladder. Its conquest was added the title of «model of the year», «Mrs. Russia», «Supermodel of the Commonwealth» and others.

    Masha’s face familiar to viewers from the advertising companies, «MTS», «VTB», «IKEA». She starred in commercials, «Maggie», «Barney» and «the Snow Queen». But the male population Maria Gurieva more famous of candid pictures in a popular magazine «MAXIM».

    Guriev never stayed there. Perhaps that is why in their 30’s she has done a lot. Besides all the above, Masha tried his hand as a journalist and TV presenter. She’s a freelance employee of the magazine «MAXIM» and host of the show «Prostomariya», known for a series of sensitive interviews with the stars. And Maria has an education psychologist.

    Masha Guryeva says it has reached a lot in life. For example, as a child, she wanted to give parents a house, because when they lived in a cramped Studio apartment and dreamed of space. Not so long ago, Mary realized a childhood dream: now mom and dad live in their own spacious mansion.

    TV show

    On the 4th season of the popular show «the Bachelor» Maria Gurieva came because he believes participation in the project a good chance to find a soul mate. Although Masha does not believe in love at first sight, still hopes for a miracle. Her ideal man is a tall handsome man with piercing eyes not less than 180 centimeters. And yet he must be dark, thick hair that I would like to gently Pat.

    Looks like «the bachelor,» Alexei Vorobyov, the famous singer and artist, all of the above is. In the beginning of the show it becomes clear that Maria like Alex. He handed her a rose in the first series of the project, leaving among the 16 contestants. And noticed sparrows charm of the young woman, noting that her manners «is inherent in Queens», and «exit worthy of a red carpet».

    In this first series, it became clear that Mary speaks by itself and is called, for word in pocket will not climb. When Alexei Vorobyov was awarded the first rose Mary, well she came out of the situation, saying that he is «a woman of first impressions». And that «decent selection of each, but not every Queen. And not the fact that Alex fit for a Queen».

    Masha remained in the project, and she is the strongest rival for the other girls. Maria not only wants to find a loved one, but also a good father to his 9-year-old daughter. Besides, Maria Gurieva has long dreamed of a strong family and a second child.

    Personal life

    About the father of his beloved daughter Margaret Mary says nothing. Apparently, the woman didn’t want to dredge up the past. But Guriev loves his daughter and helps Margarita to take the first steps in the modeling business. Girl, just like her mother, has starred in ads. It can be seen in the promotional video of children’s chocolate «Kinder surprise».

    Maria Gurieva loves to travel, believing that thus pleasant to explore the world and gain new experiences. And she likes Thai Spa treatments, pasta with Wong and regularly attends personal development training. Afraid to lose faith in happiness and lively interest in life.

    Personal life Maria Gurieva a couple of years ago was widely discussed in the media. A beautiful woman had an affair with Alexander Nevsky. Famous bodybuilder and Maria even planned to get married, but apparently something did not happen. No Guriev, nor Nevsky details of their relationship, and the reasons for the gap, was not disclosed.

    Maria Gurieva said that starting to write a book about men. Maybe that’s where you can learn about her affair with Nevsky.


    Maria Gurieva

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